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Light Axis Healing
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Light Axis Healing

How it started

Light Axis Healing started in the early 2010's as way of healing emotional and physical trauma and disease. It was created by Max Mancer, a healer and psychic. Max had about 15 years of working with psychic reading clients and was a master of various forms of healing including reiki and seichim. He channelled and brought together a lot of information that became the Light Axis Healing System

The Light Axis Healing System

Within the Light Axis Healing System there are 7 healing techniques. In some forms of healing there is only one healing technique, and this can limit the healer's ability to heal different kinds of trauma in different kinds of people. Having 7 advanced healing techniques covers all possibilities and gets the results you want. The seven healing techniques are the:

1.       The Body Scan Healing

2.       The Trauma Healing

3.       The Oneness and Equality Healing

4.       The Regression Healing

5.       The Akashic Record Healing

6.       The DNA Activation Healing

7.       The Delta Healing

How does Healing Work?

Healing works through intention. Our intentions cause our brainwaves to lower from Beta to alpha, theta and delta and it makes it easier for the message to go from the conscious mind to the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is powerful and creates the reality we perceive. We can send these good messages to the subconscious via healing. Healings can be via visualisations or via understanding with words. Healing can also take place subliminally.

What kind of results can I get?

All physical problems and disease is caused by emotional problem and disease. Healings are done on the emotional level and can help to heal problems on the physical level. Healing can help to heal anything within the physical and emotional body that is unwell and bring it back to wellness. Healing can heal both emotional and physical disease and trauma. Results can be instant.

Legal Disclaimer

Light Axis Healing is not a replacement or substitute for medical care or psychological treatment. It is a complementary natural energy therapy. It does not medically diagnose or prescribe treatments for illness. Light Axis Healing is not a religion and is not affiliated with any religion.

By Max Mancer Light Axis Healing Teacher
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.


Biography: Reiki Master
Seichim Master
Theta Healing DNA 1
Theta Healing DNA 2
Theta Healing Intuitive Anatomy
Light Axis Healing Founder and Teacher
University Degree in BioMedical Science

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