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What is High Touch Jin Shin?

High Touch Jin Shin is considered to be 4,000 years old and based on the teachings of Jin Shin Jyutsu. It is a form of acupressure and uses the eastern knowledge of the body's energy, including the chakras and meridians, and works on both the physical and emotional levels.

Dog-Athlete is an Acupressure Hound

The Dog Athlete is an Acupressure Hound Drake is an amazing agility dog. He darts on to the course taking the triple bar in stride, running smoothly and efficiently through the entire course with grace and confidence.

Saying "YES" to Less Stress - Part 2

In part one we learned about Stress Awareness and found out about Coping Skills, in this part we'll look at what Assertiveness means and we'll focus on Time Management.

Diabetes: Find a Cause. Don't Fight the Symptoms

Everything under the sun has its causes.  Our lives are nothing but cycles of never-ending causes reaching out for yet another and another cause.

Bird Flu

Bird flu could be the greatest threat to modern civilization and the world is poorly prepared for a bird flu pandemic.  The rapid spread of the bird flu virus raises the question: what can we do to protect ourselves if a bird flu pandemic strikes? A potential bird flu pandemic can't be taken lightly.

Bird Flu Protection

Bird flu protection could be as simple as bowing instead of shaking hands. Japan never suffered an outbreak of SARS despite being surrounded by countries where outbreaks occurred.

Acid Reflux Disease

What is acid reflux disease? Acid reflux disease can and often is mistaken for heartburn.  But the heartburn symptoms of acid reflux disease usually occur 2 or more days a week for at least 3 months and can damage your esophagus.

Generic Medicines

Generic Drugs:  Generic Online Pharmacies started making a big impact on the net since the mid to late 90's. This has allowed the prescription drug buyer to save hundreds with the click of a mouse.

Home Remedies

Ever have a bee sting?  Try rubbing an aspirin on it.  Gum in hair?  Soak the gum-coated hair in CokeĀ® and it should wipe out easily.

Home Remedies part 2

Back by popular demand, home remedies article #2.  While not being a replacement for medical attention, you should always seek your doctor when you feel you have to and please take these home remedies with a grain of salt.

Cold Sores - A Pandemic?

Cold sores virus infects an incredible 89% of the world population, the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) estimates. YES - and 67% of those infected with the cold sores virus will have at least one cold sore event in the next 12 months.

Your ADHD Child May Just Be Tired

Children who have symptoms of Attention Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) actually may be sleep-deprived, according to researchers at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology Sleep Laboratory.

Guaranteed muscles and joints pain relief in minutes

There is a natural source of healing power in everyone. When this healing power is activated, it triggers a series of complicated internal processes producing a Healing Response.


What is Acupressure?Acupressure is an ancient science that focuses on specific meridians (channels) of the body that generate energy to activate the body's natural healing ability.

Acupressure Points

Acupressure is an ancient practice that began roughly 5,000 years ago. Acupressure focuses on stimulating the body's natural ability to heal.

Complementary medicine treatment for Diabetes

Now-a-days Alternative Medicines or Complementary Medicines and gaining popularity, because of its curing power with out any side effects. Diabetes can be controlled without any side effects using alternative medicines.

Equine Focus For Training: An Acupressure Approach

Busy, busy, busy, we are all so busy these days, even our horses are busy. They sense our state of mind and feel our stress level sometimes making it difficult to attain the right level of synchronicity for a productive training session.

BREATHING EASY: Equine Respiratory Support

"You can take the horse out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the horse." Domesticating and stabling horses has radically changed their natural environment and can lead to some serious health issues.

Acupressure Approach to Skin Disorders in Horses

Horse guardians dread seeing any skin disorder and especially fungal and bacterial conditions like ringworm, girth itch, and rainrot. Once any skin disorder sets up, it is a challenge to eliminate them for one horse let alone the entire barn or stable.

Hugo's Tummy in the Fast Lane: Rebellious Stomach Chi

As Catherine took a sweeping, cloverleaf turn onto the interstate she was thankful that she had thought to bring a travel-crate for Hugo, her new 9-week-old Saint Bernard puppy.

Getting the Right Stuff: Canine Diet Assessment

"How do you know your dog is getting the right proteins, vitamins and minerals?" Most people who are feeding home-prepared, real, human-grade food to our dogs are asked this question quite often.

The Dog -Athlete is an Acupressure Hound

Drake is an amazing agility dog. He darts on to the course taking the triple bar in stride, running smoothly and efficiently through the entire course with grace and confidence.

Aging Gracefully: Older Cats

Acupressure can help your senior cat get more easily through her golden years, it's simple, safe and effective. Cats are often considered senior citizens by the age of ten, but many live into their 20s with ease.

Facial Exercises: The Fundamentals Behind Facial Exercises as a Form of Non Surgical Facelift

Some people don't believe that a non surgical facelift can be conducted with facial exercises. Here's why facial exercises performed with one's own fingertips are not only more effective, but the benefits are virtually permanent.

Facial Exercise Techniques: The 2 Main Facelift Without Surgery Facial Exercise Program Categories

A facelift without surgery can be performed by means of two classes of facial exercise techniques. To choose which facial exercise program best suits your facelift without surgery needs can be difficult, as both are just as effective!Many people, who wish to look younger, are shying away from cosmetic surgery which involves the scalpel, and instead going the "facelift without surgery" route.

Facelift Surgery: 10 Facts Against Facelift Surgery to Look Younger

Facelift surgery or surgery to parts of the face to look younger, often called a mini facelift has its downside. Before you consider undergoing facelift surgery, let's look at the negatives.

More to support the power of Acupuncture

Even though Acupuncture has withstood the test of time providing  centuries of people with relief there are always skeptics. Many skeptics challenge the actual success of the methodology behind Acupuncture and credit the "success stories" to the positive thoughts and hopeful thinking of the  participants rather than the acupuncture itself.

Take a Stand Against Allergies

Now that spring has arrived it is time to start preparation for allergy season. Although there are many allergens that can cause the unwanted symptoms associated with allergies pollen is a huge aggravation to many people.

The Healing Properties of Acupressure

Acupressure is essentially the practice of applying pressure to specific points of the body. It achieves the same goal as acupuncture, which is to open up blocked or compromised energy pathways within the body, but they differ in that acupressure does not use needles.


Coughing, drippy nose or eyes, raspy or congested breathing, raised lumps on the neck and/or shoulder, obvious itchy areas – when your horse exhibits any of these conditions, the odds are he has allergies.

Living with Canine Cushings

Living with Canine Cushing’s Disease: An Integrated Approach By Amy Snow and Nancy Zidonis   “My boy Titan seems to be getting old right before my eyes.

Natural Stress Busters

[email protected], twitter: naturalkenny Summer is the time for relaxation, recreation, vacation etc. all in an effort to relieve stress.

U.S. News Best Diets: How We Rated 29 Eating Plans

Diets come and go, teasing and tempting us with dreams of that elusive hot body. Eat what you want! Pounds melt away overnight! The reality, as frustrated dieters know well, is that dieting is hard, and frankly, most diets don't work.


AMAZING ACUPRESSURE POINT SERIES #9: SPLEEN 6 (Sp 6) Pinyin Name – San Yin Jiao English Translations – Three Yin Meeting, Three Yin Intersection, Three Yin Crossing   Spleen 6 is the acupressure point where the three hind leg meridians, Spleen – Kidney – Liver, intersect energetically.

Scientific Slant: Weighing the Facts on Alternative Medicine

As demand increases, more medical professionals are turning to alternative techniques like yoga or acupuncture. But to scientific colleagues, the entire body of alternative treatments are sham practices that encourage people to avoid modern medicine and thereby endanger their health.

Save Environment by Switching to Eco Friendly Bamboo Products

Green living is the latest ongoing trend. More and more people are switching to eco friendly products. One of the many environment friendly materials used to manufacture various items, bamboo is highly preferred.

Vegan Backpack - What are the Materials Used in It?

A good backpack is all you need to carry your things anywhere. They are quite handy and easy to carry handbags that can be used for varied purpose.

Planning a Finished Basement - A Useful Guide

Even if it’s cold and the space is entirely filled with unnecessary boxes, your basement will be a potential place if you can turn it around just right.

4 Common Injuries Among Musicians

Musicians sometimes get hurt because of too much practice or bad habits when rehearsing. Read on to learn about 4 injuries that commonly affect them.

Tips to Shop for A Glass Pipe for Cannabis Smoking

If you are trying to purchase a glass pipe for smoking cannabis then it can be quite confusing as there are number of vendors selling such pipes.

Top 5 Situations Where Marriage Counselors Can Help

Maintaining a happy married life takes a lot of patience and skills. Luckily, some couples are blessed with relationship skills, and are able to solve marital problems all by themselves.

Understand in Few Simple Tips the Importance of CBD

People have heard about CBD, but many aren’t aware of its origin and beneficial features fully. Sometimes due to unawareness they buy wrong kind of CBD and unfortunately unable to reap its benefits.

Organic CBD vs Inorganic CBD - Why Does It Matter?

While shopping for your next CBD oil, you must understand the difference between organic CBD and inorganic CBD. These two terms are quite opposite to each other and so is their nature.

Are There Any Health Benefits To Drinking Mushroom Coffee?

It's possible that the idea of mushroom coffee isn't very appealing. However, this fashionable beverage is not quite as strange as it may seem to you.

All You Need to Know About the Recovery Coaching

The majority of people think that recovery and life coaching are completely different. If you have the same opinion about them then you are totally mistaken.

Take Nicaway to Keep Smoking Away

If you are searching for the perfect way to cut down cigarette usage, you are in the right place, it is the time to get control of your life, spend your time to give up smoking for good.

Health advantages of kratom capsules

Kratom, also known as mitragyna speciosa, is a Southeast Asian tree in the coffee family. It has a long history in traditional medicine due to its stimulating psychedelic qualities.

How To Use Hypnosis To Reduce Anxiety With Self-Hypnosis

Hypnosis can either be inducible with the help of a therapist or by yourself. Self-hypnosis allows you to listen to your thoughts and goals.

Your Ultimate Guide To Plus Size Swim Shop

The chore of shopping for swimsuits can seem like a daunting task. Standing under unflattering fluorescent lights and trying on so many different styles, you may find it difficult to choose the right one.

How To Keep Flowers Fresh For A Longer Period?

In modern society, flowers can be given to loved ones to communicate human emotions. Flowers from the florist in Redferncan be given at any time to anyone to express your deepest love or gratitude to a friend.

Benefits Of Holistic Therapies In Addiction Recovery

The process of recovering from an addiction can be a trying one, demanding effort on both the physical and emotional fronts. Although conventional treatments for addiction have a good track record of success, for some patients, those methods may not be sufficient.

Choosing The Right Addiction Recovery Center: Tips For Success

Choosing the right addiction recovery center can be a daunting task. With so many options available, it can be challenging to know where to start.

Which drink is directly associated to Cardiovascular Diseases Tea or Coffee?

Aboth Tea and coffee are the most pouplar and widely used bevrages around the globe. Many researches state that Tea and cofee has the different effects on heart health.

Magento 2 New Edge of Free Ecommerce CMS

When it comes to scaling your online business, exploring alternatives to popular platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce can open up new possibilities.

What is ?


Living Sustainably Begins in Your Own Mind and in Your Own Body !"We live what we know: If we believe the universe to be mechanical, we will tend to live mechanically.

Shiatsu Therapy Releases Trauma in Body and Mind

Shiatsu is from the Japanese word shi meaning finger and atsu meaning pressure. It is characterized by the systematic application of pressure with the fingers, thumbs, palms, elbows, forearms, knees and feet on specific points (tsubos), and areas (meridians) on the body.

What is ACU-YOGA Therapy?

Acu-Yoga is a combination and blending of two types of alternative medicine integrating both acupressure and yoga therapies.  These two holistic methods of alternative health maintenance therapy, can help balance and relax muscular tensions and revive proper energy flows throughout the body.

What is AcroSage Massage Therapy

This type of massage therapy, which is a combination of massage, yoga and acrobatics was created and developed by Benjamin Marantz , who was a professional acrobat and circus performer.

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