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The Bowen Technique

If you stop the average person in the street you will generally find that most of them have never heard of the Bowen Technique, yet it was introduced to the UK from it's Australian homeland over ten years ago.

Bowen Technique - A Smart Way to Improve Your Wellbeing

The human body is a remarkable organisation of intelligent functions, and it will intelligently try to achieve an optimal balance.  Problems in the body and mind can occur due to environmental, nutritional, genetic factors, or can be caused by injury, stress, emotions, and many other factors.

Are You Living with Pain ?

Why are you putting yourself in the "straight Jacket" of conventional pain therapy? Modern western medicine tells you that if it cannot be scientifically proven it doesn't work.

The power of bodywork

I believe in the idea that there are 2 kinds of power, Internal and external. What I refer to as internal or true power is defined by Webster's as;" power ability to act or produce an effect, have influence over others".

What is Bowen Technique/Therapy?

Bowen Therapy, created by Tom Bowen a native Australian during the 1950"s, is a method that involves moves that send signals to the brain reminding it to heal itself.

An Overview of Bowen Technique

The Bowen technique is an approach to healing that will bring improved health and transform your body's situation. The Bowen technique was developed in Australia by a man named Tom Bowen.

Slimming pills - Effective but not the be all, end all of weight loss

There are so many myths and tales revolving around weight loss that it becomes difficult for most people to attain their goal. Find out why it is necessary to lose weight to lead a healthy lifestyle and unravel the truth of weight loss.

Does Being Engaged in an Educational Curriculum Increase Health and Wellness?

Every child enters kindergarten with bright eyes and eager minds. As the years go by, these same students may divert into different education levels.

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