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Coping with the loss of a beloved pet

Have you, or do you know someone who has lost a beloved pet? This is what I call ‘grief in spades’ because many people do not understand the profound effect this can have on many pet owners and a typical response is – ‘it’s only a pet – get another one!’.

‘Alternative Medicine’ to drugs and alcohol when dealing with pet loss.

Have you heard the reaction 'It's only a pet..' when someone's pet has died and they are suffering an extreme reaction? There are many reactions to grief in all its forms and so many people find it very difficult to deal with .

EmoTrance Helps Coping With Loss

EmoTrance easing the pain of loss ...One of my past clients emailed me to say her husband had died last week after a rapid decline in health from cancer which had metastasised.

Malpractice Miseries: 4 Signs Your Treatment was Incorrect

Healthcare professionals are responsible for providing an accurate diagnosis, and following through with the best treatment for your condition.

Sletrokor and weight loss – how easy and safe is it?

  Fast and easy weight loss is what everyone seems to want. Yet, the extra weight will not leave that easy just like it did not happen all at once.

Top 5 Situations Where Marriage Counselors Can Help

Maintaining a happy married life takes a lot of patience and skills. Luckily, some couples are blessed with relationship skills, and are able to solve marital problems all by themselves.

News Articles

Hand and feet massages provide consolation for bereaved relatives

Receiving soothing massages for eight weeks after the death of a loved one can provide much-needed consolation during an intense, stressful period of grieving, according to a study in the April issue of the Journal of Clinical Nursing.

New guideline helps determine brain death in adults

DETROIT, USA - A new national guideline, co-authored by a Henry Ford Hospital neurologist, has created an updated step-by-step process to help physician's better wade through the complex process of determining brain death in adult patients.

Family carers share the illness experience of the dying patient

Family carers need to be supported throughout the whole illness of their loved ones as they witness and share much of the experience of the dying person, according to research published on bmj.

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