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The entire family needs bodywork, don't you think? This includes horses, dogs and cats for a lot of families. People are recognizing that what is good for them is good for their favorite animals.

The BARF Diet - a Critique

The BARF diet is a system of holistic nutrition which is championed by Dr Ian Billinghurst who is an Australian vet. Dr Billinghurst has published several books on health and nutrition.

Holistic Nutrition for your Pets

Our affluent Western society has largely overcome the problem of infectious diseases. This is due mainly to public health measures.  Similarly, our pet animals rarely die of infectious disease (unlike farm animals which can suffer epidemics due to poor hygiene and overcrowding).

Nutritional Supplement Therapy for Dogs and Cats - Part 2

How do you go about looking for the right nutritional supplement for your pet?  Firstly, consider whether the supplement was specifically designed for your animal.

Nutritional Supplement Therapy for Dogs and Cats - Part 1

I find it so difficult to understand when my pet is in pain.  Sometimes I am in pain but I still manage to look fine and even continue to work and live my active life.

Dog-Athlete is an Acupressure Hound

The Dog Athlete is an Acupressure Hound Drake is an amazing agility dog. He darts on to the course taking the triple bar in stride, running smoothly and efficiently through the entire course with grace and confidence.

Journey Through Pet Loss

Colour Therapy for Animals

Colour is a form of energy since it is simply light at varying wavelengths. Each colour has its own particular wavelength. This energy is absorbed via the magnetic energy field, which surrounds all living things; the skin and the eyes.

The Myth of 100% Complete Processed Pet Food

Every day, people by the millions pour food from a package into their pet's bowl. Day in and day out, meal after meal, pets get the same fare.

Pet Nutrition - An Insight

Some 40 years ago our family pet dog was fed on the leftovers from the kitchen table and scraps from the butchers which included tripe and sheep heads, we also used the unsold wholemeal bread from the local bakers, garden vegetables that my family used to grow and the odd piece of fish, we even fed rabbits and hares when she was lucky enough to catch them.

Free Radicals, Phytochemicals, Antioxidants and more for our Pets

The more you read on health issues, the more complicated the terminology becomes. I am left wondering if health language is used just to keep the players and users in their own world and limit entry to their understanding.

Exotic Birds As Pets

Before making the decision to care for exotic birds, you should know more information about their care and maintenance. Different birds require different types of treatment.

Fido Needs a Fix: Treating Canine Depression

Animals can experience depression, just like people do. It is not as easy to diagnose, but if your dog exhibits any unusual behaviour, depression may be the cause.

Coping with the loss of a beloved pet

Have you, or do you know someone who has lost a beloved pet? This is what I call ‘grief in spades’ because many people do not understand the profound effect this can have on many pet owners and a typical response is – ‘it’s only a pet – get another one!’.

Rainy Day Activities for Kids and Dogs

"It's raining, it's pouring, everything is boring!"Rainy days with stir-crazy kids and dogs can try your sanity. When your kids wail that there's nothing fun to do, have them try some of these simple games with the family dog.

What You Need to Know About Dog and Cat Nutrition

Food is the foundation of health. How long an animal lives and, most important, the quality of its life, depend greatly on the quality and quantity of the food that it eats.

Sound Healing for People and the Animals They Love

Sound healing has achieved recognition internationally as an effective healing modality for stress, reduction, pain relief and the healing process for many life threatening illnesses in humans.

Emotions surrounding Pet Loss are so often Misunderstood.

Have you heard the reaction 'It's only a pet..' when someone's pet has died and they are suffering an extreme reaction? This is particularly hard at Christmas .

‘Alternative Medicine’ to drugs and alcohol when dealing with pet loss.

Have you heard the reaction 'It's only a pet..' when someone's pet has died and they are suffering an extreme reaction? There are many reactions to grief in all its forms and so many people find it very difficult to deal with .

What is a holistic pet food?

Not so long ago there were only one or two pet foods on the shelves that labelled themselves as 'Holistic'... now there are many, and even one that implies there are holistic pets!Is that a good thing?  Do the manufacturers know what  they mean by using the terms 'Holistic' or indeed 'Natural' as part of their marketing strategy?The first stop is maybe to look at the dictionary definition of 'Holistic' '.

Pet Food marketing - all hype and no substance?

If you have just bought a bag of pet food because the bag or label shouted out at you that this food contained added spirulina, glucosamine, chondroitin ,Omega-3 and Omega-6, prebiotics, probiotics, Cranberry Powder, Dried Kelp, Dried Bacillus Licheniformis Fermentation Extract, Dried Bacillus Subtilis Fermentation Extract, CPA Complex™, Mannan-oligo-saccharides, Green Tea, selenium yeast, eye of toad and tongue of newt (I made the last two up!) or anything else that doesn't sound like 'food' then you need to read on, because you are in danger of falling into the GREAT MARKETING TRAP.

Pets as Therapy

Ever since I was a child I have loved animals. Growing up I was keeper of the rabbits and cats, all my animals were given names and had definite personalities.

Equine Focus For Training: An Acupressure Approach

Busy, busy, busy, we are all so busy these days, even our horses are busy. They sense our state of mind and feel our stress level sometimes making it difficult to attain the right level of synchronicity for a productive training session.

BREATHING EASY: Equine Respiratory Support

"You can take the horse out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the horse." Domesticating and stabling horses has radically changed their natural environment and can lead to some serious health issues.

Acupressure Approach to Skin Disorders in Horses

Horse guardians dread seeing any skin disorder and especially fungal and bacterial conditions like ringworm, girth itch, and rainrot. Once any skin disorder sets up, it is a challenge to eliminate them for one horse let alone the entire barn or stable.

Hugo's Tummy in the Fast Lane: Rebellious Stomach Chi

As Catherine took a sweeping, cloverleaf turn onto the interstate she was thankful that she had thought to bring a travel-crate for Hugo, her new 9-week-old Saint Bernard puppy.

Getting the Right Stuff: Canine Diet Assessment

"How do you know your dog is getting the right proteins, vitamins and minerals?" Most people who are feeding home-prepared, real, human-grade food to our dogs are asked this question quite often.

The Dog -Athlete is an Acupressure Hound

Drake is an amazing agility dog. He darts on to the course taking the triple bar in stride, running smoothly and efficiently through the entire course with grace and confidence.

Aging Gracefully: Older Cats

Acupressure can help your senior cat get more easily through her golden years, it's simple, safe and effective. Cats are often considered senior citizens by the age of ten, but many live into their 20s with ease.

Asthma and natural medicine

Asthma is a condition that is suffered by over 300 million people worldwide. Mainly dealt with by synthetic drugs more attention is being laid on the healing properties of black seed oil.

Dog; A mans best friend?

Dogs. Nearly anywhere you find humans you will indefinably find dogs. Both tend to desire companionship and find a void filled through the relationship with each other.

What is Animal Therapy?

For generations bonds have been developed between humans and animals. Often these bonds are deep and unconditional. People have been experiencing the benefits of relationships between themselves and animals and now researchers have evidence of the physical, emotional and mental benefits that proceed from what is now called Animal Therapy.

Healing Animals using Colour Acupuncture

 COLOUR ACPUNCTURE FOR ANIMALS  Have you ever wondered why dogs and other animals get restless or fearful before a thunderstorm?  Animals are very sensitive to all types of vibrations including light and sound and many have specialised sense organs to help them detect specific types of energy.


Coughing, drippy nose or eyes, raspy or congested breathing, raised lumps on the neck and/or shoulder, obvious itchy areas – when your horse exhibits any of these conditions, the odds are he has allergies.

Living with Canine Cushings

Living with Canine Cushing’s Disease: An Integrated Approach By Amy Snow and Nancy Zidonis   “My boy Titan seems to be getting old right before my eyes.

Canine Hip Dysplasia & Osteoarthritis

An owners first hand experience This is my personal experience of dealing with canine hip dysplasia. The symptoms, the physical strains and the emotional rollercoaster.


AMAZING ACUPRESSURE POINT SERIES #9: SPLEEN 6 (Sp 6) Pinyin Name – San Yin Jiao English Translations – Three Yin Meeting, Three Yin Intersection, Three Yin Crossing   Spleen 6 is the acupressure point where the three hind leg meridians, Spleen – Kidney – Liver, intersect energetically.

Tips to Help Your Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health issues in the world. However, it is still under-evaluated, under-diagnosed, and under-developed.

Getting an Emotional Support Dog? How to Prepare Them for the Public

There are many emotional and mental health benefits to having an emotional support dog, but not every dog can be an emotional support animal.

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Lung Cancer Makes Scents to Dogs

  (dailyRx.com)The super sensitive noses of dogs are known to be able to pick up the scent many things. Man's best friend can now do what even advanced medical tests can't do - sniff out early stage lung cancer.

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