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Nutritional Healing

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Nutritional Healing

distance-learning course

If you regularly feel ill, have no energy, can’t think straight, don’t know what the problem is but just don’t feel right, get your diet right and you’ll improve on all these and more. Plus, your digestive system will soon stop giving you problems.  

In a few easy steps, you can start feeling healthier, with a calm digestive system, more energy, a clear mind, feeling positive and looking great with quality skin, nails and hair.

This course explores common health issues, the healing properties of foods and the right sort of diet for your ailments. It discusses the role food plays in your physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing.  

As well as the right foods, it’s important to eat them correctly, such as chewing well so that important salivary enzymes have time to start the digestion process. Then your body needs to absorb and distribute the nutrients properly, as well as eliminating waste efficiently.

Eating a healthy diet will enable these processes to take place effectively, without thinking about them, but first you need an understanding of what healthy nutrition is all about and make a few changes in your food choices and dietary habits.

Eating healthily is not complicated. It’s based on a few principles, which form the foundation of any healthy eating pattern. Then the rest is down to you, which means making your own personal food choices -­ good food or unhealthy food -­ take it or leave it.

Prevention is better than cure, so start today to get rid of all the foods that can potentially harm your health, and replace them with good foods that will benefit you. It’s all down to you.  Good food is out there just waiting for you.




Certificate in Nutritional Healing


£155. Instalment plan available.


Come Alive School of Natural Health & WellBeing


Distance Learning


Tel. 0044 1865 600198



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