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Diploma in Dental Homeopathy
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Diploma in Dental Homeopathy Course 110

Prerequisite: N/A

Duration: 220 Study hours (CHE), Normally takes 9-12 months

Award: DDHom

Notes: A unique comprehensive course for dental surgeons in the theory and practice of homeopathic medicine and the treatment of all dental conditions, training in the preparation and dispensing of homeopathic medicines for which equipment is provided. *Non-Dental Surgeons may complete this course but will receive an Advanced Certificate in Dental Homeopathy and the GeneralDiploma in Homeopathy (DIHom).

Syllabus:   History of homeopathy, principles of homeopathy, philosophy of homeopathy, sources of remedies, biochemic remedies (tissue salts), Arndt Schultz Law, homeopathic pharmacy, preparation of homeopathic remedies, trituration, Avogadro’s hypothesis, quality of homeopathic medicines, classification of medicines, classical homeopathy, the Organon of medicine, Law of Similars, repertorisations, related therapies, research and development, computerized homeopathy, acute and chronic disease, storage of homeopathic medicines, succession, evaluation of symptoms, pharmaceutical forms, attenuation, homeopathic pharmacopoeia, homeotherapeutics, Kotschau studies, The Vital Force (dynamis), laws of direction of cure (Hering), Homeopathic Materia Medica, potentization, potencies (decimal, centesimal, millesimal), nosodes, sarcodes and isodes, the chronic diseases (Hahnemann) miasms, organotherapy, Bach Flower remedies, case taking, constitutional prescribing bowel nosodes, allergies, modalities, case histories, homeopathy in dentistry, treatment of diseases associated with dental conditions, dental health, A-Z of homeopathic treatment of dental diseases, allopathy and dentistry, dental fillings and toxicity, dental homeopathy – the challenge, dental dispensing, homeopathic prescribing for dental conditions.

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