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Herbology Courses (Various)

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Natural Psychotherapy Program
Drug Addictions Course
Alcohol & Drug Counseling Course
Animal Assisted Therapy Program
Animal Assisted Therapy Course
Aromatherapy Program
E-Motion Therapy Course
Bioenergetic Therapies Course
Business & Economic Consulting Program
Energy Therapies Course
Business Administration Program
Marketing & Communication Program
Bioenergetic Therapies Course
Women & Children Health Policy Course
Child & Adolescent Counseling Course
Traditional Chinese Medicine Program (TCM)
Traditional Chinese Medicine Course
Hydrotherapy Course
Sensorial Therapy Program
Colour Therapy Course
Protocol & Etiquette Program
Counselling Psychology Program
Psychotherapy Courses (Various)
Organizational Psychology Program
Bioenergetic Therapy Course
Iridology Courses (Various)
Diets & Fasting Course
Oligotherapy Course
Natural Health Science Program
Toxicology Courses (Various)
Toxicology Program
Bioenergetic Therapy Courses (Various)
Bioenergetic Therapy Program
Energy Healing Program
Iridology Courses (Various)
Tourism & Leisure Industry Program
Tourism & Leisure Management Program
Sports Training Program
Herbology Program
Homeopathy Program
Homeopathy Courses (Various)
Iridology Courses (Various)
Kinesiology Program
Kinesiology Courses (Various)
Manual Therapy / Massage Program
Naturopathy Program
Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Clinical Psychology Program
Counseling Psychology Program
General Psychology Program
Organizational Psychology Program
Social Psychology Program
Scientific Nutrition Program
Courses are 3 credits each.

Medicinal Plants
This course describes plant botany and plant identification. It covers harvesting, drying techniques, and the preparation of dry and fresh botanical tinctures, salves and others. It provides a detailed survey of plants and plant preparations used in naturopathic practice, integrating traditional herbal knowledge with modern pharmacological research.

Chinese Herbology
This course provides a study of Chinese medicinal herbs according to function and therapeutic use, classification, taste, energy, actions and indications, dosage, contraindications and preparation. It describes the use of herbs for relieving exterior, purging interior, clearing heat, dissolving dampness, warming interior, opening orifice, calming shen, extinguishing wind, regulating Qi, and activating blood.

Case Taking & Analysis
Receiving detailed information from a client is essential to the practice of any therapeutical approach. This course covers the art of case taking: observation and contact skills, methods of communication, questioning, facilitating information and the use of specific recording techniques. It explains how to look deeply into a person's unique symptom picture and cross referencing this with the corresponding therapeutical approach.

Herbal Therapeutics
Nature acts through herbs triggering the healing mechanisms in the body and mind to restore health. This course provides an analysis of the properties, functions, principles of combinations, preparation, dosage administration, and contraindications of herbal prescriptions. It describes the utilization of herbs to prepare medicinal substances which work in harmony with the human system, thus facilitating health and recovery.




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