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Homeopathy Courses (Various)

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Principles of Homeopathy (3 credits)
Practical understanding of the history and concepts of Homeopathy. In addition to covering the evolution of homeopathy, this course explores it's unique principles. The Vital Force, a homeopathic paradigm of a person's vitality and susceptibility.

Hahnemann's Organon (3 credits)
This course lays the foundation of the basic laws and principles described by Hahnemann's Organon upon which future homeopathy will build.

Law of Similars (3 credits)
The Law of Similars, the basis for the homeopathic remedy choice. The Totality of Symptoms, a process of compiling and analyzing a complete symptom picture. Individualization, understanding the symptoms specific to the person not just their condition. Pharmacy, including provings, preparation of remedies, dilution and potentization.

Repertory Studies (3 credits)
The Repertory is a large compilation of symptoms that is indexed to assist in finding the correct homeopathic remedy. The aim of this course is to develop accuracy and efficiency in using this valuable reference tool. Discussed are the overall organization of the Repertory and the significance and hierarchy of symptoms. Repertorization is taught and practiced in the context of acute and simple chronic cases.

Materia Medica (3 credits)
The Materia Medica is a collection of detailed descriptions of remedies including plant, mineral and animal substances. It is comprised of over 2,500 homeopathic remedies. These have been tested during the past two centuries in the form of homeopathic provings. The course will provide a thorough introduction to the main remedies and encourage a further study of their origin, function and characteristic symptoms.

Case Taking (3 credits)
Receiving detailed information from a client is essential to the practice of Homeopathy. This course covers the art of case taking according to homeopathic principles: observation and contact skills, methods of communication, questioning and facilitating information and using specific recording techniques.

Case Analysis & Prescribing (3 credits)
Analyzing a case based on homeopathic principles involves studying the information collected during the case taking. Subjective information from the client is evaluated and may reveal underlying psychological patterns directing the homeopath to the core of the condition. Learning to look deeply into a person's unique symptom picture and cross referencing this with the Materia Medica is how a remedy is determined.

Clinic & Philosophy (3 credits)
The focus is to integrate the principles of homeopathy into a clinical context. The understanding of homeopathic philosophy is essential for effective analysis and for case management. Insight to the application of miasmatic concepts and link homeopathic philosophy with chronic conditions and their treatment.

Homeopathic Treatment (3 credits)
To understand the needs of a client and relating this to the language of the Materia Medica is an essential part of homeopathic treatment. In the more advanced studies of Materia Medica the intricate relationship between a symptom picture and the description of each remedy becomes an insightful exploration.

Homeopathic Clinic (3 credits)
Dedicated to clinical work, observing case taking and analysis. Deeper understanding of the remedies and acquires the skill to differentiate between similar remedies. This course encourages the development of clinical abilities and provides an effective learning process for all aspects of Homeopathy: philosophy, case taking, case analysis, case management and Materia Medica studies.

Practice Management (3 credits)
Practice management supplies practical information to obtain the skills for building a successful practice in Homeopathy. Personal, professional and ethical issues encountered in everyday practice are explored in order to prepare for the transition of becoming a professional homeopath.






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