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Crystal Healing

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The Course:

The Foundation Correspondence Course is divided into ten modules, representing 1-5 of the ICGT tutored course, plus Anatomy & Physiology.

This course is based on the book: ‘The Illustrated Elements of Crystal Healing' by Simon Lilly, published by Harper Collins, £8.99 ISBN 0-00-713387-1, which is sent as part of the Correspondence Course

Module 1-Scientific Background * Crystal systems * Crystal structures * Chemical make-up * Formation of crystals * Basic geological theory.

Module 2-The Basics * Introduction to the tools of crystal therapy * Choosing crystals * Cleansing crystals * Simple crystal layouts.

Module 3-Personal Development * Developing personal sensitivity * Attunement * Visualisations * Pendulum dowsing

Module 4 - Chakras * Chakra theory * Chakra correspondences *Assessment * Chakra layouts

Module 5--Meridians and Subtle Bodies * Meridians * Subtle bodies * crystal techniques for these.

Module 6-Protection and Support * Maintaining personal energy integrity

* Strategies for action * Environmental and geopathic stress.

Module 7-Practicalities of Healing * Healing management * Practice management

* ACHO/BCH Code of Conduct * Working with Clients

Module 8-Anatomy & Physiology * homestudy course (MCS A&P2) We accept evidence of prior learning of A&P

A registration fee of £25 is due on completion of the course application.

Each Foundation Module costs £40. When Module 1 is complete, the fee for Module 2 is sent in with the work for Module 1. Module 8 costs £75

You can pay for the whole course at the beginning, but each module will only be released on the completion of the one before.

The total cost of the Foundation Course is £380 inc A&P, £305 without A&P

If you wish to take your study further to gain a Certificate, you will need to attend a practical assessment with Simon, Sue or one of ICGT's tutors.

For UK students the practical assessment is around £50-£100 (depends on venue and assessor). The ICGT Certificate is awarded on successful completion of the Foundation Course and verification of your practical skills.

Non-UK students are encouraged to have their work assessed by a professional practitioner in their own country (All assessment criteria and paperwork is supplied by us for this process).







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