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Coming From Alpha
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No, this is not about interplanetary travel...I don't think! It's about establishing the ideal atmosphere in which to operate as an effective Practitioner in the Healing Arts. Many, if not most, or our client's complaints, as we all know, are related to Stress. And where does this Stress exist? Is it out there in the world of form, people and situations? Or is it within, in the world of perception, conditioning and belief? Most would agree on the latter. In other words, Stress exists first in Mind. It then is projected out into the world of form creating an apparent ‘reality' out there. In this case ‘out there' also includes the body.

A basic principle of true healing, is that real change cannot come from the same level that created 5the problem in the first place. So, if the problem of Stress, in it's broadest sense, exists in Mind, we cannot solve the problem on the level of the ordinary Mind. By ‘ordinary' I mean the typical default domain of linear and verbal mediated thinking, which, as we have seen, is largely a set of conditioned responses based on erroneous assumptions of linear ‘cause and effect'. IE: "I have this headache because my boss is a jerk". Although this may be largely factual, there are multitudes of reasons why the body is experiencing a headache. Most of these reasons are way beyond the linear mind's ability to see.

Another way of describing this ‘problem generating' mindset is to describe the brainwaves typical of left-brain dominant thinking; the Beta State. The Beta state can be exacerbated by a blow to the head, which is why people with head injuries often experience chronic anxiety. Interestingly, in the Native American tradition, the Beta state is associated with what is called the ‘Land of the Living Dead'.

The point being here is that if it is assumed our clients are operating primarily out of Beta, in which they likely to describe themselves by a set of symptoms, we will be of little use to them if WE are operating in that same state. We will tend to agree with their problem-centered self identity, and likely will offer ‘band-aid' solutions. Yes, despite the multidimensionality of the SCIO device, it can still be used from an allopathic perspective!

What I am proposing is that we learn to ‘get off the playing field' and into the bleachers where we can get a different, more complete and holistic perspective on our client's condition without being drawn into the drama, or game they are playing.

We can do this by learning to establish and maintain an Alpha state throughout our sessions. When we establish ourselves in Alpha, many things are accomplished. One, the ‘problem creating' voice of Beta becomes quieter. It's still there, but is tempered by an underlying calmness. Things don't appear to be as ‘deadly serious'. Two, we literally radiate this sense of calm acceptance. The more perceptive of our clients will comment on this. They will note, "You know, just coming here is relaxing...I can't put my finger on it, but somehow, I feel less Stress!". Three, in coming from Alpha, you will be much more likely to come up with truly original and creative solutions for your client, as you are seeing the patterns, (the forest) not being distracted by the details (the trees).

If the Beta brain state is consistent with linear logic, we could say that the Alpha state is consistent with ‘geometric intelligence'. This is simply a way to say ‘being able to see many possible lines of connection simultaneously, and further seeing the pattern these lines create'. Maybe this is why Sacred Geometric forms are so appealing to us, as they symbolize this higher from of knowing.

By the way, we have all experienced Alpha many times, maybe not labeling it as such. It is the feeling of relaxed reverie we get when we see a beautiful sunset, painting, or other work of art. It is the feeling we get when we are being told an engaging story rich with imagery and sensory references. It is in the calm state we feel when we meditate or do some simple breathing exercises, like abdominal breathing.

However, we don't have to wait for these kinds of experiences to just happen. We can also consciously create an Alpha State. The more you do this, by the way, the easier it becomes. Eventually, you may find yourself spontaneously going into Alpha without any conscious effort. This is when you will walk into a room, and people will perceive a wave of peace, as your brain waves naturally begin to entrain other's brainwaves to a higher state.

Most Shamanic traditions involve rituals and imagery designed to allow the Shaman conscious access to not only Alpha, but also Theta states, which open the perception to multidimensional experiences typically outside the range of everyday functioning. An accomplished Shaman has the ability to literally ‘flip' the channels of their perception at will. You could say this is a truly awakened state, when we are not oblivious to all the experiences coming to us from all possible dimensions.

In order to cultivate the Alpha state, here are some exercises for your consideration:

1) Simply activate, or become aware of, right now in the moment, whatever is in your peripheral vision. We are usually only aware of what we are focused on, but by opening the field of view to include the peripheral, both hemispheres of your brain are equally activated; a condition conducive to and indicative of Alpha.

2) Abdominal breathing - take a few moments to go into this wonderfully relaxing breath. Place your left hand over your navel. Exhale completely, gently pushing in with you r hand. Then exhale a little more. Breath in through the nostrils to a count of eight, filling first the abdomen. Try and push your hand out with your belly. Hold this breath for a count of eight. Exhale through pursed lips to a count of eight, and hold this position for another round. Try establish a rhythm that feels good for you...you can modify the count to suit y our needs, just try and keep it even through the 4 stage cycle.

3) Visualization - with eyes closed but looking up at 20% or so, recall or create a pleasant experience, bringing all your senses into it. A day at the beach, a walk in a garden, or a fantasy world will work. You may want to create your own private ‘sanctuary' where you can come back to. Activating all the senses is conducive to whole-brain activation and the Alpha State.

4) "Cross Crawl' exercise - for the more kinesthetically inclined, this is a physical exercise where you stand and march on the spot, tapping the opposite knee with the opposite hand in rhythm as you march. For more practical exercises like this, search out ‘Brain Gym' or ‘Educational Kinesiology' on the internet.

5) Set up an ‘alpha friendly' atmosphere in you office. Soft music or nature sound, a reclining chair, and a ‘soft' approach to voice tone are all helpful in creating a space for healing.

The principle at work here is that Homeostasis is a natural result of relaxation. This includes the ability to see ourselves from a more complete and holistic perspective, and see our ‘problems' in a new light...no longer obscuring our total view, but a simply as challenges we can easily surmount by allowing Life's processes to unfold safely, easily and naturally.

By David Cowan BA Psychology, Certified Nutritional Consultant, Licensed Spiritu
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David Cowan BA Psychology, Certified Nutritional Consultant, Licensed Spiritu


Biography: Dave has been an Instructor in the Field of Quantum Biofeedback for over a decade. He has presented at numerous conferences and trainings both at home and internationally.

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Coming From Alpha
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