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Crash Course Basics In Crystal Healing
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Crystals are powerful and effective sources of energy which can be used as an aid to healing. Crystal healing works with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual problems by removing the dis-ease and making you at ease with yourself.

Choosing a crystal for a specific reason, first focus on that reason and then allow your intuition to choose the right crystals. There are alot of crystals to choose from for any particular reason. Such as crystals to attract finance abundance. There are the amazonite, aventurine, diamond, emerald, gold, peridot, green tourmaline, and many more. Focus on the intention and reason and let your intuition guide you to the right crystal for your purpose.

When cleansing your crystals, there are various ways to perform this session. You can use the light and energy of the sun or moon, bury them in Mother Earth, visualization, smudging, or cleanse them with sea salt water baths. Work with the session that resonates best within you!

Programming crystals can be done one of three ways. You can program them with the passive method, the active method or charging them with Reiki. All three ways are appropriate, but each crystal is different and unique so follow your intuition and work with each crystal individually.

When healing with crystals, there are many techniques out there, such as crystal elixirs and baths, crystal grids, laying on of stones, chakra healing, aura healing, hands on healing, and many more. Each case is individual as well as their energy resonation with the crystals being used. This is where training in this type of field comes into your learning of crystal therapy. Crystals resonate by their color as well as their properties.

So please make sure you have aligned the correct crystals for each color as well as property when working with healing and crystals. And remember each person's individual session will be different as we all have different energy fields and levels and will resonate differently with different crystals so have a variety to work with!

By Nicole Lanning RH
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Biography: Nicole is a Natural Born Psychic Medium, Ordained Minister, Spiritual Counselor, Reiki Master Teacher and Certified Energy Healer with the International Natural Healers Association and the World Metaphysical Association.

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Crash Course Basics In Crystal Healing

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