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Green Synergy
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Synergism is the simultaneous actions of separate entities, which together have greater total effect than the sum of their individual effects.

The Green food revolution has come and never left; the Green Foods are here to stay. The evidence is clear. These foods are so nutrient dense, rich in chlorophyll, enzymes and trace minerals that they have a beneficial effect on the body, balancing pH, relieving cell toxicity, assisting blood sugar stability and aiding in the digestion/absorption of nutrients.

When the benefits of super green foods started getting mainstream recognition many people made the choice to replace their daily vitamin and mineral supplement regime with their new green 'magic.' The body responded to the nutrient dense greens in ways that standard vitamin and mineral supplements could not compete. But time is the best test, especially when it involves the human body. 

So what have we found? Optimum nutrition cannot be reached with greens alone. Additional vitamins, minerals, amino acids and numerous co-factors are necessary. The busy and stressful lifestyles of today make demands on our bodies like never before, this is compounded with the fact that the nutrient content of food is decreasing, so although we are largely over fed we are actually undernourished. 

Getting the best of both worlds.

So now we are back to taking our B Complex, C, Calcium, antioxidants, etcetera, as well as our greens, adding some essential fatty acids and pro-biotics in for good measure. How many pills and at what price? There has got to be a better way, and there is….
ALL ONE supplement powders have long been innovative products on the supplement shelves with the Original formula being the brainchild of James Ingoldsby and Adelle Davis. Always ahead of the game, ALL ONE Green Phyto Base is the only nutrient powder available that combines a high potency vitamin and mineral formula, naturally occurring amino acids, enzymes and essential co-factors WITH a potent organic blend of greens including: kamut, barley, wild oat grass, alfalfa, green cabbage, kale, parsley, mustard greens, sea dulce, sea vegetables, chlorella and spirulina. Pure, organic juices are extracted, dried and blended to produce an unsurpassed nutritional medium for ALL ONE. These superior nutrient rich plants, representing the very top of the Green Food list, are cultivated organically according to strict O.C.I.A. standards. They are rich in phyto-nutrients, chlorophyll, iron, enzymes, trace minerals, light weight proteins and catalytic enzymes, which work synergistically to permit immediate absorption of the high potency vitamins and minerals in ALL ONE. 

Feeling the difference.

It is the ease of absorption that plays a key role in the beneficial energy boost reported by users of the ALL ONE Green Phyto Base. We are told that they felt good on the greens alone, but now they notice a marked difference. The ALL ONE Green Phyto Base is a healthy, one-step solution to optimum nutrition, health and balance.

By Julie Tomlinson
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