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Laugh Out Loud With Our Exceptional Smile Designing Procedures!
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A perfect smile is the most impressive feature of our face and it has the power to lock the attention of someone. A smile can leave a lasting impression in the hearts and minds of people. However, some people are not lucky enough to give away such an impressive smile. So if you are feeling shy or reluctant to smile, or wish to change the appearance of your lips or jaws to improve your smile, it is the right time to think about a smile makeover. 


What is Smile Designing?

The dental procedure that involves an artistic correction and creation of natural-looking smiles is smile designing. Thus smile designs can do miracles to restore the appearance you are dissatisfied with, or that is damaged due to age or unexpected accident, regardless of the state of your existing teeth. 


What Can Smile Designing Correct?

A smile designing can correct several attributes of your teeth and smile.  These issues are to be actually discussed during your initial visit to our dentist for a smile makeover. Some of the common smile complaints include:

1. Crooked Teeth

If your teeth are twisted, overlapping, and crowded they are commonly referred to as crooked teeth. Thus most of the people have unevenly aligned teeth which can be the reason for embarrassment. The lower front teeth are the most affected ones in many cases. However, they are can be aligned properly and can be straightened using braces. And for quicker results, the dentist may suggest porcelain veneers.

2. Broken or Chipped Teeth

Broken or chipped teeth can be repaired using treatment options like porcelain crowns, bonding, porcelain veneers, and others depending on the type of damage.

3. Missing Teeth

The worst form of an imperfect smile is missing teeth. The oral health negligence or accidents are the major cause for it. The dental implants or bridges can be used to correct these spaces between your teeth.


4. Alignment and Spacing

Some people have large spacing between their teeth. Apart from damaging their looks, these gaps also lead to functional problems. Therefore, these gaps can be reduced using veneers, composite resin bonding techniques, and invisible braces.

5. Gummy Smile

Laser gum contouring is a procedure done here to rectify your gummy smile. If your teeth is colored or has stains,  they can be treated with oral prophylaxis or professional teeth whitening.

6. Fuller Lips, Cheeks and Smile

If you feel that you look aged or have an unshapely face, this can be improved or enhanced using certain procedures like orthodontics and oral maxillofacial surgery which come under smile designing procedures.

7. Tooth Texture and Characterization

In order to make your teeth look more feminine or masculine, our dentist may recommend characterizing it with veneers or crowns.


Benefits of smile designing

You will get to notice the following benefits after undergoing smile designing procedure.

  • Deep satisfaction with your new smile

  • Truly customized results 

  • A natural look that complements the overall appearance

  • Increased confidence throughout the treatment process

  • A multidisciplinary approach that preserves health and hygiene


By Dr Rupal Agarwal Doctor
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.


Biography: Dr. Rupal Agarwal established Samadhan Clinic as a luxury brand for the patients who wish to have No Compromise Dentistry. An alumnus of the prestigious Government College of Rajasthan SMS Dental College in the year 1996 she graduated. She has done a one-year Fellowship in Implant Dentistry under the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. She believes that every patient is special & unique and so should be the way he or she is treated.

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Laugh Out Loud With Our Exceptional Smile Designing Procedures!

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