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Organic Bedrooms and Effects on Your Health
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Problem: Synthetic mattresses are known to contain polyester, nylon, boric acid, PBDE's, and other synthetic and petroleum based materials. In 2003, the governor of California began the ban on PBDE's after it was determined that PBDE's have a large negative affect on health. This ban is just now taking effect in various states. The proposed replacement is boric acid. This boric acid is suspected of also causing respiratory problems as outlined at peopleforcleanbeds.org. It took over 40 years to ban PBDE's, even as scientists knew there were issues with the flame retardant chemical. The other parts of synthetic mattresses are not even considered as they are materials used in thousands of products.

What can I do? Buy a natural, or even better, an organic mattress to protect your body from all chemicals while you sleep. Sleep is a restorative process and the human body needs this free time to heal. If your body is spending time fighting off chemicals, it cannot do all it's other work. Look for a mattress company that is a member of NAOMI (National Association of Organic Mattress Industry) for the purest mattress or look for a more natural alternative to pure synthetic. There are many in between choices to help protect your body.

Is this Costly? Organic mattresses and even the natural mattresses have a much longer life expectancy than a synthetic mattress. Natural mattresses also do not break down as quickly and many are much higher quality than the synthetic alternative. When you use earth based items in your home, you find that they last longer and in the long run it is not a more costly way to live.

By Ginny Turner Experienced in the Organic Industry for 15 years
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Ginny Turner Experienced in the Organic Industry for 15 years


Biography: I have been studying all aspects of organic and nonorganic textiles to determine which ingredients are present in the synthetic versions and how they affect health and energy. I have consulted with numerous experts in energy healing, chiropractic, and naturopathic healers.

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Organic Bedrooms and Effects on Your Health

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