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What is Meditation
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meditation is a whole body tonic

Meditation is a whole-body tonic, which is valuable in promoting and improving health and overall well-being.

A growing number of doctors believe that meditation, along with its good breathing and relaxation techniques, can help to alleviate many physical, mental and emotional disorders.  Meditation is being recommended alongside exercise and a healthy diet as a way of contributing to the prevention and treatment of many health problems, particularly those brought about by stress. Stress is a major contributing factor in digestive disorders and problems relating to the heart, blood pressure, circulatory and respiratory systems, in fact just about every part of the body, and stress is on the increase nowadays. 

Clinical studies into the effects of meditation show reductions in migraines, insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, premenstrual syndrome, anxiety, depression, panic attacks and many other problems.   Apart from its health benefits, meditation can improve memory and concentration, clarity of mind, self-esteem, understanding of oneself and others, and compassion and sensitivity towards others, improving our relationship with our self and with others.

Although practised in all the world's major religions, but it is not a religion nor a mysterious practice.  Meditation is a very down-to-earth practice, bringing about a profound state of relaxation, inner harmony and increased awareness. 

be calm and at peace

We all need calm and stillness in our busy lives and we need time out to be what we fundamentally are - a human 'being'.  So many of us have become a human 'doing'.    Nowadays more people are drawn towards meditation in their search for inner peace, calm, stillness of mind and to restore their balance.

Meditation is a means of taking a short therapeutic break away from the daily rush and from which we return feeling refreshed, energised, calm and re-acquainted with our self.  We also return with a fresh perspective on life and our challenges and problems.  Somehow they all seem less problematical or demanding, because during meditation, our mind ceases its chatter and allows us to find our true essence and true nature.  During meditation, our true self takes over, puts things into perspective and guides us towards a different perception of life.  Sometimes our challenges disappear when we perceive them differently.


While in a relaxed state of meditation, our body takes a much-needed rest and is able to carry out its healing process more effectively, to improve and maintain our health.  We become aware of any discomfort which, during our everyday rush we may ignore until it becomes a health problem.  Awareness enables us to deal with the problem and to eliminate it or prevent it from getting worse.

Meditation puts us in closer touch with our mind and emotions and helps us to understand our motives and desires, to identify negative thinking and work through unhelpful thoughts and emotions.  Once we discover the unconscious energy forces at work in our inner lives, we can make positive changes to improve our physical, mental and emotional health and the quality of our life.

Meditation is easy to do.  It can take one minute of your time or as long as you like.  It can be done standing at a bus-stop or while preparing a meal.  Meditation means focusing and being in the present, not in the past or future, and all it takes a some good breathing, momentary relaxation, and focusing the mind.  With practise, it gets easier, and after a while, becomes an integral part of your life.  Then you are on the way to improved health, well-being and quality of life.

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By Brenda Martin MBILD, MFNTP, FSSA
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Brenda Martin MBILD, MFNTP, FSSA


Biography: In 1998, Brenda Martin founded the School of Natural Health & WellBeing, to help people develop their potential, find direction, achieve better health, energy and well-being, and move forward in their lives.

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