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What to do when Children Fret dentists
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It is indeed hard for us to convince our children to go to the dentists. However, their regular intake of chocolates and candies leaves a harsh effect on their teeth. It results in decay and cavities in their teeth. As a result, taking them to the dentists becomes compulsory. It is also hard to convince them to brush every time they eat sweet foods. The thought of the dentists scares them and they are ignorant to visit the clinics. How about if your children will willingly go the dentists? Yes, it is quite possible! Only some requirements in the dental clinic and the dentists can serve the purpose. Let us have a look at what they are:

 Essential features in a pediatric dental clinic

Pediatric dental clinics should be attractive enough to incline children towards them. The essential features required are as follows:

1.      Friendly dentist

The dentist should be friendly enough to attract the attention of the children. Rude dentists cannot be patient with children and their tantrums. The dentist should keep on talking to the children while the procedure is continuing. It will help them divert the attention of the children from fear of the procedure. They will be indulged in talking over exciting topics with the dentist. Once they become friends with the dentist, it won’t be a tough job for taking them to the clinic next time.

2.     Clean atmosphere

Now, a clean atmosphere is essential in a pediatric dental clinic. Otherwise children can get scared by seeing the blood or stains all around. They will never want to go back to such a clinic again. Instead, if the clinic is clean and smells fresh, children will love the ambiance.

3.     Friendly staffs

It is equally essential for the staffs of the clinic to be friendly and patient while handling the children. Not all procedures are carried out by the dentist himself. Some are even left on the staffs to start with or to complete. If ever any staff misbehaves with the children, it will be impossible to take them to that clinic again.

4.     Electronic gadgets

A child will definitely be inclined to go to a clinic if he finds a video games or a television set in the clinic. It will help them engage their attention over the video game while the procedure is going on. Similarly, a television set can keep them busy over watching cartoons. The advantage is that they will not be aware of the treatment going on and hence won’t develop fear. Besides, these gadgets will attract them towards visiting the clinic again and again.

5.     Pictures of cartoons and animals

Instead of displaying pictures related to dental health and diseases, there should be pictures f cartoons and super heroes. This will not give them the impression that they are in a dental clinic.

6.     Oral health awareness

The doctors should, in a friendly manner, explain the children how to take care of oral health. It might reduce the need of visiting a dentist again. The doctors can make them willing to brush and floss their teeth even without their mom’s telling them.

7.      Play grounds

Playgrounds can engage children while the parents are having a conversation with the dentist about the procedure to be undergone. Otherwise, the children keep on nagging their parents to go home as they get bored. Playgrounds can also attract the kid to come back to the place.

All the above mentioned features and some of them can be incorporated by pediatric dental clinics. They help attract children over and again without any fear. Please check out Atlanta Parent Magazine to know places for amazing dental checkup, treatment possibilities, and keep your children engaged.

By Ravi
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