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Study shows how chimpanzees share skills
Evidence of new behaviour being adopted and transmitted socially from one individual to another within a wild chimpanzee community is publishing in the open access journal PLOS Biology. (Medical News Today)

Antibiotic exposure associated with early childhood obesity
By the age of just 24 months, 10% of children are obese. A new study identifies antibiotic exposure during this period as being a potential risk factor for early childhood obesity. (Medical News Today)

Customising chemotherapy in lung cancer
Measuring the expression levels of an enzyme involved in DNA synthesis can help predict the response of lung cancers to certain treatments, a Korean study has shown at the ESMO 2014 Congress in... (Medical News Today)

Malaria severity influenced by five human genes, say researchers
An international study says five genes play a complex role in influencing whether people are more or less susceptible to severe malaria and opens the door to new drugs or vaccines. (Medical News Today)

Scientists shed light on how to block protein that causes cancer, Alzheimer's
The NMT protein plays a role in the development of many diseases, including cancer and Alzheimer's. Now, scientists say they may be closer to developing a drug that blocks NMT. (Medical News Today)

Newly discovered marker may lead to early detection of pancreatic cancer
Increased levels of branched-chain amino acids in the blood may be an early indication of pancreatic cancer, a new study claims. The findings may lead to tests for early detection. (Medical News Today)

Research uncovers tumors self-protection mechanism
Stephan Ladisch, MD, a hematologist-oncologist in the Center for Cancer and Immunology Research at Children's National Health System, and his laboratory have uncovered a mechanism by which tumors... (Medical News Today)

Magnetic field opens and closes nanovesicle
Chemists and physicists of Radboud University managed to open and close nanovesicles using a magnet. (Medical News Today)

Protein controlling gut's protective force field identified: Immune-system receptor encourages growth of bacterial shield during illness
A sugary force field is activated in the gut when our defences are down to encourage the growth of helpful bacteria and fight over-colonisation by harmful micro-organisms, scientists have... (Medical News Today)

More evidence that Neanderthals and modern humans overlapped
Artifacts recovered in Austria add to evidence that Neanderthals and modern humans co-existed for longer than previously thought and that humans coped well with different climates. (Medical News Today)

Diabetes study: investigating fluctuations in blood sugar
For millions of people in the United States living with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, measuring the daily rise and fall of blood glucose (sugar) is a way of life. (Medical News Today)

Western University researchers explain the highs and lows of marijuana use
Researchers at Western University's Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry have explained why marijuana in small doses can cause paranoia, and higher doses that mimic long-term exposure can result... (Medical News Today)

UK-based chemists report 'designer proteins' breakthrough
A team from the University of Leicester claims to have developed a new process for synthesizing amino acids, which may form the basis of new drugs to treat cancer and Alzheimer's. (Medical News Today)

An old drug yields a potential new class of antibiotics
Most antibiotics work by inhibiting a vital function in bacteria. Now, a new study shows how an existing anticonvulsant drug can prevent a key part of bacteria from forming. (Medical News Today)

Mechanism of Parkinson's spread demonstrated
An international, interdisciplinary group of researchers led by Gabor G. Kovacs from the Clinical Institute of Neurology at the MedUni Vienna has demonstrated, through the use of a new antibody... (Medical News Today)

Healthy humans 'harbor an average of five viruses'
Researchers from Washington University in St. Louis, MO, claim the human body harbors an average of five harmful viruses, including human papillomavirus and herpesvirus. (Medical News Today)

Pupil size shows reliability of decisions
The precision with which people make decisions can be predicted by measuring pupil size before they are presented with any information about the decision, according to a new study published in PLOS... (Medical News Today)

Endocrine-related protein found to be master regulator in other important diseases
Investigating a protein known to be involved in regulating human glucose levels, genomic scientists found that this factor has a broader reach than first thought, acting on key gene pathways... (Medical News Today)

How do I smell? Much the same as how you see
A collaboration between researchers from the Institute for Medical Physics and Biophysics (IMPB) at the Charité in Berlin and the European Synchrotron (ESRF) in Grenoble has uncovered a new common... (Medical News Today)

Ebola virus protein offers potential drug target
An Ebola protein that is key to virus replication has a unique and unusual structure not seen in other human viral diseases. Researchers suggest it could be a new drug target. (Medical News Today)

Glaucoma cure may lie in targeting 'stiff cells' that impede fluid drainage
Study shows for first time if cells in a barrier that allows fluid to drain from the eye via Schlemm's canal are too stiff, pressure builds up in the eye, a hallmark of glaucoma. (Medical News Today)

Is the pattern of brain folding a "fingerprint" for schizophrenia?
Anyone who has seen pictures or models of the human brain is aware that the outside layer, or cortex, of the brain is folded in an intricate pattern of "hills", called gyri, and "valleys", called... (Medical News Today)

Scientists reset human stem cells in 'significant milestone' in medicine
Scientists have discovered a way to successfully 'reset' human pluripotent stem cells to the earliest developmental state, potentially opening more doors to regenerative medicine. (Medical News Today)

Deactivating a cell protein may halt progress of rheumatoid arthritis
Activation of the cell receptor TLR5 is all it takes to trigger inflammation and bone erosion in rheumatoid arthritis, and targeting it with drugs could stop it, says new study. (Medical News Today)

Gene 'may slow aging of entire body when activated in key organs'
Activating a gene called AMPK in the intestines of fruit flies appeared to slow the aging process in both the intestine and the brain, and vice versa, a new study finds. (Medical News Today)

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