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The sense of smell uses fast dynamics to encode odors
Neuroscientists from the John B. Pierce Laboratory and Yale School of Medicine have discovered that mice can detect minute differences in the temporal dynamics of the olfactory system, according to... (Medical News Today)

Researchers shed light on how diet influences cancer development
Researchers find that switching from a low- to high-calorie diet can either reduce tumor growth or encourage it, depending on when the dietary change is made. (Medical News Today)

Time management skills keep animals primed for survival
Many animals may have a previously under-appreciated ability to make up for lost time with more effort, according to new research publishing this week in PLOS Computational Biology. (Medical News Today)

Protein implicated in allergic reactions to medications
Reachers have discovered a single protein that could be to blame for allergic reactions to certain meds; their findings could lessen drug side effects for many patients. (Medical News Today)

Scientists link proteins that keep cells multiplying to cancer
Researchers find a family of RNA-binding proteins known as Musashi proteins - that can change and lock cells into a proliferative state - may be involved in cancer regulation. (Medical News Today)

Understanding cancer spread by researching blood and lymphatic vessels
Knowing more about how blood and lymphatic vessels develop in the gut should lead to new ways to prevent cancer spread and gut-specific lymphatic diseases, say researchers. (Medical News Today)

Cells can build a communication system that can function in the presence of so much noise
Scientists have discovered a general principle for how cells could accurately transmit chemical signals despite high levels of noise in the system which they report in the journal Science. (Medical News Today)

Shape of antibody makes a difference in fighting cancer
Scientists have found that the precise shape of an antibody can make a big difference in cancer immunotherapy - treatments that help the immune system target and kill cancer cells. (Medical News Today)

Scientists reprogram fat cells to burn off calories
In humans, white fat stores calories and brown fat burns them. Now, scientists have discovered how to reprogram white fat cells to behave like brown fat cells and burn off energy. (Medical News Today)

Using a fluorescent microscope and 3D diffusion modeling researchers can see how unfolded proteins move in the cell
When a large protein unfolds in transit through a cell, it slows down and can get stuck in traffic. (Medical News Today)

Biological predictors may predict who is going to respond to psychotherapy
In the current issue of Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics a new study identifies biological characteristics who may predict who is going to respond to psychotherapy. (Medical News Today)

Following the movements in blood vessel tissue before, during and after cell division
Nature's ingenious systems: A layer of cells called endothelial cells lines the interior of blood vessels. When blood flows through the vessels, such cells only divide to replace dead cells. (Medical News Today)

Zinc test for early breast cancer looks promising
Using techniques from the field of earth sciences, researchers may have found a way of picking up early signs of breast cancer by looking for changes in zinc composition. (Medical News Today)

Atomic changes seen in proteins with record resolution: a first-of-its-kind discovery with an X-ray laser
A research team led by physicists at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) has proven a method that makes it possible to find the atomic structure of proteins in action by producing "snapshots"... (Medical News Today)

Scientists discover brain mechanism that drives us to eat glucose
Scientists have discovered a mechanism in the brain that may drive our appetite for foods rich in glucose and could lead to improved treatments for obesity. (Medical News Today)

Discovering a new mechanism for sex control in zebrafish: Reduction of germ cells yields more males
Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory, Hokkaido University and Ehime University are pleased to announce that their researchers have discovered that the reduction of gonadal stem cells will yield... (Medical News Today)

Study offers future hope for tackling signs of ageing
A new advance in biomedical research at the University of Leicester could have potential in the future to assist with tackling diseases and conditions associated with ageing - as well as in... (Medical News Today)

Obesity-contributing hormone identified
Researchers have found that a specific hormone is elevated in obese individuals, inhibiting 'good' brown fat activity and increasing obesity and diabetes risks. (Medical News Today)

Taking poison to deliver medication
Take two poisonous mushrooms, and call me in the morning. While no doctor would ever write this prescription, toxic fungi may hold the secrets to tackling deadly diseases. (Medical News Today)

Hormone that controls satiety also links obesity to high blood pressure
A new study finds that the increase in leptin levels seen in diet-induced obesity drives an increase in blood pressure, and blocking leptin reduces blood pressure in obese mice. (Medical News Today)

The social brain: does guessing others' intentions make a difference when we learn?
People regularly engage in sophisticated 'mentalizing' (i.e. guessing the intentions or beliefs of others) whenever they convince, teach, deceive, and so on. (Medical News Today)

Computer models the most complex 3D DNA shapes
Biological engineers at MIT have developed a computer model that can create the most elaborate 3D shapes of DNA ever made - including rings, bowls and complex viral structures. (Medical News Today)

New regulators of cell division discovered
By analyzing cells with genetic deletion of TRBP, the research team revealed cell cycle dependent regulation of PKR by TRBP and evaluated the function of TRBP in microRNA biogenesis. (Medical News Today)

Could a vitamin supplement prevent hearing loss?
In a new mouse study, researchers prevented and restored noise-induced hearing loss by administering a chemical compound that is a precursor to vitamin B3. (Medical News Today)

New research finds the first evidence of a rogue protein in multiple sclerosis
In a new study published in the journal Frontiers in Neurology, a team of researchers led by the University of Surrey, have identified a rogue protein in multiple sclerosis, which attacks the... (Medical News Today)

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