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How do I smell? Much the same as how you see
A collaboration between researchers from the Institute for Medical Physics and Biophysics (IMPB) at the Charité in Berlin and the European Synchrotron (ESRF) in Grenoble has uncovered a new common... (Medical News Today)

Ebola virus protein offers potential drug target
An Ebola protein that is key to virus replication has a unique and unusual structure not seen in other human viral diseases. Researchers suggest it could be a new drug target. (Medical News Today)

Glaucoma cure may lie in targeting 'stiff cells' that impede fluid drainage
Study shows for first time if cells in a barrier that allows fluid to drain from the eye via Schlemm's canal are too stiff, pressure builds up in the eye, a hallmark of glaucoma. (Medical News Today)

Is the pattern of brain folding a "fingerprint" for schizophrenia?
Anyone who has seen pictures or models of the human brain is aware that the outside layer, or cortex, of the brain is folded in an intricate pattern of "hills", called gyri, and "valleys", called... (Medical News Today)

Scientists reset human stem cells in 'significant milestone' in medicine
Scientists have discovered a way to successfully 'reset' human pluripotent stem cells to the earliest developmental state, potentially opening more doors to regenerative medicine. (Medical News Today)

Deactivating a cell protein may halt progress of rheumatoid arthritis
Activation of the cell receptor TLR5 is all it takes to trigger inflammation and bone erosion in rheumatoid arthritis, and targeting it with drugs could stop it, says new study. (Medical News Today)

Gene 'may slow aging of entire body when activated in key organs'
Activating a gene called AMPK in the intestines of fruit flies appeared to slow the aging process in both the intestine and the brain, and vice versa, a new study finds. (Medical News Today)

Important regulators of immune cell response identified
In a collaborative study, scientists from the Florida campus of The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) and the La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology have developed a more effective method to... (Medical News Today)

Movable cytoskeleton membrane fabricated for first time
Cells are complex objects with a sophisticated metabolic system. Their evolutionary ancestors, the primordial cells, were merely composed of a membrane and a few molecules. (Medical News Today)

Genetic link identified between the circadian clock and seasonal timing
Researchers from the University of Leicester have for the first time provided experimental evidence for a genetic link between two major timing mechanisms, the circadian clock and the seasonal timer. (Medical News Today)

Body clock link could aid obesity treatments
Scientists at The University of Manchester have discovered that the body clock plays an important role in body fat. (Medical News Today)

Are females more susceptible to effects of marijuana?
Due to fluctuations in the hormone estrogen, females may be more susceptible than males to the effects of THC in marijuana, according to a new study. (Medical News Today)

Corals could provide a general model for understanding ciliary processes related to mass transport and disease
Conventional wisdom has long held that corals - whose calcium-carbonate skeletons form the foundation of coral reefs - are passive organisms that rely entirely on ocean currents to deliver dissolved... (Medical News Today)

A call to investigators to study mysterious cloud-like collections in cells
About 50 years ago, electron microscopy revealed the presence of tiny blob-like structures that form inside cells, move around and disappear. (Medical News Today)

Are molecular mechanisms to blame for how stress affects us?
Researchers have identified a molecular mechanism behind why stress affects some individuals more than others, potentially leading to better anxiety and depression treatments. (Medical News Today)

New type of cell movement discovered
For decades, researchers have used petri dishes to study cell movement. These classic tissue culture tools, however, only permit two-dimensional movement, very different from the three-dimensional... (Medical News Today)

Research reveals mechanism behind cell protein remodeling within a family of cancers
The remodeling of a kitchen or bathroom changes the appearance of the room and improves its functionality. (Medical News Today)

Artificial virus improves delivery of new generations of pharmaceuticals
Researchers from Wageningen UR, together with colleagues from the University of Leiden, Eindhoven University of Technology and Radboud University Nijmegen, have successfully developed an artificial... (Medical News Today)

Stem cell breakthrough for 'Cinderella cells'
A special kind of cell that has the power to turn into spinal cord, muscle and bone cells has been produced in the lab for the first time using stem cells. (Medical News Today)

Neanderthals and modern humans co-existed for thousands of years
A new study finds evidence that Neanderthals lived in Europe at the same time as modern humans for up to 5,400 years and suggests they died out gradually and not all at once. (Medical News Today)

Scientists grow fully functional thymus in mice from scratch
For the first time, scientists have grown a fully functioning immune organ in mice from cells created outside the body. They say their findings could advance lab-grown organs. (Medical News Today)

MRC publishes a review of the UK molecular pathology landscape
The Medical Research Council (MRC) has published a review of the UK's capabilities in molecular pathology - the discipline that uses analysis of the molecules within tissue and body fluids to aid... (Medical News Today)

One of the biggest challenges for single-cell research is picking out only one cell from a collection of millions - problem solved
Scientists at the Houston Methodist Research Institute have figured out how to pick up and transfer single cells using a pipette - a common laboratory tool that's been tweaked slightly. (Medical News Today)

Treating pain by blocking the 'chili-pepper receptor'
Biting into a chili pepper causes a burning spiciness that is irresistible to some, but intolerable to others. (Medical News Today)

Slippery material for lubricating joints inspired by nature
A natural molecule found in the fluid surrounding healthy joints provides the inspiration for scientists developing slippery materials for artificial joints and moving surfaces. (Medical News Today)

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