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Health News - Fitness/Obesity

Inadequate sleep during teen years increases risk of obesity
Teenagers who don't get enough sleep may wake up to worse consequences than nodding off during chemistry class. (Medical News Today)

NSAIDs may halve breast cancer recurrence in overweight women
In a new study, overweight and obese breast cancer patients exhibited a 52% lower rate of recurrence and a 28-month delay in recurrence if they were regularly taking NSAIDs. (Medical News Today)

Dementia risk increased for obese people in 30s, but reduced for obese seniors
Obesity in early to mid-life may increase the risk of later-life dementia, according to new research. But for seniors, obesity may actually protect against the condition. (Medical News Today)

Foreign-born youth in Canada have lower BMI than Canadian-born youth
Foreign-born youth have a lower body mass index (BMI) than Canadian-born youth and, contrary to current thinking, these differences did not disappear in the years after immigration, according to a... (Medical News Today)

Tax on sugar sweetened drinks may reduce obesity in South Africans
A suggested tax on sugar sweetened beverages has been given more credence in a research paper by academics from the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa. (Medical News Today)

Discrimination among obese workers in China affects men more than women
New research that analyzes economic disparity among obese Chinese adults shows that there is no wage disparity for obese women in China, but there is pay inequality among obese men. (Medical News Today)

Parental scheduling of work hours may influence kids' weight
The way parents balance their work schedules may affect their adolescent children's eating habits, according to Penn State researchers. (Medical News Today)

Balancing the benefits and risks of physical activity in children
The Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology has taken a stand on the promotion of childhood physical activity and published their position and recommendations in the journal Applied Physiology... (Medical News Today)

Battling finances a barrier to battling the bulge, study says
Individuals from a lower income bracket are less likely to pursue weight loss by exercising, drinking water and reducing fats or sweets, and are more likely to try 'quick fixes.' (Medical News Today)

Potential new therapy for liver disease
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is a common affliction, affecting almost 30 percent of Americans, with a significant number suffering from its most severe form, called non-alcoholic... (Medical News Today)

Public transport users 'have healthier weights than people who drive to work'
A British study suggests that even commuting to work by public transport leads to a healthier BMI and body fat percentage than driving in a car. (Medical News Today)

Yoga 'boosts cognitive ability of sedentary seniors'
Having previously found that yoga boosts cognitive ability more than aerobic exercise, a University of Illinois team now suggests that yoga improves cognition in sedentary seniors. (Medical News Today)

In an ecosystem within us, microbes evolved to sway food choices
Do gut bacteria rule our minds?This image illustrates the relationship between gut bacteria and unhealthy eating. (Medical News Today)

Environmental factors prior to conception have more influence on the child's future than previously thought
There's now overwhelming evidence that a child's future health is influenced by more than just their parents' genetic material, and that children born of unhealthy parents will already be... (Medical News Today)

Combination weight loss drugs hard to tolerate, but efficacious
Soon-to-be-available combination medication may be a viable option for obese Australians seeking to lose weight and maintain the loss, but only if they can manage its adverse effects, according to... (Medical News Today)

Study backs call for publicly funded obesity surgery in Australia
The push for increased access to publicly funded bariatric surgery for obese Australians has beensupported by new research published in the Medical Journal of Australia. (Medical News Today)

Educational attainment 'influences level of physical activity'
Researchers from the University of Kansas have mapped associations between people’s educational attainment and their levels of physical activity, both in work and leisure time. (Medical News Today)

In program to fight childhood obesity, teachers play key role
An innovative physical activities guide developed at the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute (FPG) is helping North Carolina fight childhood obesity. (Medical News Today)

Parents' lifestyle affects offsprings' health, even before conception
Researchers from the University of Adelaide suggest a child's health does not start from scratch; it may be predisposed by parents' lifestyle factors prior to conception. (Medical News Today)

Childhood cancer survivors do not adhere to American Cancer Society's guidelines on healthy living
Having survived cancer as a child does not necessarily have a ripple effect that makes people lead a healthier lifestyle once they grow up. (Medical News Today)

Early antibiotic exposure linked to later-life obesity, metabolic abnormalities
Researchers from the NYU Langone Medical Center find that early antibiotic exposure may cause lifelong changes in the gut, increasing the risk of later-life obesity. (Medical News Today)

Overweight, obesity linked to higher risk of 10 common cancers
In what is deemed the largest study to date of the link between BMI and cancer, researchers from the UK find that overweight and obesity increases the risk of 10 common cancers. (Medical News Today)

More intensive interventions needed to combat severe obesity in teens
Nearly 6% of all children and teens in the U.S. are severely obese, and the prevalence of severe obesity is increasing faster than that of moderate obesity or overweight. (Medical News Today)

Program to combat childhood obesity gets kids in daycare moving
Research led by Dr. Melinda Sothern, Professor and Director of Behavioral & Community Health at the LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans School of Public Health, reports that a turn-key... (Medical News Today)

Exercising to excess increases risk of death for heart attack survivors
Although exercise is beneficial for patients who have survived a heart attack, new research finds that running more than 30 miles per week can increase risk of death. (Medical News Today)

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