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Health News - Rehabilitation

American Physical Therapy Association releases Choosing Wisely list of what patients should question
APTA has released "Five Things Physical Therapists and Patients Should Question. (Medical News Today)

Chiropractic care and exercise provide short-term relief of back-related leg pain
In the short term, patients who received chiropractic care coupled with home exercise and advice reported greater reductions in back-related leg pain (BRLP) than those who received home exercise... (Medical News Today)

Psychological support waning for heart patients despite nearly half experiencing mental health issues
Psychological support for heart patients is waning despite nearly half experiencing mental health problems after their heart event. (Medical News Today)

Research into memory in silent neurons
When we learn, we associate a sensory experience either with other stimuli or with a certain type of behaviour. (Medical News Today)

Unlocking the brain's mysteries through study of damage to the prefrontal lobe
Until the last few decades, the frontal lobes of the brain were shrouded in mystery and erroneously thought of as nonessential for normal function - hence the frequent use of lobotomies in the early... (Medical News Today)

The impact of cultural diversity in brain injury research
Kessler Foundation scientists examined the implications for cultural diversity and cultural competence in brain injury research and rehabilitation. (Medical News Today)

From nose to knee: engineered cartilage regenerates joints
Human articular cartilage defects can be treated with nasal septum cells. Researchers at the University and the University Hospital of Basel report that cells taken from the nasal septum are able... (Medical News Today)

Research could lead to improved treatments for stroke or other brain injuries
Learning a new skill is easier when it is related to an ability we already have. For example, a trained pianist can learn a new melody easier than learning how to hit a tennis serve. (Medical News Today)

Novel cognitive study shows improvement in self-awareness with task experience in multiple sclerosis
A new study of self-awareness by Kessler Foundation researchers shows that persons with multiple sclerosis (MS) may be able to improve their self-awareness through task-oriented cognitive... (Medical News Today)

Variation in self-care and mobility outcomes by race and ethnicity in those with complete spinal cord injury
Researchers have published a study examining racial and ethnic influences in the outcomes of patients with motor complete spinal cord injury (SCI). (Medical News Today)

A night's sleep helps us to learn motor sequences
According to researchers at the University of Montreal, the regions of the brain below the cortex play an important role as we train our bodies' movements and, critically, they interact more... (Medical News Today)

Quality of cardiac rehabilitation programs in Canada examined by new study
The quality of cardiac rehabilitation programs across Canada is strong, with specific criteria areas now identified as requiring further enhancement to improve patient outcomes, according to a new... (Medical News Today)

In mouse model, targeted brain stimulation aids recovery
When investigators at the Stanford University School of Medicine applied light-driven stimulation to nerve cells in the brains of mice that had suffered strokes several days earlier, the mice showed... (Medical News Today)

A significant step toward understanding how we learn a motor skill
Using a deceptively simple set of experiments, researchers at Johns Hopkins have learned why people learn an identical or similar task faster the second, third and subsequent time around. (Medical News Today)

Potential rehabilitation of volitional walking in individuals with spinal cord injury
Gait disturbance in individuals with spinal cord injury is attributed to the interruption of neural pathways from brain to the spinal locomotor center, whereas neural circuits locate below and above... (Medical News Today)

Help in choice of care facility after hospital discharge
Twenty-first-century patients typically don't stay in the hospital until they are completely well or totally healed. (Medical News Today)

Surprising research results could lead to new ways to help the visually impaired better navigate everyday life
Visual impairment comes in many forms, and it's on the rise in America.The Enactive Torch uses infra-red sensors to "see" objects in front of it. (Medical News Today)

Cyborg science for the future
No longer just fantastical fodder for sci-fi buffs, cyborg technology is bringing us tangible progress toward real-life electronic skin, prosthetics and ultraflexible circuits. (Medical News Today)

The effectiveness of cognitive rehabilitation in multiple sclerosis
Six-month followup of MEMREHAB trial shows persistence of cerebral activation associated with learning Kessler Foundation researchers published long-term followup results of their MEMREHAB trial... (Medical News Today)

'Possible link between stroke and neck manipulation therapy'
A newly published scientific statement from the American Heart Association has said that there could be a link between stroke and therapy involving neck manipulation. (Medical News Today)

Small molecule 'could treat paralysis by triggering nerve repair'
Researchers from the Salk Institute of Biological Studies reveal how a protein found in animals that naturally repair nerves after injury could trigger the same process in humans. (Medical News Today)

New recommendations for post-treatment care of prostate cancer survivors
Many of the more than 2.5 million men in the U.S. who have received treatment for prostate cancer deal with the often disabling side effects of surgery and radiation and hormonal therapies. (Medical News Today)

Physical therapy and corticosteroid injections offer equal relief from shoulder pain and disability
Both manual physical therapy (MPT) and subacromial corticosteroid injections (CSI) provide significant improvement in pain and function for patients with unilateral shoulder impingement syndrome... (Medical News Today)

A shift in thinking for stroke rehabilitation
With the advent of non-surgical modalities, stimulation of the brain has become a popular science and researchers must work to ensure systematic methods for consistent results in the study of stroke... (Medical News Today)

Pedal power helps speed up recovery for critically ill patients
Seriously ill and injured patients at Southampton's university hospitals are spending less time in intensive care - thanks to an innovative bedside bicycle. (Medical News Today)

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