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Health News - Seniors/Aging

CPAP sleep apnoea treatment is effective for older people
Continuous positive airway pressure is effective at treating sleep apnoea in older people, a new study has found. (Medical News Today)

Familial extreme longevity linked to APOB, a gene involved in lipid transport
In a recent report in Aging Cell, a multidisciplinary team of Spanish scientists, led by Tim Cash and Manuel Serrano at the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO), identify rare variants in... (Medical News Today)

Weight loss following bariatric surgery leads to improved brain function, could reduce risk of Alzheimer's in obese people
Weight loss surgery can curb alterations in brain activity associated with obesity and improve cognitive function involved in planning, strategizing and organizing, according to a new study published... (Medical News Today)

Hip fracture surgery reduces lifetime health costs by more than $65,000 per patient
A new study finds that hip fracture surgery is 'extremely successful' in returning patients to active lives and provides 'significant societal benefit and value.' (Medical News Today)

Missing protein associated with early signs of dementia
For the first time, a missing protein has been linked with early signs of dementia. This protein, MK2/3, is essential for giving neurons the optimal shape for communicating memory. (Medical News Today)

Seniors with mild osteoarthritis do not benefit from knee surgery
A new study indicates that there is no apparent benefit to arthroscopic knee surgery for age-related tears of the meniscus in comparison with nonsurgical or sham treatments. (Medical News Today)

Cognitive impairment increases risk of stroke
People with cognitive impairment are significantly more likely to have a stroke, with a 39% increased risk, than people with normal cognitive function, according to a new study published in CMAJ... (Medical News Today)

Culture change improves nursing home care and quality of life
If a nursing home makes an extensive investment in "culture change" it will see improvements in quality of care, according to a new study led by Brown University gerontology researchers. (Medical News Today)

Exercise for the heart may also protect the mind
Study concludes exercise may slow cognitive aging, after it found older adults whose aortas were less stiff and were more aerobically fit did better on a cognitive test. (Medical News Today)

Researchers learn how to rejuvenate aging immune cells
Researchers from UCL (University College London) have demonstrated how an interplay between nutrition, metabolism and immunity is involved in the process of ageing. (Medical News Today)

One in four acutely admitted medical patients leave the hospital again without getting a diagnosis, Denmark
Chest pain, breathing difficulties, fainting. Each year approx. 265,000 Danes are acutely admitted to medical departments with symptoms of serious illness. (Medical News Today)

New study links cardiovascular health to cognitive changes as we age
Exercising to improve our cardiovascular strength may protect us from cognitive impairment as we age, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Montreal and its affiliated Institut... (Medical News Today)

Study reveals how loud noises can damage hearing
Researchers from the UK have determined how loud sounds can damage hearing, findings that could lead to new prevention and treatment strategies for hearing loss and tinnitus. (Medical News Today)

Vision loss adversely affects daily function which can increase risk for death
Vision loss can adversely affect the ability of older adults to perform instrumental activities of daily living (IADL), such as using the telephone, shopping and doing housework, which are all... (Medical News Today)

Study reveals 'suicide tourism' has doubled in Switzerland
Assisted suicide is not clearly regulated in Switzerland, so non-residents flock to the country seeking help with dying. A new study shows these numbers have doubled in 4 years. (Medical News Today)

Loss of 'sleep switch' brain cells may explain sleep disruption in the elderly
Loss of cells in a brain region that plays a key role in switching off arousal systems may be the reason many older adults experience insomnia and sleep disruption. (Medical News Today)

Dementia risk increased for obese people in 30s, but reduced for obese seniors
Obesity in early to mid-life may increase the risk of later-life dementia, according to new research. But for seniors, obesity may actually protect against the condition. (Medical News Today)

Neighborhood ethnic composition and problem drinking
LSU Sociology Professor Samuel Stroope is the lead author of a new study, "Neighborhood Ethnic Composition and Problem Drinking among Older Mexican American Men," that will appear in the Journal of... (Medical News Today)

Pulse pressure and elasticity of arteries in the brain mapped for arterial health and aging
Researchers at the Beckman Institute at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have developed a new technique that can noninvasively image the pulse pressure and elasticity of the arteries of... (Medical News Today)

Alzheimer's disease: are we close to finding a cure?
There seems to be more focus than ever on Alzheimer's research. But how close are scientists to developing effective prevention and treatment strategies for the disease? (Medical News Today)

OncoFinder algorithm for minimising errors introduced by high-throughput transcriptome analysis
Scientists from the Biogerontology Research Foundation (BGRF), a UK-based charity founded to support ageing research and address the challenges of a rapidly ageing population, propose a new concept... (Medical News Today)

Yoga 'boosts cognitive ability of sedentary seniors'
Having previously found that yoga boosts cognitive ability more than aerobic exercise, a University of Illinois team now suggests that yoga improves cognition in sedentary seniors. (Medical News Today)

Daughters 'spend twice as much time' caring for elderly parents than sons
A new study finds that, compared with sons, daughters spend more than twice the amount of time each month caring for their elderly parents, revealing gender inequalities. (Medical News Today)

Taiwanese women at increased risk for health issues if their husband's health declines
The death of a spouse undoubtedly brings with it stress, anxiety and uncertainty. (Medical News Today)

Older patients with limited life expectancy still receiving cancer screenings
A substantial number of older patients with limited life expectancy continue to receive routine screenings for prostate, breast, cervical and colorectal cancer although the procedures are unlikely... (Medical News Today)

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