Ayurveda Medicated Honey Paste/Tonic

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Made exclusively at our Ayurveda Clinic Pharmacy - a unique ayurveda wellness product, to help blanace your individual Dosha.

Made using herbs, spices and organic honey to ensure ideal penetration into the blood stream.

Our Authentic Ayurveda Medicated Honey Paste has been carefully prepared using ayurveda principles herbs and spices and authenticated by our centres Qualified Ayurveda Doctor, Dr A Kalsi, who ensures that all medication at our centre is prepared, researched and only the best ingredients used.

Our Tonic Preparation is made using 3 different varieties of herbs and spices which help to balance your dosha.

Choose from Vata, Pitta or Kapha mixture.

If you do not know your dosha/body constitution either go to our website and fill in the online questionnaire or email us for an email version

The Medicated Honey Pastes include a variety of herbs and spices suitable for each Dosha

Each jar contains enough Medicated Honey for a Months supply

Taste is a crucial aspect of healing in Ayurveda medicine and this is one of the major advantages of this product. Taken by licking the honey of a spoon like a lolly pop ensures that the relavent taste buds are activated by the taste of the herbs and spices and the body reacts immediately and appropriately to the actions of each herb and spice in the potion.



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