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Dawnlite Natural Alarm Clock - The perfect sunrise alarm clock & dawn alarm clock.

Research since the 1990's into using ‘dawn light simulator's to assist people who simply don't like dark mornings, to those with mild symptoms of S.A.D have found that, light stimulates your body's natural response to sunrise and sunset which can help synchronise your body clock circadian rhythms which helps energy levels and mood for improved wellbeing.


For this reason the DawnLite was developed in the UK to offer a modern and practical dawn and sunrise light simulator for the home.


What is the DawnLite ?

The DawnLite Natural Alarm Clock helps to wake you naturally .  As the lamp brightens gradually your body automatically responds to the increasing light and you awake feeling more refreshed and invigorated.

What is the DawnLite and why do I need it?

The DawnLite Natural Alarm Clock is a gentle and calmer way to start the day.  Instead of noisy radio or bleeper's which shock the body, the DawnLite will naturally and gradually increase the light in the room to replicate a summer dawn over a period of time which you set.

Even create your own sunset too

The DawnLite Natural Alarm Clock is also a bright reading light and when you are ready for sleep you can start your own sunset to help promote a deeper, more restful sleep.


Benefits of the DawnLite

  • Variable sunrise and sunset, 15,30,45 & 90 minutes - you choose.

  • When you are ready for sleep, set the sunset mode on your DawnLite Natural Alarm Clock and, as the light dims, you will find yourself drifting off into  a deep relaxing sleep.  

  • Set for dawn to naturally and gradually awake you in the dark mornings.

  • Helps improve sleep and assists a natural awakening.

  • Boosts energy levels

  • Ideal for shift workers or people who struggle with dark mornings.

  • Cam Lifestyles Awards 2009


The UK manufacturer of the Dawnlite offers the following standards -

* Leading SAD light box company in the UK .

* Supplier to NHS hospitals and clinics throughout the country.

* Certified manufacturer of light therapy equipment meeting all EU regulations.

* Designed on published scientific findings and sound evidence of safety and built in the UK.

* 2 Year General Warranty Guarantee.

Buy your Dawnlite Natural Alarm Clock today.


More Information


Features of the Dawnlite -

  • Bleeper option

  • Snooze feature

  • Reading light with variable intensity

  • Intensity variable to night light level 

  • Green LED display with night dimming

  • Glass dome

  • Power failure back up

  • Powerful 40W halogen lamp

  • Easy set buttons

Dimensions:  18 x 18 x 24 cm
CE Marked
2 year warranty
40W Halogen bulb

Manufactured and sold to comply with WEEE regulations


The Essential Guide to Better Sleep

We all know the importance of a good nights sleep which leaves us refreshed and ready to face the day ahead.  Sleep helps restore and rejuvenate our whole body and brain function which aids general wellbeing.

  • From the research it is better to sleep in a really dark room,.Dark rooms encourage the production of melatonin which is the hormone that helps you to sleep. During the evening, if you turn the lights down then this will start the production of melatonin which will assist sleep. 

  • Your room should be comfortable and not too hot or too cold.

  • Avoid coffee, alcohol or a heavy meal too close to bedtime 

  • Try not to be disturbed

  • Do not read anything that is too exciting or stimulating before bed.

  • When you are ready for sleep, set the sunset mode on your DawnLite Natural Alarm Clock and, as the light dims, you will find yourself drifting off into  a deep relaxing sleep.  


Dawnlight the ideal natural alarm clock - Dawn alarm clock & Sunrise alarm clock.

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