V-Brace by Fembrace

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V-Brace by Fembrace Support and Compression Garment

V-Brace by Fembrace - real help for women with genital prolapse and pregnancy related vulvar varicosities

The V-Brace by Fembrace is a revolutionary support garment especially designed for the relief of painful and embarrassing symptoms associated with Genital Prolapse and Varicose Veins of the Vulva (Vulvar Varicosities).

Genital Prolapse is a general term that covers different types of prolapse, such as Uterine Prolapse, Cystocele, Rectocele and Enterocele.

You can learn more about genital prolapse and how the V-Brace from Fembrace can help women suffering from these unpleasant and debilitating conditions on the page dedicated to genital prolapse.

You can find out how the V-Brace from Fembrace helps women suffering pregnancy related vulvar varicosities on the page dedicated to pregnancy related vulvar varicosities.

The V-Brace is a garment-like cross-elastic support truss with straps threaded through a sleeve in the crotch of the panty. The V-Brace cross elastic truss supports and lifts the vaginal area, helping to relieve pain, discomfort, pelvic fullness and abdominal strain. The V-Brace also reduces the problems of incontinence and urinary frequency and can even effectively help to minimise perineal oedema following surgery.

Since its launch in 2000 in the USA, the response to the V-Brace Fembrace is fantastic. It continues to gain endorsements and recommendations from medical professionals and helps women sufferers in many parts of the world. The V-Brace by Fembrace is now available not only in the USA, but also in United Kingdom, Canada, Israel and Australia.

For many women, especially women living long term with genital prolapse, the V-Brace by Fembrace represents a new lease of life, a change for the better with less pain, discomfort, physical limitations and/or embarrassment. The V-Brace by Fembrace makes the daily living and recreational activities possible, achievable and enjoyable once more. The V-Brace helps many women regain confidence, enabling them to live full and healthy active lives.

The V-Brace by Fembrace is an effective alternative for the pessary ring, surgical repair and/or incontinence surgery.

The V-Brace by Fembrace is a CE marked Class 1 Medical Device.

Now you can live your life to the full with the help of the V-Brace by Fembrace!


The V-BraceTM by Fembrace®

The V-Brace consists of two independent, but integrated parts:

•the V-Brace panty

•the V-Brace cross elastic support truss

The V-Brace cross elastic support truss has special straps that can be adjusted - can be tightened or loosened as and when required - both at the front and at the back. The straps are threaded through a unique double padded crotch pocket, where they cross over in order to provide the best support to the entire crotch and vaginal area. The straps have hook and loop finish for easy adjusting and fastening.

Fabric composition: The V-Brace panty is made from polycotton with lycra for maximum comfort and support. The V-Brace cross elastic truss is made of polyester, spandex, cotton and lycra.

The V-Brace is made in white only and the garment comes complete with the cross elastic support truss and the panty. It is best to wear them together, because a special pocket on the panty ensures correct positioning of the cross elastic support truss in the crotch. You can purchase spare panties, as required.

The V-Brace garment is machine washable and you can air dry it on clothes rack or hang it on line.

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