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You can stop smoking easily, improve your health and save money, by using our proven Stop Smoking program now – and its 100% One year guarantee – 3 CD pack.

What doesn't work? You have probably tried to stop smoking many, many times. If you are like most of our clients, you would have tried will power…..maybe patches….maybe nicotine gum…..maybe drugs under prescription….and other things that simply did not work for you. The cravings seemed too big to withstand….and like many clients you would have found yourself smoking or craving a cigarette with a patch on!! Whether you have failed once or 100 times this program will be successful for you – and I guarantee it like no other stop smoking package on the market!

Why do you want to stop?  Why ask? Well, its because the reasons you want to stop are critical in the process. If you are only stopping because of the money…maybe this program is not for you. Money is usually not a strong enough motivator – after all you spend over £1500 a year (20 a day @ £5 each) for cigarettes now – don't you? Hopefully you haven't left it too late. I had a client come in for a one to one session dragging an oxygen tank with him! How could he have ignored the warning signs for so long? Hopefully you have not had a cancer scare…or an X-ray showing a shadow on your lungs…

Maybe it is just because you are fed up with ….the control pathetic cigarettes have over you…or  smell of them…or the anti-social nature of them…or the breathlessness…or the lack of energy…or the ageing effects (wrinkly skin, grey skin, dry skin)…or the poor circulation…  Or maybe you realise that you are setting your children an example of how they can associate love and kindness with the poisons of a cigarette. Every time they see you smoke, they subconsciously associate it with being an adult…you are their first role model after all – aren't you?  A client recently said she booked the appointment when she saw her 4 year old pretending to smoke (with a pencil) standing next to her in the garden (she never smoked in the house).

Caution - We use Clinical Hypnosis. It has nothing to do with stage hypnosis. It is the most fantastic and easy way to make positive changes in your life easily and permanently. The program has been developed and is delivered by a Qualified and Registered Hypnotherapist.  No side effects Using our system you will be glad to know there are no side effects commonly associated with stopping, i.e. No irritability, No over-eating, No rashes/dizziness, No drugs or withdrawal pains …Just feeling great as a non smoker for the rest of your life.

Investment towards your freedom to be a non-smoker - You can have our fantastically powerful one to one session, and this is available for only £395, and instalments are available too. If you are not in London consider making a day out shopping or to the theatre…. Or even request our Milton Keynes office. A full consultation before hand ensures we both want to work together – otherwise you pay nothing. It comes with our lifetime guarantee – see http://www.stopnow.org.uk or call 0208 241 3000.

Our new 3 x CD program means you can use it in the convenience of your own home, and at a time to suit you. It includes all the elements that go to make up our one to one session except I will not be there. If there are any questions you can email me. Your investment for this program is only £197 and it comes with our full 100% 12 month guarantee. Simply let us have the name you would like to be called and we will personalise the CD for you.  If it is a Christmas, birthday or even fathers day present for someone else, first find out if they really want to stop…and then give us their name. We will take care of the rest.

Will it work for you?  I don't know how well it will work for you, because a lot of it depends on your willingness to follow the instructions in the program. Because I am convinced it is the most powerful CD product available in the world today, I am giving you a 12 month unconditional guarantee, for your complete peace of mind.  So you can now order this product Risk Free and experience the freedom and elation of being a non smoker for the rest of your life…the feeling of having control back in your life…. And I wonder how surprised you will be when you find other positive changes occur now that you realise the power you have within you to eliminate the smoking habit once and for all… Look at our web site for other products http://www.stopnow.org.uk

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