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Tags: Light Therapy boxes, Bright Light Therapy, Seasonal Affective Disorder Treatment

S.A.D Lightbox Ltd has been at the forefront of light therapy for over 20 years.  We installed the original treatment rooms at the Maudsley and Charing Cross hospitals, and continue to supply leading N.H.S. hospitals.
We were the first manufacturer in the UK to:
* Design lightboxes specifically for use in the home and office environment.
* To gain medical certification for all their products (EC93/42, 89/336/EC)
* The first lightbox company to be registered to the new medical standard ISO 13485 (which replaces ISO9002).
S.A.D. symptoms can include lack of energy, sleep problems, loss of libido and cravings for carbohydrates.  Bright light therapy can help treat the symptoms without the use of drugs - and it works!

Research shows that over the last half of the 20th Century sunlight reaching the earth has
reduced by as much as 2-3% per decade.  This is attracting scientific attention with implications for weather, water and agriculture—but what about people?
More offices are now being built with tinted glass and low levels of lighting with pools of brighter 'task' lighting.  Lack of light can cause loss of energy and can exacerbate the symptoms of  Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.).
The LitePod™ has been designed specifically to counteract these effects by supplementing light levels.
All our lightboxes can help:

• Alleviate tiredness and increase alertness
• Increase energy levels
• Correct sleep problems
• Ease anxiety problems
• Reduce the craving for carbohydrates
• Increase libido

The LitePod
Increase energy levels at the touch of a switch!
Ideal for compensating for the lack of natural light in offices or on grey days.

With more offices being built with tinted glass and pools of task lighting people are suffereing from lack of energy all year round.
Small, discrete and stylish, the LitePod™ has been designed to supplement light levels to compensate for the lack of natural light on grey days.  It can be used at work—either horizontally under a monitor, vertically beside a laptop or at home while relaxing.  Simply using it for about 1 hour a day will help increase energy levels and can reset the circadian rhythms.

Diamond Collection
This versatile lightbox has a sleek, ergonomic design to bring the light to you in the fastest, most efficient way possible.
The advanced curved shape focuses the light to the point where you are sitting for maximum effect, and the smooth opal diffuser gives a beautiful even luminosity. 
The base allows it to tilt forward or backward 6-12", as research has shown that angled light that hits the back of the retina can be more beneficial. 
Both the 3 and 4 light models have two switches to vary the light output, and all models have a handle.  An optional floor stand or wall mounting bracket is available. 
Treatment time about 1 hour for 2 lights, ½ hour for 3 lights and approx 20mins for 4 light

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