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Gloria's latest book is Anxiety Tool Box a self help book to help people overcome all manner of fears, phobias, depression and anxiety. She has been voted as one of London's top therapists in a review by the Evening Standard and her Smoking Cessation sessions have been acclaimed in Time Out, The Evening Standard and You Magazine. Gloria has worked in Clinical Practice for seven years at 'the third space medicine' London's leading integrated medical centre in Soho.


NLP (NEURO LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING) is a powerful discipline that teaches you how to connect more effectively with your unconscious mind where all change takes place. NLP offers the ‘how to' at a mental and emotional level. The result of these different techniques and strategies is to install positive new changes in your belief systems and behavior. NLP can be used in a coaching or therapeutic context. It can be useful in every area of life and is excellent for people to be empowered to reach their full potential.

THOUGHT FIELD THERAPY- TFT is the single most effective way of gaining immediate relief from destructive emotions. This powerful energy meridian treatment works to take the emotional charge out of a given situation thereby eliminating the cause of that negative emotion. Used successfully by GP's, psychiatrists, counselors and therapists the world over (especially in post war environments) TFT is excellent for anxiety and fear related conditions in all its forms.

HYPNOTHERAPY- Hypnotherapy is hypnosis with coaching or hypno-pscyhotherapy. Through the state of hypnosis you can gain immediate access to the subconscious mind where all your habits memories and emotions are stored. You can explore your experience. You can set new goals and work towards them. You can change the beliefs and habits that you may have had for a life time. Hypnotherapy is particularly effective in directing the subconscious mind for more positive thought processes and language patterns.


Healing is an ancient practise that is very powerful and has all kinds of therapeutic benefits. In a healing session Energy is channelled through the hands or from a distance from the source for the clients highest good. The result is an enhancement of the process of harmony in mind body and spirit. In a healing session the healer works with the main energy centres of the body. These are called the charkas. These are the energy equivalent of the main body systems and act like a bridge between mind body and spirit. Healing can be used for any physical illness, mental and emotional and spiritual issues. It is advised however that healing does not take the place of a medical doctor and if you have a serious medical condition the first stop is always the doctor!

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Tel: Thethird space medicine on 0207 439 7332

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London W1F 7BR United Kingdom
How to contact us Tel: 0207 439 7332
Mobile: 07967 849 332
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