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The only Reiki Courses with qualifications rated by the SQA
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LWF Reiki Training info@reikiscotla

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The only Reiki Courses with qualifications rated by the SQA

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There are many organisations, and individuals offering Reiki Training with accreditations, but when you investigate further it becomes apparent that these qualifications are often in-house and sometimes not worth the paper they are printed on. Some trainers use abbreviations of titles of various professional organisations that the training provider subscribes to. These organisations include insurance providers or memberships to associations. They in themselves may not be industry recognised official awarding bodies.

Over the years there has developed a "misunderstanding" of when an individual is in a position to teach Reiki sometimes through innocence, and sometimes through intent. I have seen Reiki Courses offered claiming to teach Reiki from no experience to Master Teacher Level in 2 days for £50. This is not possible; being a Reiki Master does not qualify a person to teach Reiki. To teach Reiki a student must participate in a Reiki teaching course which takes at least a year to complete.

The Lightworkers Foundation Reiki Training has been on a pilgrimage for almost ten years and has finally been endorsed by the Scottish Qualifications Authority. This means that each course will have recognised credit points which the student can show as part of their CPD or can add to their CV if pursuing a career in health care. Each course is taught to a specific recognised standard by the Lightworkers Foundation Teaching Masters who are based in Argyll, Ayrshire, Glasgow, and Lochaber. The Lightworkers Foundation (LWF) are the only training providers in Scotland and probably the UK who are offering an industry standard qualification.

This is the Future of Reiki Training

1st Degree is the probationary level is the very beginning of your study and confidence and experience can only be developed by practice and serious application. It is primarily for "the self". At the LWF you will be taught by traditional methods however we teach Reiki to a standard which has been accredited by the Scottish Qualifications Authority. You will be given instruction in other aspects that will help you to deepen and develop your understanding of the healing principles and during this course you will receive four Attunements which will provide you with the ability to perform Reiki on yourself and practice on others during your probationary period of study. This will give you a strong foundation on which you can build, should you wish to study other complimentary therapies, implement the knowledge you have gained to your existing profession, or begin to develop your own therapy business.

Classes are normally run over two days and at the end of the course you will be presented with your Reiki Manual. Following the course the student will participate in practise sessions normally with friends or family, writing case studies, and keeping accurate client records. This normally takes around six weeks. At the end of this period students participate in a written assessment which is submitted to their teaching master along with their case studies for evaluation.

Once they have been reviewed any required recommendations will be made and you will then be issued with your 1st Degree Diploma within two weeks of returning your completed paperwork. There is no fail as students are supported until they have achieved a level of competence.

2nd Degree level known as the practitioner level empowers you and teaches you the sight, sound, and understanding of the Reiki Symbols that are used in the 1st Degree course.

The same study format is applied once the two day course has been completed including the period of practice sessions and submission of case studies and assessment. Once this has been completed the student is in a position to begin working with clients on a professional level. This course teaches the student aspects of running their own business.

3rd Degree, Master level observes the same strict procedures as the first two courses. During this course the student is given sight sound and understanding of the two symbols used during the second degree course. The new master can Attune students to 2nd Degree level as pert of the healing process in cases of serious chronic or terminal illness. This Attunement is generally performed on carers so that they can provide healing sessions as and when the patient require them rather than waiting for the availability of the master practitioner. This is not license to teach Reiki. Reiki can only be taught once the student has completed a teacher training course.

The Master Teacher Course involves the Student Master participating in and occasionally facilitating at least six 1st Degree Courses, two 2nd Degree courses, one 3rd Degree Master course and two Reiki Sharing days/ Workshops. This is an intense course and requires dedication and commitment. On completion of the Master Teacher Course the Student Master is fully qualified to begin to run training courses and this can be done independently or under the umbrella of the LWF.

The LWF will accept applications for retraining and certification from masters & master teachers who wish to offer Reiki Training Courses with an SQA accreditation. In the first instance contact Reiki Master Teacher Soraya for more information.

The Lightworkers Foundation Master Teachers are Approved Inspectors of Reiki Courses

For information on joining the SCMA (Scottish Complementary Medicine Association) visit the website at http://www.scma.org.uk/

These details were last updated on: 27 March 2009
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Personal Experience The Lightworkers Foundation is a network of Advanced Reiki Practitioners founded in 1999 by Reiki Master Teacher Soraya. The aim of the network is to further the understanding, teaching, & practice of Reiki therapies and to provide a resource centre for practitioners of Usui Tibetan Reiki and other complementary therapies.
Where to find us The Lightworkers Foundation Training, Myrtles 83 Shore Road , Innellan, Dunoon
Argyll and Bute PA23 7SP United Kingdom
How to contact us Tel: 01369 830029
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Visit our website http://www.reikiscotland.info

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