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Joy Healey
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Unlock the secrets of health hidden in your hair

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Your hair contains all the minerals present in the body so it is in invaluable source of information on your health, reflecting the quantity of nutrient and toxic elements in your tissues. 

Analysis of this information provides a wealth of knowledge on how efficiently your body is working, its nutritional status, and certain "poisonous" substances that could be at the root of your ill-health.

This affordable DIY test, available world-wide via my website, can show mineral deficiencies, excesses, or imbalances that can be the cause of unexplained health problems. CLICK HERE >>>> to see a sample Hair Analysis report.

If, like most people today, you are trying to optimise your health by taking supplements, did you know that an ill-designed supplement program could be doing more harm than good?  Don't choose your supplements by guess-work - even educated guess-work!

Hair Analysis is a science based test resulting from the patterns in over 200,000 mineral profiles that enabled the identification of inter-relationships between minerals and the neuro-endocrine system. The tests are carried out at a federally licensed clinical laboratory in the USA. 

Learn more about Hair Analysis and CLICK HERE >>>> to see a simple check-list of symptoms and decide for yourself if you can benefit.

Although most of my clients are in Europe, I have helped clients with this test as far afield as New Zealand and Hong Kong.

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