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Therapist Questions - Women's Health

am i suffering from serious problem ?
hey m a girl of 15..actually my problem is little embarrassing.. bt have to ask.. actually. m having blood in my stool.. so i want to confirm y iz this happening... hope u'll help me out... thnk you..
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breath goes high on little walk

My moms age is around 63 her breath goes high on little walk.Her weight is around 90 kg.

She cant walk more because of that.Please advice why it happens.

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Ectopic Pregnancy?

Lately Ive been getting random, intense cramps on the right side of my pelvis that usually last no longer that 10 seconds.

I've been feeling slight nausea. Today my lower back was in pain. Ive been getting headaches and my breasts are tender. My appitite hasnt  been up to par and I also have been getting a slight burning sensation in the top of my stomach right in the middle underneath my rib cage. And I have also been burping alot. Please help.

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I had my period about 2 weeks ago, but it was 4-5 days late, light and short. It only lasted 2 days and was spotty most of those 2 days. Now I am experiencing menstrual-like cramping, really feels like my period is coming again, to the point where I am going back and forth to the bathroom to check. I also have been very nauseaus, tired,  and hungry, followed by periods where I cannot eat anything at all. I have had a mirena for 4 years and can no longer feel the strings. Could this be pregnancy? If not why am I cramping again when I am 2 weeks away from my next period?
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Lump behind ear
hi im 14 and i have a small fairly hard lump behind my right ear like on the bone .. it is kind of pointy and i have it for over two years its not red or sore and it hasn't gotten any bigger.. i wasn't really ever worried about it until now when i realized that it could be a serious thing and i have started touching it a lot lately and one day it is about the size of a pea and the next it is smaller and then i start touching it like mad and it gets bigger again.. today i noticed that it seems to be lower than yesterday so i think it has moved a little.. do you know what it is and is it serious?
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IPL treatment of genital and pubic hair is safe or not?

is it possible to cause any damage to internal organs, to ovarius or thin skin of genitals?

 Sincerely Todorka

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Chocolate cyst

 Hello,I've undergone Ultrasound scan,it found the below report:Right ovary measures 4.9 x 4.4 cm. Left ovary measures 7.5 x 3.2 cm. Right ovary shows a cyst of size 3.5 x 3.1 cm.Left ovary shows two cysts (3.9 x 3.5, 3.4 x 3.3 cm). RTKIDNEY:  Measures 10.7cms.Parenchymal thickness 2.4 cm.LT KIDNEY: Measures 11.5cms.Parenchymal thickness 2.7 cm.Endometrial thickness measures 9.6 mm.  I feel the constipation. Sharp pain in bowel.Period is regular. Plz suggest the treatment.


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Women's Health Problem..Pls HELP!
Well my breasts are extremely sore to the point I can't touch em and wear a bra.. that pain has never been so bad when I'd get my period. In my lower abdominal area by the uterus hurts here and there but that isn't nearly as bad as my breasts. On my left/right lower abdominal sides I get very sharp pains.. almost as bad as my breasts. I urinate more than I normally do. I'm much more tired and drained. I've also been sick for the past week.
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Past two days vomited bitter clear watery substance
In the mornings I feel really sick and when I brush my teeth and a little bit of this clear watery substance comes up and its really bitter. You would almost think I was puking water. I am 20 years old and I never eat anything when this happens so it happens on an empty stomach. After I vomit it up I usually feel better but sometimes I dont. What could be the cause of this, I am desperate to know. Yesterday I started coughing and now I am having some trouble with mys sinuses. For instance stuffed up nose and sore throat, could that be causing my issue?
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gyanecology related
AM a 23 year old girl.Am suffering from irregular periods and been diagnosed with pcos.Am Taking tablet for regularising my pds.Recently I am suffering from very dry vagina and some changes in that area.I have severe hair loss and dry skin conditions .Am unmarried ,These problems are really making me so depressed .plzzz relpy to my mail and tell me what to do ??????plz reply
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Leakage of urine
Stress incontinence has lately become a problem.  I am 62 yr. old female.  Can you advise me what to do.  I am not overweight and am very healthy.
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Heart Palpitations

From time to time I get heart palpitations which are uncomfortable and very annoying. I am 48 years old and I because my periods have become a bit erratic I pretty sure I'm menopausal and initially put the palpitations down to that. However I do notice a bit of a pattern and that is after a stressful situation and/or very busy time I get them but not until after the event. I had a breast lump removed 4 weeks ago after finding it and having it diagnosed as a benign tumour called a Hamatoma, so all is good but for the last 3 plus weeks I have been having these palpitations and they have lasted longer then before. I feel I'm my worst own enemy as the more I seem to be aware of them the more I stress about them and so the more I get them! I would love to know how to be shot of them so any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have an under active thyroid for several years and I take 75 mg a day take Vit C, Co-Q-10, Black Cohosh and evening primrose oil each day.

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Burning sensation on patches of skin.
I had a very painful burning numb sensation on the bootom right side of my stomach which lasted a day.  a few days later the pain returned much stronger in the top inner left leg.  Ive been the doctors she said there are no bumps or discolouring I'm fine,  I never go the doctors as I am genrally really healthy but this really hurts and I cant describe the pain.  It feels as though my skin is burned and my clothes rubbing hurts.  I keep getting shooting pains in that area too which isnt nice.  Im a healthy 27 year old female can anyone help, the doctor didnt even give me a reason as to what it might be, just made me feel as though i was making it up, which I am not.
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Womens health
Im wondering if you can give me some advice. I am experiencing cramps and pain in my lower abdominal ,bleeding and also feel slightly nauseous at times. Ive been feeling like this for 1 1/2 - 2 weeks now though cramps seem to be getting worse and the bleeding only started 2 days ago. I have searched the net and it came up with chlamydia and a misscarriage being the cause for this. Can you give me some advice? Many Thanks Danni
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Is there a long term body cleanse I can do?
I have been suffering for migrains every 2 weeks for almost 2 years. They usually last 3-4 days each time, which means 6-8 (or more) days of the month I have a migraine...not fun.  I've tried everything I've heard of from home remedies to prescription drugs, but the thing I've found that worked best was a combination of a supplement for female reproductive system and glands (Female Comfort with Dong Quai), progesterone cream, and being on a full body cleanse.  I did one cleanse that lasted a month, and during this time had no severe migraines for the first time in 2 years.  Once the cleanse ended, i continued taking the usual supplements but still had migraines. Now I'm on a cleanse again and if I feel a migraine coming on one presciption dose is all it needs to go away for good (instead of 6-9 and it never fully going away). So is there a way I can be on a type of cleanse long term, since usually they only last 2-4 weeks and are not meant to be long term? By the way, my diet is usually healthy with a lot of fruits, vegetables, chicken, tuna, and whole grains, so its not like I eat a ton of junk when I'm not on a cleanse.
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hair loss
hair loss (female) my hair is thinning at the front of my scalp. I am 47 years old.
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Water Infection

I couple of days ago I had a water infection, with that horrible sensation of needing to empty my bladder all the time. It was also accompanied by heat and stinging on passing urine and I also had flu like symptoms.

I didn't go to the doctors as I know he would have given me antibiotics and so took the advice of good friend who told me to take a drop of organic tea tree in a little water 3 times 2 hours apart for 2 days and to drink cranberry juice and I'm pleased to say 2 days later I'm feeling much better.

I have also been told that chewing raw parsley is excellent and that bathing in Dead Sea Salts is also brilliant for this problem and other women's problems so I am going to give that a go tonight. BUT my question is why does someone get a water infection and can it be avoided and if so how?

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Weight Management

I am continually fighting the flab.  Because I have arthritis I am not able to do much exercise, and although I cut down on my food intake the amount of weight I loose is so disheartening that I soon give up.  I have tried umpteen different diets, but seem to have put on more and more weight every time I stop.

I am getting quite depressed and would really like to find a way to "happily" lose some weight, well abiout 3 stones.


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