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Therapist Questions - Mental Health

unexplainable heightened sense of hearing
I am 22 years old and work in the restoration field. I have noticed within the past few weeks that my sense of hearing has greatly increased. Every case, it's someone's cellphone vibrating that I can hear that no one else notices. For example, today I heard someoneKs cellphone vibrating in his holster. It wouldn't be a big deal if I wasn't standing beside a radio while they were using a tile chipper in the bathroom down the hall with the door closed. I heard it perfectly and knew that it was a cellphone. The owner of the phone didn't even hear or feel his phone vibrating! It happpens every few days but it always a cellphone when it is on vibrate mode. I am just curious if I am losing a sense, and that is why my other senses are getting better to accomodate. I have also star sleep walk, and have never been told in my entire life that I do this. The sleep walking and cellphone happened today and last night while I was out of town working in Kingston Ontario. Are the two relative at all? This can't be normal, and I need an explanation so I can figure out what precautions or steps I should take. I don't mind it, for now, but it is starting to creep out people when I do this...please help me or direct me to someone who can. Thank you very much. - Katherine
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why am i so twitchy and feel like my body wants to twitch all the time?


My name is Matt and i am 20 years old. I have not had any problems with this until i was in my early teens and it progressively has gotten worse. it first started off as every little noise would make me jump as a cough, sound, bang, etc would make me jump a mile. When i was in a school classroom i would sweat and try to tense my body to make it stop, my body would feel as if it wanted to have a seizure( i have never had one). My body also would twitch when i was giving presentations and trying to talk in front of people. This was really embarassing and was hard for me in school. Now it seems to have gotten worse, i can hardly use my right arm and when i dont use it i hold it to my side, my mom says it looks like i had a stroke when i hold it there but i can't help it.It does it a lot when i am in public because of the noise.Also, now it seems i can't even talk to people. when i try to talk to people i either stutter a lot or i lock up and can't say anything. It is hard to talk to people on the phone or even go anywhere. My girlfriend or mom has to order my food when we go out to eat. I forgot to mention that it effects my writing, i used to be able to write but now i try to right and my hand bounces all over and i have to clench and tense my arm to be able to write. If you have any information for me anything would help. i just want to know what i am dealing with and if it is treatable or not. Thank you.

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Prozac Withdrawls?
I was on 20mg's of Prozac for 4-5 weeks. I started taking it because of PTSD, PMS disorder, MILD depression, anxiety, panic attacks & an overwhelming feeling.

After 1 week of taking it, I began feeling a bit better. At week 2 I was feeling REALLY good. Almost all of my problems I had starting using Prozac for started to get better. At the end of the 3rd week I started to feel like something was off... I started shaking uncontrollabily, having a rapid heartbeat, the anxiety returned, I began to feel overwhelmed again, having WAVES of one panic attack after another, and a deafining ringing in both ears.

I called the on-call doctor 1 week ago who told me to stop the Prozac all together. 3 days later when I saw my doctor he was very surprised the on-call doc had taken me off of it. I asked him if I would have any withdrawls and he said I would not. I called the on-call # last night and this morning because I was experiencing heavy shaking, horrible anxiety, panic attacks, shortness of breath, a hot feeling all over, a feeling or dread, depression & elevated heart rate. He told me over the phone that I can't possibily be having withdrawls! My FAMILY doctor, my therapist, & my neurologist ALL told me that I AM having withdrawls. Being that my doctor doesn't believe I'm having these withdrawls, he won't help me with them. Everything seems to be getting worse too it seems. I guess because it has a long half-life and was in my system.

What do I do in this situation? All of my other doctors say they can't help me because it's not their specialty. My family doctor said he can't help me because I need to talk to the above prescribing doctor. Am I or could I be having withdrawls?
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confused, please help.

i have a problem. whenever i am asked any question that requires any thinking whatsoever, i choke. i freeze up. you could ask me a question, even a simple math question, and for some reason i have to sit and think for a second sometimes longer. i dont know why. its almost as if i get nervous that i dont know the answer, and i just freeze. i dont know how to explain it. i feel as though i am always, always in a fog. i cant figure it out. i cant focus on anything, i just sit there and think. and then i think about thinking. and then i think about what i was thinking about before. i have no consistency, rhyme or rhythm to anything i do. i used to be really smart. i used to have confidence and take pride in my ability to do everyday things. i havent even had a girlfriend in two years, and i have a very hard time getting close to people. its like my subconscious makes every situation awkward and foreign. i would never turn to someone else for my personal problems such as this, but i dont know what else to do. i used to think as you get older, you get smarter and progress in life. now i have a job that i can barely handle because im always in a cloud in my mind. i dont know where to turn, which is why im posting this. ANY help is appreciated, even recommendations as to where to go for psychology testing or whatever. i did therapy for 3 years straight, gained nothing except the ability to overanalyze everything i do, say, think and hear. now everything that occurs i think "why did i do that? why did i say that?" everything. i feel helpless. ADHD? ADD? Whatever it is, i need to know what to call it, or where to go, or learn whatever i can do to try to improve my situation. tired of feeling dumb. please help, this is my last stand.


sorry for the long post

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What to do, to treat tension and restlessness?

From the past one month, my father is suffering from tension and restlessness for some mistake he did in his office a long time ago. Though there is no case as such going in his office, but he is so scared now, that he has become restless. For this he has taken a week's leave from his office. But all the day, he is restless, runs from one room to another, doing unusual body gestures. He doesnt even get the required sleep. Day by day his body is deteriorating. He complains of pain in different parts of the body.

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