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Therapist Questions - Pain Relief

Sudden pain in the knee.Combination of burning sensation and stiffness
I am Abhay Kapoor. My age is 25 years. I am having pain in my knees since 25th jan.Earlier it was only in left knee
but now i have it in both the knees. Its combination of burning sensation and stiffness. I have got all the tests done
like uric acid, RA factor, Anti CCP , ESR, CRP, X rays, MRI. There has been no problem reported in the results of these tests.
I have gained 10-12 kgs in the last two months. Can this be the reason of sudden pain in the knees?
What other tests can be helpful in the diagnosis of the problem?
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Lower Back related query

I am 30 years of age. My lower back is usually fine but when i sit on a hard surface like a wooden chair, it starts hurting and hurts for days after, any advise? I also had an xray done whcih came out normal.

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Severe Pain in My Hands - What is the Cause?

Hi - I have severe pain in both my hands - so severe that I can't sort through papers on my desk. I was checked for carpal tunnel syndrome, and they don't think that's the issue. I had some pain a few months ago and it got much worse when I tore up papers because my shredder wasn't working.

Would anyone out there have any other thoughts? Severe arthritis? 

Thank you--

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back problem
i had a car accident and now my lower spine is very painful and goes into spasm.waiting for mri but what can i do in the meantime to ease pain.painkillers not working.
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Mystery Stomach Ailment
My best friend has had stomach issues her entire life.  She has always had a weak stomach and vomited often.  She has never been able to eat spicy, rich, or high fiber foods, but recently she has gotten much worse.  She is 23 years old and is unable to eat any foods with high fat or fiber content.  When she does, she becomes ill and vomits.  She is unable to drink alcohol because it upsets her stomach.  The doctors thought she might have a condition where she digests food much slower than most people, but they found this was not the case.  Then they though that that she might have a tumor on her pituitary gland causing a hormone imbalance.  This was also not the case.  She is restricted to eating white rice and deli meat and she has just about had it.  Can anyone help us find answers?  She just wants to live a normal life.
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pain, muscles or nerves?
I am 70, woman, for the last 2 years I have pain, similar to cramps but extremely painful, mostly in the lower part of the legs/feet, but sometimes in the arm. It comes anytime but mostly in bed. I wake up screaming and it can last for over 15 minutes, it doesn't go away with massage, I have to stay still until it passes. The leg can hurts for days. A year ago they checked my legs for veins/clot (was normal) a neurologist made some moving tests (normal) My blood test came also all right. The docors seems not to know what I have. I tested myself; alcohol drinking, medicine changes, new food, couldn't figure anything. I swim in a sea water canal every day for half an hours. I am over weight but not obese. Sometimes just stretching trigger the pain. I realise later I am urinating alot, I have to go several times. Could you please help me? PLEASE! Which doctor should I look for? Is there a blood exam or whatever, that could give a hint? I don't want to end up in chair and sometimes it is like I feel.
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Women's Health Problem..Pls HELP!
Well my breasts are extremely sore to the point I can't touch em and wear a bra.. that pain has never been so bad when I'd get my period. In my lower abdominal area by the uterus hurts here and there but that isn't nearly as bad as my breasts. On my left/right lower abdominal sides I get very sharp pains.. almost as bad as my breasts. I urinate more than I normally do. I'm much more tired and drained. I've also been sick for the past week.
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Weird stuff goin on with my throat
I lost my voice and got it back. This happens off and on now. I have this sharp pain under my glands. And where the pain is, my skin is discolored. Like its whiter than the rest of me. whats wrong with me? what should I do? please help!
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sore shin whilst running
Hi, I have recently began running training from a 5km charity run. I run on a treadmill for 15-20 minutes three times a week. When i run my left shin begins to ache and putting pressure on the leg can be quite painful. this goes after a few hours but it doesnt quite feel the same untill a days full rest. I have read about shin splints and wonder if that is what is affecting me or if it is something else? also is there any stretches/exercises that can help me?
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What do you recommend as an altenative treatment for this disease? I do NOT want to take prednisone but can hardly get out of bed and am having trouble driving. I do cleaning for a living and need to be able to work. Thanks for any help
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natural remedy for polymyalgia rhuematica

My father has recently been diagnosed with PMR.  His doctor is willing to treat him with the normal steroid treatment as he's already taking drugs for angina and over active thyroid.  Can you suggest any alternative natural remedies that would be helpful to him?

Thanks very much


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Burning sensation on patches of skin.
I had a very painful burning numb sensation on the bootom right side of my stomach which lasted a day.  a few days later the pain returned much stronger in the top inner left leg.  Ive been the doctors she said there are no bumps or discolouring I'm fine,  I never go the doctors as I am genrally really healthy but this really hurts and I cant describe the pain.  It feels as though my skin is burned and my clothes rubbing hurts.  I keep getting shooting pains in that area too which isnt nice.  Im a healthy 27 year old female can anyone help, the doctor didnt even give me a reason as to what it might be, just made me feel as though i was making it up, which I am not.
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Snenar Shock?
I recieved Scenar treatment on a sprained ankke with pulled ligaments. My therapy lasted aprox 30 min...near the end of the session I suddenly became nausiated, had cold sweats, was hyperventalating and disorientated. I was suffering from shock! This has never happened in the past with treatment. I was hoping to understand why this may have happened. It was very frightening, but I have to admit that my ankle is doing better than it should be. The swelling is minimal and I am putting weight on it only after 4 days. I do have to say that the episode has left me slightly aprehensive of continuing therapy.
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when to detox
I am a 47 old male consider myself fit and healthy except for painful knees from years of running and squash resulting in knee operations i regularly go mountain walking with the usual aches after a 4/6 hours summit walk but i feel i may benefit from a detox program could you give me some view if and what could be the benefits to me i have been thinking of doing it in conjunction with a diet as i have put on some mid drift  which im un happy about but cannot seem to lose it through normal excersise
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Are acupuncture needles suppose to cause you pain when inserted into different parts of the body?
As I stated in the Question Description, I had needles inserted in my feet, ankle, and hands.  One of the needles in my left hand hurt as it went in and also when it was inserted as well.  This also applied to my left knee area as well.   The pain in the left knee was very painful.  As I concentrated on these areas after the needles were inserted, the pain did go away about 80% but I still had disconfort.  And one last thing, when these needles were inserted in the hand and knee that gave me pain, the pain was unbearable when the person, who was inserting the needles, gave that last tap and/or twist on the needle before taking their hand away.  
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knee joint pain
heavy pain at my knee joint and my knee in bending in wards while i walk iam feeling very scary . i went to a doctor and given some anti biotics and pain cream so please suggest me what i have to do now.
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sciatica symptoms
10 months ago i underwent an operation for a herniated disc (L5/S1) since the operation i have suffered from mild sciatica pains which where controllerable with mild pain killers however this week i have had severe diabilatating pain from my buttock to calf however the pain completly goes when i a hot bath or lying down on my back. My question is, could this be muscle or even stress related
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anything to stop or slow down motor neurone disease?
I was told I have probable motor neurone disease in november 2007. Anything to stop or slow down this cruel disease killing me?
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Polymyaligia treatment
Is there any other treatment other than prednisone for polymyalgia?
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Can Ear Candling Damage Your Ears?

I understand that Ear Candling can remove impurities from the inner ear and stop tinnitus, that is the ringing in the ears; but some say that the vacuum process can sometimes damage the ears.  Does anyone have any experience on this?

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Painful feet
My feet cause me a lot of problems.  I have hammer toes and although I had physiotherapy for them some time ago, they have become painful again.  Sometimes I feel as though I am walking on broken glass.  Is there anything I can do apart from taking lots of painkillers?
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I have already had one knee replacement, but the other knee is getting very painful and starting to bend outwards.  As I have never been completely free from pain after the first operation I do not really want to have another.  Is there anything I can do to prolong this and help with the pain which at times is quite severe.  I take non sterodial pain killers (Meloxican 15mg),  The only time I get any freedom from the pain is when I take steroids for severe Asthma.

I would be grateful for your comments.

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