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Therapist Questions - Psychology

unexplainable heightened sense of hearing
I am 22 years old and work in the restoration field. I have noticed within the past few weeks that my sense of hearing has greatly increased. Every case, it's someone's cellphone vibrating that I can hear that no one else notices. For example, today I heard someoneKs cellphone vibrating in his holster. It wouldn't be a big deal if I wasn't standing beside a radio while they were using a tile chipper in the bathroom down the hall with the door closed. I heard it perfectly and knew that it was a cellphone. The owner of the phone didn't even hear or feel his phone vibrating! It happpens every few days but it always a cellphone when it is on vibrate mode. I am just curious if I am losing a sense, and that is why my other senses are getting better to accomodate. I have also star sleep walk, and have never been told in my entire life that I do this. The sleep walking and cellphone happened today and last night while I was out of town working in Kingston Ontario. Are the two relative at all? This can't be normal, and I need an explanation so I can figure out what precautions or steps I should take. I don't mind it, for now, but it is starting to creep out people when I do this...please help me or direct me to someone who can. Thank you very much. - Katherine
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Whats wrong with my friend?
one of my close friends cries for no reason, and falls asleep all the time, she said she used to take anti-depressants when she was a kid, her parents were both alcoholics (they later divorced), and when my friend drinks she becomes real angry for no reason, when sober she is Very shy and akward socially. Frankly, she drains me, im starting to think she is Bipolar, or has maniac depression. Which one is it? or What's wrong with her??
Thank you!
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is my brain slowing me down?
I have a question.  I don't know where to start exactly or how to explain my problem simply so I'll just say what it is I feel and leave you with that.  I've been experiencing this now for at least a couple of years.  I can't remember when and where it started, I just know that it's getting worse and I'm not sure what it is.  The gyst of it is this, I feel like I'm almost intellectually capable of doing something that my physical brain won't allow me to follow through with.  Essentially I feel as though I'm ready to (and this is for lack of a better way of describing) start having multiple, simultaneous conversations with instant exchange of ideas and feelings.  I mean instant, like I think something and you automatically read that thought and respond appropriately in an instant.  The whole interaction would take place in just a splinter of the time it takes you to read even one sentence.  Because of this I'm finding it harder to pay attention to people when they speak.  It's as though it's not fast enough and I get distracted by my own thoughts, by jumping to the next thing which can be related to what's being discussed or be completely uninvolved in any way, shape or form.  It's as though I'm living in a world of constant frustration from being incapable of expressing myself in a manner that I feel would be fitting of how I'd like to be able to communicate with others (if that makes sense.)  I'm not having imaginary conversations with myself or talking to people that aren't there, it's just I feel I'm so close to being able to do something like this and this is something that I know should be a physical impossibility.  I think about this a lot, about my desire as well as my inability to communicate like this.  Am I imagining things?  Am I schizophrenic?  It's just bizarre.  The ideas and feelings seem so real, so genuine and it's as though I'm almost there but at the same time not even close.  I don't know.  I guess this is basically it and just need some advice...
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i feel like having low blood pressure
helloits me aryan. i am 21 years old. i have some problem but i could get what it is.i feel sleepy and some time i feel that there is nothing around me. i see things around but can't get what is that it happen in short period.i don't feel fresh always like a type of hang. i don't use drugs but i smoke. my blood pressure is normal but always have symptom of low blood pressure.can u suggest me something to get rid of this.wid regardaryan
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Was this marrige necessary? What was my illness?

I am married for 2 years.I have a 14 month old baby. This marriage was settled by my parents. They chose the girl and I agreed.

Before marriage I had some psychological problems. I was studying Masters in IT in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2007.
Both my parents were abroad in Saudi Arabia. I was in dhaka with my younger brother.

There was a lot of pressure of courses. There was also the challenge of making a good result set by my father.
I also felt loneliness. I could not handle the pressure. I was partly responsible since I was irregular in my
studies and wasted my time in games etc.

During my exam in february,2007 I became arrogant, misbehaving, used to break things out of anger,used to brag and give foul lectures,
became proudy and felt all knowing. I spent more time on planning for study than to actually study.
I also felt like people are observing and criticising me although this was irrational. Once I broke my brother's iPod suspecting that
he is speaking ill of me around the neighbourhood. I became excessively ambitious such that I may one day become a nobel laurete!
I hardly slept 3 to 4 hours a day and took food irregularly. My friends noticed the change and took me to a psychologist.

I failed in two subjects. In disgrace and humiliation my condition deteriorated.
I had palpitition and could not sleep at night.

My mother returned in March. She took me to the same psychologist. He prescribed some medicines for three months.
He asked to put me in complete relaxation. In the next month I visited another psychologist. This person prescribed some medicines
but also suggested my mother to arrange a marriage for me.

I took the medicines regularly. In the next two months, my condition improved. I was married in June, 2007 with the expense of my father.
Both I and my wife were unaware at that time that the intention of my parents was to improve my mental health.
Although I told my wife that I was mentally sick before marriage, she took me as a normal person as my condition was lot better.

By the end of July, I became completely well. I love my wife and she loves me dearly and she is happy with me.

I am also happy but still there is a feeling that disturbs me that I don't worth all of these.
Once my father was angry with me for a certain matter and told me that I don't worth any girl,
had they not arranged the marriage for me I could not marry anyone by myself.
This came as a shock for me. Ever since I cannot comfortably enjoy my family life. My father holds me responsible for
the mental illness I suffered. According to him I was indisciplined, lazy and mentally weak to handle stress that led me to the illness.

What he means is that since I became mentally sick and marriage was 'essential' for cure, my ability to marry someone of my choice was finished.

I have all the rights but I feel them granted, like I don't deserve them!! I am in debt for all of these to my parents!!
All my pleasures of my family life are permitted, not personal!!
I make love with my wife, I adore my kids, still I feel the lack of personal freedom and right in it.

What was my illness? Was a marriage absolutely necessary for my cure of mental illness? Could it be healed through medicines and other therapies only?
How much responsible was I for my mental illness?

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Need practitioner for breath retrng for chronic hyperventilation syndrome
Pls I am desperate...have googled and googled
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