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Therapist Questions - Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

is my brain slowing me down?
I have a question.  I don't know where to start exactly or how to explain my problem simply so I'll just say what it is I feel and leave you with that.  I've been experiencing this now for at least a couple of years.  I can't remember when and where it started, I just know that it's getting worse and I'm not sure what it is.  The gyst of it is this, I feel like I'm almost intellectually capable of doing something that my physical brain won't allow me to follow through with.  Essentially I feel as though I'm ready to (and this is for lack of a better way of describing) start having multiple, simultaneous conversations with instant exchange of ideas and feelings.  I mean instant, like I think something and you automatically read that thought and respond appropriately in an instant.  The whole interaction would take place in just a splinter of the time it takes you to read even one sentence.  Because of this I'm finding it harder to pay attention to people when they speak.  It's as though it's not fast enough and I get distracted by my own thoughts, by jumping to the next thing which can be related to what's being discussed or be completely uninvolved in any way, shape or form.  It's as though I'm living in a world of constant frustration from being incapable of expressing myself in a manner that I feel would be fitting of how I'd like to be able to communicate with others (if that makes sense.)  I'm not having imaginary conversations with myself or talking to people that aren't there, it's just I feel I'm so close to being able to do something like this and this is something that I know should be a physical impossibility.  I think about this a lot, about my desire as well as my inability to communicate like this.  Am I imagining things?  Am I schizophrenic?  It's just bizarre.  The ideas and feelings seem so real, so genuine and it's as though I'm almost there but at the same time not even close.  I don't know.  I guess this is basically it and just need some advice...
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Regarding illness of my father ,fever 97 to 102 every day,last 6 months

My father is 70 year old.he is suffering from fever last 6 months,as per doctor ,we try to all the test.which is recommended by the specialist. The test which we have already done is as follows. In CT Scan it was found that he is having infection in left lungs. But no body is able to give the right treatment. We fever we are giving him combiflame to get the temp down.  

1- Surgery Fiberoptic Bronchoscopy ( TBNA+BIOPSY+BAL ) 








Please help us or suggest what else test and solution is there for cure.



Jagmohan Kakkar

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my 17yr old son recently had a tonic clonc brain seizure after a night of drinking and very little sleep,he has had a ct scan,eeg and sleep deprived eeg.the neurologist said he has abnormal brain waves and he may or may not have another seizure. what alternative therapies are there currently being used in this area with results?
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