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Therapist Questions - General Health & Wellbeing

Having issues with throat, help?
I have been having a few issues. Not being able to sleep well. Frequent need to  go to the bathroom. Constantly needing to hack up phlegm that ranges from milky/sticky white to a little yellow/brown. Constant dry throat. I also have like a lump/nodule right in front of my neck (almost like an adam's apple or issues with my throid or something in that region). I am female and it is very displeasing to see in the mirror. It became noticeable almost 3-4 yrs ago. Are all of these symptoms maybe related or am I looking at multiple issues? Help
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breath goes high on little walk

My moms age is around 63 her breath goes high on little walk.Her weight is around 90 kg.

She cant walk more because of that.Please advice why it happens.

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blood group changed



          my blood group has changed when tested this month while giving blood to someone. they re laughing saying it can never. am a biotech student . and i ve some 20 reports  from the birth that i had done. i ve all the evidences. am married now. and my husband is O+ and i was O+ too as we had checked after marriage too. my mom is O+ and my dad A+.. now mine is A+.  even my dad has got same case over the time. he too has some 100 reports among which the previous from birth was O+ and now its A+... what is this mutation exactly.. please revert back as soon as possible.




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Weird stuff goin on with my throat
I lost my voice and got it back. This happens off and on now. I have this sharp pain under my glands. And where the pain is, my skin is discolored. Like its whiter than the rest of me. whats wrong with me? what should I do? please help!
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Past two days vomited bitter clear watery substance
In the mornings I feel really sick and when I brush my teeth and a little bit of this clear watery substance comes up and its really bitter. You would almost think I was puking water. I am 20 years old and I never eat anything when this happens so it happens on an empty stomach. After I vomit it up I usually feel better but sometimes I dont. What could be the cause of this, I am desperate to know. Yesterday I started coughing and now I am having some trouble with mys sinuses. For instance stuffed up nose and sore throat, could that be causing my issue?
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reduce ovarian cancer for heart op.

reducing cancer on ovaries without using chemo.

best advice needed as mum was about to have quadruple heart bypass when a lump was found in her distended stomach which after biopsy showed cancer on ovaries and a few on the......ovium thingy like apparently soft tissue area cant remember what its called??sorry, 2 enormous problems to deal with.

heart surgeon says need to reduce the tumour befoe he can safely do heart op. we dont want to go the chemo route which is all thats on offer. can you help?

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Body Shivers

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have been living with seizures (epilepsy) for the past 25 years and am on medication till date. I take Lamotrigene OD 100mg. once in the morning followed by 2 tablets at bedtime alongwith  500 mg. of leveteracetam.

I have a very short temperament and whilst angry & in an argument; my body and speech shivers accompanied by heavy breathing. I have a normal body pressure at all times. Kindly help me to get rid of these shivers or to help me keep cool always.

Thanking you


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Fatty Liver (maybe)

Hi, I think I may have a fatty liver but not sure.

I had my gall bladder removed in 1995 and have suffered from a pain in my right upper side just under my rib cage ever since. It is particularly bad in the mornings, I feel very ill every morning until I get out of bed and start to move around. I have quie a healthy diet although I do not eat a lot of meat I tend to subsitute this with cheese which I know is not a good thing and try to limit it. Also, Ihave been a bit of a wine drinker ( a drink every night with my mealmaybe 2-3 glasses)but I haven't had a drink for 3 weeks now and do feel a lot better so I will not be going back to that. A year after having my gall bladder removed I asked my doctor for a scan on my GB as the pain felt like a burning inflamed pain and I thought I had an infection but he said it was OK so Ihave never dared to go back and ask about my liver. I have been taking milk thistle for 2 months which is making me feel better. I know if I do have 1 glass of wine I will feel OK but anymore and I feel very ill in the mornings, a feeling of being hung over even after 2 glasses, I don't think my liver can digest it. Any help or suggestions would be very helpful.I am 50 years old and I do some exercise 4-5 times a week but my stomach is very large (which I hate)Many thanks.

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self healing
Please tell me about the advantages of self healing, what it is and how it works.
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Virus from sharing of Dirty Common Cup
I uses the company's common cups. Today, i drink from one of the cups not knowing that the cup is dirty. Meaning. the cup still has washable residual that can be rub off, definitely not coffee stain. Could be cereals or food items etc. What is the risk of i) HIV ii) Hepatitis iii) other diseases. Thanks in advance.
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breakfast & spirulina

I am just wondering about breakfast - currently i take a glass of milo(milo + condensed milk) and 3grams of spirulina at 8:30am before i leave for work. Occasionally, i take a packet of instant milo(3 in 1 packet) at 10:30am if i feel hungry, otherwise i just drink plain water til i get my lunch at 12:45pm. On weekends, i just have a glass of milo and spirulina when i wake up as my breakfast.

1)Is it healthy for me to be doing this?

2)I have been doing it for a long time. What  are the effects of doing this long term?

3) Will taking Spirulina on empty stomache leads to bad effects on my stomache or well-being?

Thanks so much for your time.
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Essiac tea

Some say essiac tea/FlorEssence is a cure all, some say it's a complete scam. I am trying to put together a  breast and general health maintenance regime and am considering adding a daily 1 oz. dose of essiac tea. I take buspar for anxiety with an occasional .50 xanax. Would like feedback of any kind regarding the tea and any possible drug interactions.

0 comments posted | post your comment »

A comment has been recently added to your question by a therapist:

Anti Nuclear Antibodies / ESR

I would get back in to see your MD and get a diagnosis. You have inflammation going on due to a possible auto-immune condition. Anti-Nuclear antibodies are not diagnostic however since the OD ration was greater than 1 and ESR was high it looks suspicious. I would ask him to order a rheumatoid factor, which is a bloodtest to rule out rheumatoid arthritis. It is key to know what condition it is because that will direct natural treatment. For example, if the diagnosis is RA I've seem many people get over it by avoiding dairy and using natural supplements to reduce inflammation. MS responds very well to avoidance of gluten, legumes and dairy. Lupus responds to other dietary interventions, that is why it is key to know what condition he is treating you for. To get started I would get a good fish oil supplement from your health food store, and a supplement containingcurcumin and possibly boswellia to reduce inflammation and pain.

Thanks for your above comment.

I have got a check on the below as of today:
Rheumatoid Factor(RF) =9.75 IU/mL, method Nephlometry
Anti Nuclear Antibodies (ANA)= 0.65 OD ratio method E.L.I.SA
Anti- dsDNA (DNA)= 24.06 IU/mL - method E.L.I.SA
ESR= 51 mm/h
Calcium =8.3 mgms

Pls. advice if any serious deficiency & cure & also abt the diet

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Addictive Masturbation

I have a son aged 24 who has downs syndrome and autism, the problem at the moment is frequent masturbation, is there anything I can give him to curb the urge for this?

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I always feel cold
Hi there, I feel always cold could you please advice me what is the cause for it, even in 20degree I had to wear fleece and another light Jacket,
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Anti Nuclear Antibodies / ESR
My wrist & fingers of both the hands &also my feet including the sole were paining. I coludnt work as quick as before with the pain in lifting & holding, walking etc.  So the Doctor recommended for the  Anti Nuclear Antibodies & ESR test last month. the count for ESR was 67 mm/h & ANA was 1.13 OD ratio. Also the doctor gave me 2 tablets, OCid 20 & Microcid, which i continued till date but now i feel sick in the evening, with pain in the joints. Pls. let me know if this a some serious problem & also advice diet & if i need to go for some other special check up.
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What could i give a tortoise for pnemonia
My tortoise is not eating, he is stretching out his neck and making noises and his eyes are pussy. He is failing and I dont have the money to save him.
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Liver Function
Are there any medicines for an enlarge liver for man age 60yrs
1 comments posted | read comments | post your comment »
Cateracts in Both Eyes

I would like to treat my eyes with my Biopyron --compact 3  to rid my eyes of cateracts.

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