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Therapist Questions - Infectious Diseases, Bacteria and Viruses

maleria treatment and repeating infection
sir, i am 23 year old boy. I am suffering from maleria from last two year. .i ever get infected with Plasmodium vivex. Still i have infected with it to seven times. Dr. Give me a drug of combination of artemether+lumefantrine and primaquine(14days). Before one month i have take the drug for maleria. But i could not take primaquine due to some reason. Now i am again feeling bad like maleria. I want to ask you is there i m suffering from immunity disorder. Any better way to keep away from this disease. Any better treatment may possible.
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Having issues with throat, help?
I have been having a few issues. Not being able to sleep well. Frequent need to  go to the bathroom. Constantly needing to hack up phlegm that ranges from milky/sticky white to a little yellow/brown. Constant dry throat. I also have like a lump/nodule right in front of my neck (almost like an adam's apple or issues with my throid or something in that region). I am female and it is very displeasing to see in the mirror. It became noticeable almost 3-4 yrs ago. Are all of these symptoms maybe related or am I looking at multiple issues? Help
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my name siva age 21 my problem is that my legs,arms and whole body is wasting and my abdomen is swelling some times when i am walking certain distance it becomes more after consulting the he said that u are having hepatitis-b there is no problem with it & i have jaundice at 4 times up to now so please give me a suggession to avoid wasting of muscles,not coming jauncice  frequently please.....................................
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slight change in color of penis head under the foreskin
hi sir/madam 2 months ago i had tiny pimples around my glans in penis all around bit down the head under the foreskin i used a anti bacterial growth cream and it was gone now sometimes my glans is very sticky and there is always a kind of  layer inside i feel but its oily substance and the color of glans is changing kinda grey from brown any clues pls i have been to doctor he said no idea in china
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Pericarditis. joint pain, muscle pain, fatigue, tachy, palpations


-       Pericarditis

-       Tachycardia/palpations

-       Joint/ muscle pain

-       Fatigue/ tiredness

-       Swollen lymph node back of neck (lasted two weekish)

-       Tick on head (after pericarditis and palpitations)


Symptoms-            Pericarditis-            Tachycardia/palpations-            Joint/ muscle pain-            Fatigue/ tiredness-            Swollen lymph node back of neck (lasted two weekish)-            Tick on head (after pericarditis and palpitations)I am a 20 year old male with no other health problems before this. (19 at time of pericarditis) Doctors say the cause was 'likely viral'. Last two months sore joint and muscle pain/ fatigue. Have been tested for auto immune disease ect but all came back negative I assume as they say viral. Should i get them to test again with these new systoms?

Note pericarditis was in June 2010, another att in august 2010, since then have had no more atts.

Been to hospital for a week, had extensive blood and urine tests. Also two MRI's and three echocardiograms. Numerous ECG's. Doctors include cardiologists and not sure of the other names. 

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Water Infection

I couple of days ago I had a water infection, with that horrible sensation of needing to empty my bladder all the time. It was also accompanied by heat and stinging on passing urine and I also had flu like symptoms.

I didn't go to the doctors as I know he would have given me antibiotics and so took the advice of good friend who told me to take a drop of organic tea tree in a little water 3 times 2 hours apart for 2 days and to drink cranberry juice and I'm pleased to say 2 days later I'm feeling much better.

I have also been told that chewing raw parsley is excellent and that bathing in Dead Sea Salts is also brilliant for this problem and other women's problems so I am going to give that a go tonight. BUT my question is why does someone get a water infection and can it be avoided and if so how?

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Microscopic Polyangiltis

I have looked up the symptoms of this disease and it seems I have all most every one. Due to having one Dr for each problem no one put all the symptoms together. This happened after I was diagnosed with a lump in my left breast, which I had before as Cancer in 2000-and Radiation. Then a black spot was found in my left lung which is getting worse and they do not know what it is. The skin rash concerns me the most. I have has the MRI, for spine, EMG for nerves, Cat Scan for lung, Mamogram for breast. So is the blood test the final conclusion to this diagnosis?

I spent six months in a trailer that has black mold and I got so sick all I could do was lay in bed and my dog got just as sick. I cannot get it off my body despite using Clorox, peroxide, vinegar while I shower. Please help me and it is in my bedroom and builds up on the walls and everywhere especially if I shut the fan off that blows out the window. Can you advise me on what to do about the black mold on me?

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