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Therapist Questions - Anxiety

Prozac Withdrawls?
I was on 20mg's of Prozac for 4-5 weeks. I started taking it because of PTSD, PMS disorder, MILD depression, anxiety, panic attacks & an overwhelming feeling.

After 1 week of taking it, I began feeling a bit better. At week 2 I was feeling REALLY good. Almost all of my problems I had starting using Prozac for started to get better. At the end of the 3rd week I started to feel like something was off... I started shaking uncontrollabily, having a rapid heartbeat, the anxiety returned, I began to feel overwhelmed again, having WAVES of one panic attack after another, and a deafining ringing in both ears.

I called the on-call doctor 1 week ago who told me to stop the Prozac all together. 3 days later when I saw my doctor he was very surprised the on-call doc had taken me off of it. I asked him if I would have any withdrawls and he said I would not. I called the on-call # last night and this morning because I was experiencing heavy shaking, horrible anxiety, panic attacks, shortness of breath, a hot feeling all over, a feeling or dread, depression & elevated heart rate. He told me over the phone that I can't possibily be having withdrawls! My FAMILY doctor, my therapist, & my neurologist ALL told me that I AM having withdrawls. Being that my doctor doesn't believe I'm having these withdrawls, he won't help me with them. Everything seems to be getting worse too it seems. I guess because it has a long half-life and was in my system.

What do I do in this situation? All of my other doctors say they can't help me because it's not their specialty. My family doctor said he can't help me because I need to talk to the above prescribing doctor. Am I or could I be having withdrawls?
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Too much sleeping
I can sleep for up to 20 or so hours at a time-often when I'm awake I get suddenly tired and feel an uncontrollable need to sleep, when I'm awake I suffer extreme anxiety/panic attacks-I have to take Valium to cope day to day which in turn makes me even more tired-any ideas?
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Whats wrong with my friend?
one of my close friends cries for no reason, and falls asleep all the time, she said she used to take anti-depressants when she was a kid, her parents were both alcoholics (they later divorced), and when my friend drinks she becomes real angry for no reason, when sober she is Very shy and akward socially. Frankly, she drains me, im starting to think she is Bipolar, or has maniac depression. Which one is it? or What's wrong with her??
Thank you!
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Nail Bitting

My 8-year old daughter is a chronic nail biter, her fingers are always in her mouth and she has bitten down to where the tips of her fingers are red.  She has a healthy diet and is socially well adapted.  How can I help her? 



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i have read that paxil can  cause breast cancer this is the very thing that terrifies me and the reason i take paxil (for health anxiety)  should i take something else or is this not true  
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health anxiety
I have severe health anxiety I am on paxil but it constipates to the point where I can have a bowel movement maybe every other day and that can be painful although paxil does help alittle I would like a natural health remedy for this health anxiety which is also effecting my everday life. please help me.  
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Heart Palpitations

From time to time I get heart palpitations which are uncomfortable and very annoying. I am 48 years old and I because my periods have become a bit erratic I pretty sure I'm menopausal and initially put the palpitations down to that. However I do notice a bit of a pattern and that is after a stressful situation and/or very busy time I get them but not until after the event. I had a breast lump removed 4 weeks ago after finding it and having it diagnosed as a benign tumour called a Hamatoma, so all is good but for the last 3 plus weeks I have been having these palpitations and they have lasted longer then before. I feel I'm my worst own enemy as the more I seem to be aware of them the more I stress about them and so the more I get them! I would love to know how to be shot of them so any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have an under active thyroid for several years and I take 75 mg a day take Vit C, Co-Q-10, Black Cohosh and evening primrose oil each day.

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Is there really a cure for tinnitus? Please help
4 comments posted | read comments | post your comment »
How does one continue living after the death of a loved one?

How does one continue living after their spouse has passed away, having had so many good years of devoted love to each other? How can the emptyness be filled? The time passes so slowly and the desire to live can be lost.  What is the best way to get back to happy living?


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