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Therapist Questions - Arthritis

Severe Pain in My Hands - What is the Cause?

Hi - I have severe pain in both my hands - so severe that I can't sort through papers on my desk. I was checked for carpal tunnel syndrome, and they don't think that's the issue. I had some pain a few months ago and it got much worse when I tore up papers because my shredder wasn't working.

Would anyone out there have any other thoughts? Severe arthritis? 

Thank you--

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how can one cure osteo arthritis?
how can my mother cure her legs? she has osteo arthritis from last 3 years...is there a cure? or a way to reduce pain and what are the dos and donts in osteo arthritis?
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Pericarditis. joint pain, muscle pain, fatigue, tachy, palpations


-       Pericarditis

-       Tachycardia/palpations

-       Joint/ muscle pain

-       Fatigue/ tiredness

-       Swollen lymph node back of neck (lasted two weekish)

-       Tick on head (after pericarditis and palpitations)


Symptoms-            Pericarditis-            Tachycardia/palpations-            Joint/ muscle pain-            Fatigue/ tiredness-            Swollen lymph node back of neck (lasted two weekish)-            Tick on head (after pericarditis and palpitations)I am a 20 year old male with no other health problems before this. (19 at time of pericarditis) Doctors say the cause was 'likely viral'. Last two months sore joint and muscle pain/ fatigue. Have been tested for auto immune disease ect but all came back negative I assume as they say viral. Should i get them to test again with these new systoms?

Note pericarditis was in June 2010, another att in august 2010, since then have had no more atts.

Been to hospital for a week, had extensive blood and urine tests. Also two MRI's and three echocardiograms. Numerous ECG's. Doctors include cardiologists and not sure of the other names. 

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15 years old dughter - Albumin are discharging (++++) in urine regularlu since 3 months
My daughter aged about 15 years is suffering from Arthritis since at the age of 2 years and undergoing treatment in Allopathy medicine.   For the last 6 months, in the Urine Examination, Albumin in urine is ++++ and there is no change.    There are no clinical symptoms such as edema in foots, face or any place in the body and no other complications at present.   Please suggest suitable durg in Homeopathy medicine for reducing of albumin level in urine.
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pain, muscles or nerves?
I am 70, woman, for the last 2 years I have pain, similar to cramps but extremely painful, mostly in the lower part of the legs/feet, but sometimes in the arm. It comes anytime but mostly in bed. I wake up screaming and it can last for over 15 minutes, it doesn't go away with massage, I have to stay still until it passes. The leg can hurts for days. A year ago they checked my legs for veins/clot (was normal) a neurologist made some moving tests (normal) My blood test came also all right. The docors seems not to know what I have. I tested myself; alcohol drinking, medicine changes, new food, couldn't figure anything. I swim in a sea water canal every day for half an hours. I am over weight but not obese. Sometimes just stretching trigger the pain. I realise later I am urinating alot, I have to go several times. Could you please help me? PLEASE! Which doctor should I look for? Is there a blood exam or whatever, that could give a hint? I don't want to end up in chair and sometimes it is like I feel.
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artheritis results help with interpretation


I have been suffering with pain in my hands for the last few years and finally gone to the doctors about it. The doctor sent me for some blood tests. The RF came back at 20 and the Ana as postive. Can you please tell me does the result RF 20 confirm that i have Artheritis and what could the ANA mean

thank you for your time

i would be very greatful if you could shed some light


kind regards

Rosa Pereira

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arthritis alternative?
after taking numerous arthritic tablets off my gp i have not found one that i can take without it giving me terrible side affects, is there an alternative herbal tablet i can try. I take tylex caps for pain, thyroid tabs 150mgm and occasional stomach medicine. could you advice me?
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What do you recommend as an altenative treatment for this disease? I do NOT want to take prednisone but can hardly get out of bed and am having trouble driving. I do cleaning for a living and need to be able to work. Thanks for any help
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My result for the Anachoice (TM) Screen w/REFL to TITER, IFA ANACHOICE SCREEN was NEGATIVE.  What exactly is this for and what does this mean? 

Also, my C-REACTICE PROTEIN was 2.17 which is high.  What does this mean?

Thank you.

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natural remedy for polymyalgia rhuematica

My father has recently been diagnosed with PMR.  His doctor is willing to treat him with the normal steroid treatment as he's already taking drugs for angina and over active thyroid.  Can you suggest any alternative natural remedies that would be helpful to him?

Thanks very much


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arthritic hand joints

What kind of therapy is most effective in treating finger joints which are arthritic.

Also having hot flushes and sleeplessness due to menopause. Having acupuncture and acupressure along with KUN BAO WAN and sweat sleeper tablets. Is there anything else I could try

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Painful feet
My feet cause me a lot of problems.  I have hammer toes and although I had physiotherapy for them some time ago, they have become painful again.  Sometimes I feel as though I am walking on broken glass.  Is there anything I can do apart from taking lots of painkillers?
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I have already had one knee replacement, but the other knee is getting very painful and starting to bend outwards.  As I have never been completely free from pain after the first operation I do not really want to have another.  Is there anything I can do to prolong this and help with the pain which at times is quite severe.  I take non sterodial pain killers (Meloxican 15mg),  The only time I get any freedom from the pain is when I take steroids for severe Asthma.

I would be grateful for your comments.

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