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Therapist Questions - Acne

food habbits.
does taking a lemon with warm water & honey invite skin diseases? pl let me know.also let me know the benefits of the same as i m taking it regularly but also facing some skin related diseases like psoriosis.
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Mental issues when it comes to losing weight.
I need to lose approximately 100 pounds; however, every time I lose 5 pounds, I stop and regain it. Then I lose it again, only to stop and regain. I lost down to my "normal" weight many years ago only to regain the weigh because I did not like the attention I got and when I looked in the mirror, I still saw myself as fat. Why do I have this mental block?
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Medication for acide reflux
Does Zantac, Prilosec and other medications for this condition affect bone density? 
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Brain Stroke



This is Vinay from Hyderabad, India. My uncle last Monday suffered with a Brain stroke and was immediately rushed to a hospital, where he underwent a CT Scan and the doctors ruled out bleeding and confirmed clot in the right side of the brain. He was given tPA within the window period (3 to 4.5 hrs). But, after 24 hours, the clot remained the same and the doctors say the condition is critical. I am very much tensed of the situation and wanted to know few things.

Firstly, the patient was brought to hospital within three hours time and was given tPA, and his conscious levels have increased and he is still able to talk with us, though not clearly, he is able to express and talk everything he wants. His memory is also working absolutely perfect (he gave the mobile number of his son to one of his friends lying on the bed). Even after 2 days, he seems to be absolutely fine and the doctors say the condition may worsen. WHY? I am not able to know the reason for chances of condition worsening in this case.

The doctors also say that the situation when worsen remains for couple of weeks and recovery may start beginning of third week. Will that be a serious condition?

Doctor also said that the situation when starts deteriorating, symptoms can be seen. I want to know what sort of symptoms are visible.

Please help me out in knowing things better. Waiting for your reply at the earliest.

Thanks and Regards,


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Hair loss
What is hair loss, what causes it and how can I prevent it?
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Being a Bio-Energy Therapist

FAO: Bio-Energy Therapist 


I'm currently finishing up in my job as IT Project Manager (was made redundant).

I've experienced different alternative therapies over the years for different ailments and have a huge interest in it.

The past few weeks I've been thinking about a career change and taking a course in one of the alternative therapies and Bio-Energy

is the one that seems to be coming up for me. I'm fascinated by the whole thing about "Energy" and everything I read is very interesting.

I was just wondering if you wouldn't mind outlining for me what its like being a Bio-Energy therapist? What type of mind set does one need to have?

Do you ever get fed up listening to people's storys/ailments? Are you ever nervous with clients and if so how do you handle it?

If you have a client thats a bit sceptical about the whole thing, how do you deal with this kind of situation?

What advise would you give to someone starting off? Do you ever get tired of it i.e. is giving a session draining on your own energy and body and if so

how do you deal with this? How many clients would you see per day?

I had some Bio-Energy a long time ago but I cant remember if it helped me or not.

If I was to take this career path, I want to be sure I'm going to be good at it.

These are some of the questions that are in my mind at the moment.

I would really appreciate your answers if you have the time.


Thanks in advance.


Kind Regards,

Miriam Lynch

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is it possible to collect a tear,...
if we cry salty tears, is it possible to evaporate the salt from the tear, and then collect the salt and use to eat??
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I have suffered from Irritable bowel for over 15 yrs, I have had tests for Bowel disorders, cancer, etc but all doctors keep doing is prescribing me with, various tablets, Sennacot, Lactulose, Buscapan, Mebeverine, etc and the list goes on. I have a bowel movement on average every 7 to 10 ten and occasionally up to 14 day or more, I get lethargic, hair loss, very bad skin due to I can only assume is a build up of toxins, extreme headaches and nausea, for several days have to limit my food intake as unable to eat, and when I do go the back log is extreme and very painful to pass. I have asked doctors about colonic irrigation, or any alternative therapies but they all poo poo the idea excse the punn, and just keep giving me more tablets which work for upto 3 months then seem to have less affect por none at all. My stomache often looks like I am several months pregnant and with two children I find I need as much energy as possible and find often am so tired all the time I want to sleep by 8pm or before not leaving any time for myself and my partner. If there is any information you can give me or advice or alternative herbal treatments I would be most grateful. 

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Bioptron Light Therapy?
I am 21 years old and have severe acne. I never had skin problems until college and am exhausted trying to find something that works. Perhaps bioptron light therapy could be my answer. Are there any therapists in philadelphia, USA?
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Is there a bath product that can treat eczema?
I notice today that BBC News is reporting that Bath products 'can treat eczema' - they, or is there any other remedy that can help clear eczema that is covering most of the body?
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