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Therapist Questions - Depression

Heart/chest sensation
I have had this sensation in my chest that can be described as a sinking feeling (like that felt on a roller coaster, the G force felt but in my chest) for about a second, as though my heart 'skips a beat'. It usually happens when i think of something that worries me, or perhaps makes me sad? it feels like my heart or chest sinks a little or heart skips a beat.  Im 17 with no hereditary heart conditions.
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Question on Alternative Treatments for Depression

I've been wondering about alternative treatments for depression.  I find myself suffering from depression again, and would like to treat it naturally.  I had been on Zoloft previously and it did work as recommended with no side affects but I would like to stay off the pharmaceuticals. I am taking Levothyroxine for low thyroid and my thyroid levels have been fine recently.

I have been vegan for over 5 years now and eat a lot of raw food.  I have been using several of the supplements recommended such as Iosol, conconut oil, and ground flax seed daily.  I also take a womens multi-vitamin, iron supplement, Vitamin D and calcium. My vitamin levels were checked a few months ago, and this is why I am now taking the Vitamin D and calcium daily.  Other than that everything was fine.

I am certainly not suicidal and never will be, but I have not been getting any exercise lately due to a long work commute.  Also when it's hard to get out of bed in the morning, you certainly do not feel like exercising.

Any suggestions you can make would be helpful.

Thank You.



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I think i might have rocd?

Hello.I'm 20 and in my first serious relationship of around 6 months.I've noticed some things I think might mean I have rocd(relationship obsessive-compulsive disorder).1)I love my boyfriend and he's great,but I always catch myself thinking about cheating,just out of blue, from time to time. 2)when he's simply talking to me sometimes I feel very distant and irritated, and completely unable to pay attention.I catch myself having doubts about our relationship all the time. 3)When I came to visit him and he met me in the airport,first hour I felt like 'What the hell am i doing here I don't even care about him'.Luckily, it dissapeared with time. 4)We get along very well,but I keep on reminding myself we're going to break up anyway since we're from different countries and he'll have to go at some point, cause his studies finish sooner than mine. .

SOmetiems I get frustrated i fell in love just because I felt grateful that someone paid attention to me and fell in love with me because it never really happened to me before this.I get mad at myself for thinking bad about him and feel guilty cause I have no reason to dump him or cheat on him.

I also noticed that  everytime I fall in love/am in a relationship of some sort I start doing those ritualistic things like relying on fortuneteling, horoscopes, psychology articles and stupid stuff like that just to make myself feel like everything's going to be alright.You can't believe how much time I've wasted on this.Up to several hours a day when I'm bored.It's driving me nuts although by the end of the day I know I don't believe in this.it just makes me feel secure..

I also have those rituals like "if a phone calls the answer is yes" or "If he says something now I'll do it".I was always unable to make decisions.Once I couldn't decide if i wanted to go to a park for at least half an hour.I kept changing my mind every 5 minutes and driving everyone crazy.I'm afraid that I always need someone telling me what to do.


I'm sorry it's so long but my main question is could i have rocd or maybe i' just a little weird? :) thanks a lot.. 

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I take 90% EPA fish oil capsules from a company called Mind1st for depression.  I have always taken fish oil capsules bought from places like Holland and Barratt but hadn't realised how little the EPA and DHA was in terms of percentage.  Mind1st say that taking DHA with EPA can inhibit the effects of EPA and at this dose is not needed as EPA is a precursor for the body to produce enough DHA. I have been taking these capsules for 3 months and have been able to slowly reduce my antidepressants. 

Can someone please tell me who is right about EPA and taking it with or without DHA?  It is all rather confusing.  My father died at 51 of a heart attack although my mother is still going strong at 97 and I have read that you need DHA particularly to avoid heart problems which I am not taking but the EPA seems to be working for depression.  Thank you.


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i have read that paxil can  cause breast cancer this is the very thing that terrifies me and the reason i take paxil (for health anxiety)  should i take something else or is this not true  
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Sex Addiction and Cybersex treatment & theraphy
I am a married man, 36 years of age. With a beautiful wife & 2 lovely kids. I have a big time problem with cybersex and sex addiction, emailing strangers, exchaning dirty, dark sexual fantasizes with strangers. My wife recently caught me & is very hurt & upset. I need help soon! as I love my family very much & do not want to loose them. Please help me with any theraphy, course, advice or whatever.  Please do help me & give me advice & counselling so I can save my marriage & have my family.
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Body Shivers

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have been living with seizures (epilepsy) for the past 25 years and am on medication till date. I take Lamotrigene OD 100mg. once in the morning followed by 2 tablets at bedtime alongwith  500 mg. of leveteracetam.

I have a very short temperament and whilst angry & in an argument; my body and speech shivers accompanied by heavy breathing. I have a normal body pressure at all times. Kindly help me to get rid of these shivers or to help me keep cool always.

Thanking you


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health anxiety
I have severe health anxiety I am on paxil but it constipates to the point where I can have a bowel movement maybe every other day and that can be painful although paxil does help alittle I would like a natural health remedy for this health anxiety which is also effecting my everday life. please help me.  
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under active thyroid and psoriasis and body mass index

Two years ago i gave up smoking (forty a day ) and within a month of that started my menapause. Now at fifty two my psoriasis has got progressivly worse, from small patches on elbows to covering forty per cent of my body and scalp. By far the worst is my weight has escalated,I amnow four stone heavier (which was half my bodyweight)  and this has put a strain on my joints.after asking my doctor for help he put me on antidepressants. I have an underactive thyroid gland and take medication daily for it .Ifeel as though i am dropping to bits and dont know where to go for help. My confidence is nil ,you dont look good when your 5ft 2in twelve stone scabby fatty. Any advice or help please


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please can you help
hi ,im desperate for some help .I have ulcerative colitis, scoliosis ,sciatica ,arthritis , high b.p. ,sky high cholesterol 11 and depression ,Im 52 and a single mum 2 boys age 20 and 16 at college and a daughter 19 who is battling anorexia and depression after 5 months in a unit , she has panic attacks and self harms if i go out without her even to a neighbours fpr a brew .My mum died at 82 less than a month ago so im very lonely .My big problems are im living in clutter  and im eating junk and bingieng in bed at night and early morning .How can i motivate myself to make the changes i need and want to do .Im veggie ,love alternative therapies and am so worn down feeling so trapped in this hole ,i dont want antidepressants of g.p. as i know its through blocking up all my emotions and being constantly exhausted and in pain .Any help would be apreciated ,thank you ,pam
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i keep going though stages of having lots of energy for about two weeks seems to be the pattern and then i have no energy to do anything even getting out of bed is an effort when im feeling like this if i didn't have a job i just wouldn't get up sometimes when i have time off from work and i have lots to do i just can't and i can stay in my room for days and still feel tired its really starting to annoy me.i have tired looking at what i eat but food doesn't seem to have an effect because i can be eating the same food when im bouncing around making my friends tireed just watching me with all my energy so im startong to worry it might be something worst then just food affecting my mood.please help me.
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The Medical Risks of Overweight and Obesity
I'm a 25yr old final yr medical student . I have been trying to lose abdominal fat without sucess. I will appreciate any useful tip to having a flat abdomen
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Depression treatment for 13 yr old boy
Two natural health specialist have recommended natural lithium by american biologics to help with depression/mood swings for my 13 yr old son.  This is a low dose 50mcg lithium.  Would you suggest this also.
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Is there really a cure for tinnitus? Please help
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Is Brain Surgery the right Cure for Depression?

This week the Daily Mail published an article on Deep Brain Stimulation that entails two holes being drilled into your skull and then the brain being stimulated with electrodes.


Is this the solution? Ask yourself, should brain surgery be used on non-life threatening illnesses? Surely it is imperative that all non-invasive options must be considered in the first instance.

What do you think?

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