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Therapist Questions - Headaches



I have been having headaches for the past 6-7 years. Everytime I talk to my doctor it says it is just due to increases of my len power. I wear specs. But i have noticed quite a routine for the headaches. And most time it seems that I have some sort of headache any given time ... light to really bad ones. Half a pint of beer is enough for a headache. sleeping extra hours ..more than 8.. i wake up with one. loud music sometimes does it.What i generally do is pop a pill and take a nap. This always cures it, but I always have a kind of mild headache. sometimes i notice it and not so much other times. It is most of the time on the left side of my head and some times around the back.

Of the symptoms I mentioned some can lead to headaches but is it something bigger which i need to get proper (and expensive) diagnosis.



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From December 09 i started experiencing pain in parts of my head my doctor asked me to do an MRI which was normal. then i experienced seizure in march2010,after that i was diagnosed as epileptic.I am having a treatment for it. I am again experiencing pain in parts of my head,my left eye and ear also pains i am experiencing numbness of my right side of face,fingers of hands legs and joints of both.What could be the reason behind it?
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Need to know What is wrong with my health

Hi thx for reading.  For several months I have had noticably lower energy.  In the past 3 weeks i have been experiencing , several times daily:  dizzy spells, bad headaches, extreme exhaustion, nausea and occasional chest and digestive pains.  Blood tests for thyroid,  B 12 and  iron have come back regular as have chest xrays.  My GP is on vacation till Oct 10/08,  I am missing much work and quality of life w husband and kids. 

I am 45 yrs old, female, 5'4' , 132 lbs, and medium boned.

Daily I take aloe vera whole leaf juice morning and b4 bed.  I also take, a liquid magnesium supplement, 340 mg evening primrose oil, pharmaceutical grade fish oil, ester C, 500 mg calcium, and a cal/mag supplement 1000:500.

Prior to the summer,  I was weight training 2-3 times/week and running approx 5-7 km 3 times /week.  I cut back in the summer and for about 6 weeks have done no physical activity excep the odd push ups and squats w/out weights.

I am getting scared.  I will have periods of time where I will feel fine and then, w/out warning, be taken over by dizziness/ imbalance and nausea. 

Can you discern, from what I've shared, what this may be?  Do you have any advice that you think would be helpful?  My husband is enduring much and I am somewhat embarrassed and feeling guilty. My kids are missing  me.  I am losing money from not working.  Could you possibly advise a course of action?

Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to offer.

God bless you and your work.

Yours truly - Marcie Prebianca

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i keep going though stages of having lots of energy for about two weeks seems to be the pattern and then i have no energy to do anything even getting out of bed is an effort when im feeling like this if i didn't have a job i just wouldn't get up sometimes when i have time off from work and i have lots to do i just can't and i can stay in my room for days and still feel tired its really starting to annoy me.i have tired looking at what i eat but food doesn't seem to have an effect because i can be eating the same food when im bouncing around making my friends tireed just watching me with all my energy so im startong to worry it might be something worst then just food affecting my mood.please help me.
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Is there a long term body cleanse I can do?
I have been suffering for migrains every 2 weeks for almost 2 years. They usually last 3-4 days each time, which means 6-8 (or more) days of the month I have a migraine...not fun.  I've tried everything I've heard of from home remedies to prescription drugs, but the thing I've found that worked best was a combination of a supplement for female reproductive system and glands (Female Comfort with Dong Quai), progesterone cream, and being on a full body cleanse.  I did one cleanse that lasted a month, and during this time had no severe migraines for the first time in 2 years.  Once the cleanse ended, i continued taking the usual supplements but still had migraines. Now I'm on a cleanse again and if I feel a migraine coming on one presciption dose is all it needs to go away for good (instead of 6-9 and it never fully going away). So is there a way I can be on a type of cleanse long term, since usually they only last 2-4 weeks and are not meant to be long term? By the way, my diet is usually healthy with a lot of fruits, vegetables, chicken, tuna, and whole grains, so its not like I eat a ton of junk when I'm not on a cleanse.
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