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Therapist Questions - Nervous System

why am i so twitchy and feel like my body wants to twitch all the time?


My name is Matt and i am 20 years old. I have not had any problems with this until i was in my early teens and it progressively has gotten worse. it first started off as every little noise would make me jump as a cough, sound, bang, etc would make me jump a mile. When i was in a school classroom i would sweat and try to tense my body to make it stop, my body would feel as if it wanted to have a seizure( i have never had one). My body also would twitch when i was giving presentations and trying to talk in front of people. This was really embarassing and was hard for me in school. Now it seems to have gotten worse, i can hardly use my right arm and when i dont use it i hold it to my side, my mom says it looks like i had a stroke when i hold it there but i can't help it.It does it a lot when i am in public because of the noise.Also, now it seems i can't even talk to people. when i try to talk to people i either stutter a lot or i lock up and can't say anything. It is hard to talk to people on the phone or even go anywhere. My girlfriend or mom has to order my food when we go out to eat. I forgot to mention that it effects my writing, i used to be able to write but now i try to right and my hand bounces all over and i have to clench and tense my arm to be able to write. If you have any information for me anything would help. i just want to know what i am dealing with and if it is treatable or not. Thank you.

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From December 09 i started experiencing pain in parts of my head my doctor asked me to do an MRI which was normal. then i experienced seizure in march2010,after that i was diagnosed as epileptic.I am having a treatment for it. I am again experiencing pain in parts of my head,my left eye and ear also pains i am experiencing numbness of my right side of face,fingers of hands legs and joints of both.What could be the reason behind it?
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Sensitive nervous

Hello - at present i am having accupunture, as i have c4 and c5 disc disgenerative, am taking loads of vits omega 3, complex b, calcium and vit c, and have just started on the arnica, my main question is that i have still no strenght and cannot lift anything heavy than a telephone book and or carry it for any lenght of time, is there anything else out there still left to try. its leaving me not having a fulfilling life.

  regards christine


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MRI found asymmetric swelling of the right brachial plexus at the level of scalene muscle region.  They have increased signal intensity.  The fibre of right brachial plexuses are not well-defined.   Please clarify and advise if the tingling/numbness on my right arm is caused by brachial plexuses or scalene muscles?  If mild fascia release treatment can be used and where to find a therapist who can do this  in Hong Kong?  
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Burning sensation on patches of skin.
I had a very painful burning numb sensation on the bootom right side of my stomach which lasted a day.  a few days later the pain returned much stronger in the top inner left leg.  Ive been the doctors she said there are no bumps or discolouring I'm fine,  I never go the doctors as I am genrally really healthy but this really hurts and I cant describe the pain.  It feels as though my skin is burned and my clothes rubbing hurts.  I keep getting shooting pains in that area too which isnt nice.  Im a healthy 27 year old female can anyone help, the doctor didnt even give me a reason as to what it might be, just made me feel as though i was making it up, which I am not.
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anxiety, heart, arthritis, tinitus, bowel illimination,
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After age of 45 , how to maintain Man's sexual health ?
even though desire exists maitaining erection at appropriate moment for appropriate time and also to avoid premature ejaculation what are the treatment alternatives existing.?
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