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Therapist Questions - Children's Health

Problems of a 2 yr old child


One of my twin daughters ( 1yr 9 mths old ) is having severe digestion system related problems. She was operated upon when she was 11 days old. The problems that she was facing at that time are as follows:

1. She had an obstruction in the stomach that was not letting food pass beyond a perticular point.

2. Her instentines were all interlocked .

3. Her appendix was floating.

Above stated problems are written the way they were explained by the doctors. If you wish, I can mail you the detailed 'operation note' written by the doctor.

Now she is otherwise fine but her digestion is very weak. Her stomach is very large. Almost everyday she faces problem of repetitive bad odored belching. She can't digest even light food easily. Her large stomach is also a problem. Please if you can suggest a remedy, it would be a great help to us.

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groing daughter`s problame

my 12 year`s old daughter has suffering such a problame that her sosial life destroyed. actully, her brest incresing day by day .and now she wear 36 size bra.  she feel very very shy for this and avoide social life. always try to stay close door room. her hight is 4`11 . please please help her to back to normal life. is ther any treatment for incrising brest??if there please help us. we will be thankfull to u.

ur`s faithfully

moumita das


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do i have a brain tumor? if not what is it?
hi. i think i have a brain tumor. I am only 13 years old and i cant go and see a doctor on my own and my mum and dad wont take me. they say im being stupid and that i shouldnt worry but im convinced. firstly my head feels light but heavy at the same time and it feels empty. when people talk to me i find myself looking blankly at the floor and accidently ignoring them.Also i feel fatigued all the time i cant play with my friends anymore. And everyones noticed my mood swings one minute i can be happy the next completely depressed. I've read the symptoms and i have most apart from the seizures but i cant tell my parents because they said i shouldnt look at stuff like that. they say that i'll only worry myself if i do. At night i feel like im going insane. please what is wrong with me? do i have a brain tumor?
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Chronic fatigue in child

C is a 12-year-old girl who was diagnosed with ITP at the age of two.

Her platelet level dropped to a count of three during this time and although steroids and transfusion were muted, no treatment was given and her platelet level recovered to normal within a year. Other than some severe earaches and catarrh related issues, ear, nose and throat complaints between the ages of one and five, she was a fit and healthy child requiring no treatments or medical attention.


During the beginning of 2005 C developed an extended high temperature 10 + days with aching pain in her bones and a headache.

Following this attack Clara appeared to make a recovery and displayed no symptoms until eighteen months later.

Since then C has suffered with the following symptoms which reoccur approximately every month and very in severity and duration from light symptoms lasting a couple of days to extended high temperatures and multiple symptoms lasting up to three weeks.

This is a list of the symptoms that C displays during her ‘attacks’’

Swollen throat glands and severe sore throat, Fatigue (Some times chronic), fevers, muscle pain, aching joints, headaches, night sweats, stomach aches, sensitized skin, eyes sensitive to light, cold hands and feet.

Additional information

6 months ago a blood related cousin developed chicken pox which turned into very severe hemorrhagic Chicken pox and she was very fortunate to survive. The illness took 2 months and with heavy medical intervention she is now completely healthy. 

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Child with swollen, painful right leg

My child has a very swollen leg.  I have noticed that he has been not himself for about a week now, but I assumed that was because he's cutting his first teeth (he's 7 months-old).  I noticed the swollen leg yesterday, but even before then, he's been throwing up milk and his body is hot.  I have been giving him calcium-magnesium dissolved in water which has calmed down the teething and vit C for the temperature, which has also been working.  But now that the leg is swollen, the temperature won't settle back and he's in so much pain. He can't bend his leg at all and hates being touched right now.  I have been giving him Dr Schulze's superfood after which, he seems happier, but the swelling hasn't changed.  I am still giving him vit c with cal-mag and now he's urinating much more (his nappy had been almost dry until yesterday). From what I have looked up, it sounds like water retention, but as I'm not a trained practitioner, I'm not sure. I don't want to take him to a doctor and his naturopath is out of the country for about a month.  I will write to her too.  Many, many thanks.  Regards, Shilpa Shaw

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