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Therapist Questions - Acupuncture

obstruction in ureater (puj)

i m suffering from puj obstruction...due to which my left kidney is getting big(hyderonephrosis)....doctors told me for surgery.they will cut ureter pipe...what to do?

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acupuncture points for treatment of mediteranean fever
dear doctor please i need a chart of points of acupuncture for the treatment of mediteranean fever.thank yuo very much 
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Damage to Right side from Brain tumour extraction
After Brian tumour extraction and chemotheraphy right side very heavy hand is weak and right leg is very heavy.  patient wears prosthesis but sometimes the footcannot move with easeif the patient looses momentum. The feelsing are there but the brain is not sending the signals to walk properly.  How can this patient walk well.  has tried 6 sessions of accupunture, 6 sessions of chiropractor and 100 sessions of physiotheraphy since patient has stopped physio walking as worsen.  Can you suggest what is best for patient.  One accuopuntureist advertised on lacal paper that they can help people with paralysis.  Can you recommend a good one for this case.  patient is very determined patient is 70 years and does not give up easily.
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health anxiety
I have severe health anxiety I am on paxil but it constipates to the point where I can have a bowel movement maybe every other day and that can be painful although paxil does help alittle I would like a natural health remedy for this health anxiety which is also effecting my everday life. please help me.  
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Sensitive nervous

Hello - at present i am having accupunture, as i have c4 and c5 disc disgenerative, am taking loads of vits omega 3, complex b, calcium and vit c, and have just started on the arnica, my main question is that i have still no strenght and cannot lift anything heavy than a telephone book and or carry it for any lenght of time, is there anything else out there still left to try. its leaving me not having a fulfilling life.

  regards christine


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anxiety, heart, arthritis, tinitus, bowel illimination,
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Acupuncture for treatment of CP
Can you cast more light on whether the above treatment is viable, also is there any real mileage in what appears to be call Herbal Brain Powder
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Are acupuncture needles suppose to cause you pain when inserted into different parts of the body?
As I stated in the Question Description, I had needles inserted in my feet, ankle, and hands.  One of the needles in my left hand hurt as it went in and also when it was inserted as well.  This also applied to my left knee area as well.   The pain in the left knee was very painful.  As I concentrated on these areas after the needles were inserted, the pain did go away about 80% but I still had disconfort.  And one last thing, when these needles were inserted in the hand and knee that gave me pain, the pain was unbearable when the person, who was inserting the needles, gave that last tap and/or twist on the needle before taking their hand away.  
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sciatica - on left side and down leg till knee

Since I was pregnant with my son Jack ie with the weight of the pregnancy I developed sciatica. Now, whenever my life gets too busy I get very bad sciatica - I am a mum with kids 10 and 12 and we have moved to Italy 2 years ago where I was responsibile for settling everyone in as my husband did not speak v good italian and still doesn't. I have also had  a swollen stomach for about a year now (even though I am v slim). I had an endoscopy and a colonoscopy and they found a hiatus hernia. I feel very tired at the  moment- usually I am bursting with energy from dawn tilll dusk. 


Any ideas of how I can get rid of my sciatica and swollen tummy?


Many tahnks 

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