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Therapist Questions - January 2009

sore shin whilst running
Hi, I have recently began running training from a 5km charity run. I run on a treadmill for 15-20 minutes three times a week. When i run my left shin begins to ache and putting pressure on the leg can be quite painful. this goes after a few hours but it doesnt quite feel the same untill a days full rest. I have read about shin splints and wonder if that is what is affecting me or if it is something else? also is there any stretches/exercises that can help me?
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Safety precautions for Daoyin Tao?

Are there any Safety preacautions that need to be taken before attending a Daoyin Tao therapy session?

Are there any people who shouldn't receive Daoyin Tao?

Does suffering from a certain illness or disease make it impossible to receive Daoyin Tao treatment?

I would really appreciate it if my questions could be answered quickly as I need to include the safety aspects of Daoyin Tao in my Holistic Therapy coursework and I have not been able to find any.

Thank you,


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My fingers constantly break out with paper cut type openings and the skin is all hard and dry around them.

It starts with an itching sensation then the skin starts to split.  As soon as one starts to heal another one starts to form.


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self healing
Please tell me about the advantages of self healing, what it is and how it works.
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salt problem
taste of salt continously with or without eating is this a sign of bad health?
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Mouth Cancer
I had an operation 6 months ago to remove 5.5 cm of my lower jaw bone due to cancer.  Since then I have undergone another 6 operations and 6 weeks of daily radiotherapy.  My final operation was to remove the initial bone graft and metal frame and replace it with muscle from my breast.  I have had infection after infection and my healing process is extremely slow.  I am now undergoing Hyperbaric Therapy.  But is there anything I can drink or do to help boost my recovery.
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my husband has diabetes and his sugar levels up and come down very slow is there anything that can
my husband has diabetes and his sugar levels up and come down very slow is there anything that can be done he is on medications now and we are trying to avoid the needle.
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Sensitive nervous

Hello - at present i am having accupunture, as i have c4 and c5 disc disgenerative, am taking loads of vits omega 3, complex b, calcium and vit c, and have just started on the arnica, my main question is that i have still no strenght and cannot lift anything heavy than a telephone book and or carry it for any lenght of time, is there anything else out there still left to try. its leaving me not having a fulfilling life.

  regards christine


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Sarcoma 4B stage soft tissue cancer
My mother's cancer has spread from kidney to Lungs and she is in deep pain. I will appreciate if you can suggest some treatment and strong pain releiving medicines. She is not able to eat well and all the time complaining about pain. Her one kidney is fully not visible and lung is also 80% affected with cancer. Doctors have identified her cancer as Sarcoma soft tissue. At present she is taking Ultrasit medicine for pain. If you want to see x-ray and CT scan result then please let me know. Miracles do happen and I will like somebody to suggest or show this to my mother. Please suggest some stromg medicine for pain and the medicines which can cure her.
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Good morning, I have just returned from a break with familiy in Holland. The morning I was leaving (yesterday) I woke up with a red watery eye (I presume conjunctivitus) having cleaned it with warm water etc and had a tea bag on it, I woke up this morning with the other eye just as bad. What can I do to help this? I do have a bad cold as well and am supposed to go back to work tomorrow..... Any suggestions please?
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