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Therapist Questions - March 2009

blood thinning
I would like to know if there is an alternative medicine for thinning the blood,my mother as been given a tablet for thinning the blood by her doctor but they keep giving her the diarrhoea, she as tried two or three different tablets all with the same result, can you recommend an alternative please. thank you.  
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about my blood test what the test result means
I had a blood test ran because I had a back problem so we were trying to rule out other problems. My test came back and I don't know what some things mean. I had three things out of range. creatinine was 1.63 and my eGfr was low 44 on the non-afr. american and low on the egfr afr. american 54 are these numbers ok even though they are not in range. My doctor sent me a letter back and said things looked ok. He did mention the creatinine level which I use to take creatine when lifting weights. but no longer taking it. Should I be concerned? My doctor gave me something for my back and the discomfort is gone.
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Natural Face Lift Massage complications

I want to book a natural face lift massage for a friend of mine who is getting married.  Is it advisable that she has the treatment the evening before her wedding, or is she likely to suffer from any redness or skin irritation following the massage that may interfere with her looking her best?

Kind regards,


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what type of omega is raw virgin coconut oil.. i am seeing conflicitng opinions on the internet.

My diet consists of mostly coconut oil, flax seed and raw cod liver oil ( green pastures) i would like a recommendation of ratio's! thanks!


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vitamins & minerals
I am developing an energy drink, it  has high sugar, a vitamin premix - which contains all the natural goodies, I would also like to add Manganese Chelazome to fast metabolise sugar thereby giving more energy I would also like to add Chromium AAC, please can you advise if this is possible and at what levels it can be used.
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Gestational diabetes

During 13week of pregnancy glucose test after 50gm glucose intake (and sample taken after one hour) is carried out which revealed 178mg/dL(abnormal).But test carried out after 75gm glucose intake (and sample taken after two hours) revealed 121mg/dL(which is less than 140mg/dL and therefore normal).Does it mean the patient is diabetic?the fasting glucose is 104mg/dL 

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What is Alternative and Complementary Medicine
I am doing an A level course for health and social care, and i was wondering if it was possible for you to describe in detail what the difference is between alternative and complementary medicine and what they are.
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Styes on the upper eye lid

Please could you tell me of anything that would help my 5 year old son who seems to get them on a regular basis maybe two or three a year, some come to nothing but the last one he has has for four weeks.  We have put the cream on given to us from the doctors from day one and is now drying up but at times it has wept pussy fluid and been very red and angry. HELP, Josh.

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if you are in stress how would you deal with it or how could you focus
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Regarding illness of my father ,fever 97 to 102 every day,last 6 months

My father is 70 year old.he is suffering from fever last 6 months,as per doctor ,we try to all the test.which is recommended by the specialist. The test which we have already done is as follows. In CT Scan it was found that he is having infection in left lungs. But no body is able to give the right treatment. We fever we are giving him combiflame to get the temp down.  

1- Surgery Fiberoptic Bronchoscopy ( TBNA+BIOPSY+BAL ) 








Please help us or suggest what else test and solution is there for cure.



Jagmohan Kakkar

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