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Therapist Questions - June 2008

sciatica - on left side and down leg till knee

Since I was pregnant with my son Jack ie with the weight of the pregnancy I developed sciatica. Now, whenever my life gets too busy I get very bad sciatica - I am a mum with kids 10 and 12 and we have moved to Italy 2 years ago where I was responsibile for settling everyone in as my husband did not speak v good italian and still doesn't. I have also had  a swollen stomach for about a year now (even though I am v slim). I had an endoscopy and a colonoscopy and they found a hiatus hernia. I feel very tired at the  moment- usually I am bursting with energy from dawn tilll dusk. 


Any ideas of how I can get rid of my sciatica and swollen tummy?


Many tahnks 

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Is there a long term body cleanse I can do?
I have been suffering for migrains every 2 weeks for almost 2 years. They usually last 3-4 days each time, which means 6-8 (or more) days of the month I have a migraine...not fun.  I've tried everything I've heard of from home remedies to prescription drugs, but the thing I've found that worked best was a combination of a supplement for female reproductive system and glands (Female Comfort with Dong Quai), progesterone cream, and being on a full body cleanse.  I did one cleanse that lasted a month, and during this time had no severe migraines for the first time in 2 years.  Once the cleanse ended, i continued taking the usual supplements but still had migraines. Now I'm on a cleanse again and if I feel a migraine coming on one presciption dose is all it needs to go away for good (instead of 6-9 and it never fully going away). So is there a way I can be on a type of cleanse long term, since usually they only last 2-4 weeks and are not meant to be long term? By the way, my diet is usually healthy with a lot of fruits, vegetables, chicken, tuna, and whole grains, so its not like I eat a ton of junk when I'm not on a cleanse.
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Child with swollen, painful right leg

My child has a very swollen leg.  I have noticed that he has been not himself for about a week now, but I assumed that was because he's cutting his first teeth (he's 7 months-old).  I noticed the swollen leg yesterday, but even before then, he's been throwing up milk and his body is hot.  I have been giving him calcium-magnesium dissolved in water which has calmed down the teething and vit C for the temperature, which has also been working.  But now that the leg is swollen, the temperature won't settle back and he's in so much pain. He can't bend his leg at all and hates being touched right now.  I have been giving him Dr Schulze's superfood after which, he seems happier, but the swelling hasn't changed.  I am still giving him vit c with cal-mag and now he's urinating much more (his nappy had been almost dry until yesterday). From what I have looked up, it sounds like water retention, but as I'm not a trained practitioner, I'm not sure. I don't want to take him to a doctor and his naturopath is out of the country for about a month.  I will write to her too.  Many, many thanks.  Regards, Shilpa Shaw

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sciatica symptoms
10 months ago i underwent an operation for a herniated disc (L5/S1) since the operation i have suffered from mild sciatica pains which where controllerable with mild pain killers however this week i have had severe diabilatating pain from my buttock to calf however the pain completly goes when i a hot bath or lying down on my back. My question is, could this be muscle or even stress related
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hair loss
hair loss (female) my hair is thinning at the front of my scalp. I am 47 years old.
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What could i give a tortoise for pnemonia
My tortoise is not eating, he is stretching out his neck and making noises and his eyes are pussy. He is failing and I dont have the money to save him.
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