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Therapist Questions - June 2011

breath goes high on little walk

My moms age is around 63 her breath goes high on little walk.Her weight is around 90 kg.

She cant walk more because of that.Please advice why it happens.

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Ectopic Pregnancy?

Lately Ive been getting random, intense cramps on the right side of my pelvis that usually last no longer that 10 seconds.

I've been feeling slight nausea. Today my lower back was in pain. Ive been getting headaches and my breasts are tender. My appitite hasnt  been up to par and I also have been getting a slight burning sensation in the top of my stomach right in the middle underneath my rib cage. And I have also been burping alot. Please help.

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Continual Distention


I’m a 40 year old male, 6’1”, and 200 lbs. 

I have had continuous abdominal distention for two years now.  I don't have constipation, diarrhea, or excessive flatulence.  The distention never goes away or reduces.  It's pretty consistent.  And my abdomen has a dull ache most of the time, which I assume is because of it being stretched.  All my doctors (two different gastroenterologists and one endocrinologist) have confirmed that my abdomen is very distended. 

I used to wear a size 34 waist, but now I have about a 38 inch waist.  I'm not fat, but have gained a little bit of weight since I haven't worked out in a year.  (I used to be 185lbs two years ago, and worked out a lot, which gave me an athletic, muscular build.)  However, I don't eat a lot because I feel constantly full, and when I do eat, I usually have some indigestion and regurgitate some food and/or gastric acid (it's sour and burns).  When I take Pepcid, it helps the burning, but that’s it.


I also have Crohn’s Disease (for 23 years) which has been in remission (no pain or diarrhea) since I have had five Remicaid treatments in 2010.  I’m also lactose intolerant, but I take lactase which helps me not to have no foul smelling gas.

My doctors have conducted numerous tests such as CT scan, hydrogen and fructose tests, celiac tests (biopsy and three types of blood tests), a lower bowel series, and a colonoscopy.  My doctors (two different doctors) found no fluid, tumors, or swollen organs from the tests.  I have also completed a week and a half of no gluten and dairy diet; all to no relief.  Moreover, I had the pill camera test, and my doctor said if he didn’t know I had Crohn’s, he would have thought I was “healthy as a horse” because he saw no redness or blockages.  I also took three stool tests for parasites, and all came back negative. I was checked for pancreatitis (which was negative) and took Creon 12000UNT anyway to help aid digestion, but it didn’t provide any relief.  I have also taken various probiotics to no avail.

Currently, I’m taking 50mg of Amitriptyline for two weeks, and it was recently increased to 75mg a day ago.  So far, there have been no changes in the distention whatsoever.

Can anyone help me? 

Thank you so much for your time,


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I need to loose weigh but cant seem to follow through.
I am a guy over 300lbs, my wife weighs like 140. She hates Healthy food, she hates the way it tastes, she cannot eat food with out salt, she buys alot of sweets and cakes and chips and snacks, well you get the point.
 I have absolutely no self control my taste buds rule my appetite and on top of all that I have zero motivation to excercise, I do a very physically demanding job and when I get home I dont wanna leave the house to add more physical strain to my body.  Everytime I start excercizing I stop after a few days or end up ruining the calories I burnt with dinner. My wife is an excellent cook, but when she doesnt cook its usually fast food or pizza, wings, stromboli's, cheesesteaks; as I said she hates healthy food. I dont mind healthy food, but given a choice I always choose the unhealthy stuff, I feel like I need to be restricted in order to follow a diet, but then again when I loose the weight am I gonna go crazy and strat eating what I shouldnt due to restraint? I know that I am responsible for what I eat 100%, I'm not being force fed but I dont know what to do. I want to be lean and fit, but I feel like I will never ever do it in my current state. To sum it up, Im 25 years old and I feel and act like 52.  Pain, shotness of breath, pounding heart rate etc.... I need help, I do not want my only option to be surgery because I cannot afford it. My mom and her sister both died from diabetis I just had a beautiful baby girl 10mnths old and I dont wanna die when she is 10years old like my mom did.
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