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Therapist Questions - August 2008

Womens health
Im wondering if you can give me some advice. I am experiencing cramps and pain in my lower abdominal ,bleeding and also feel slightly nauseous at times. Ive been feeling like this for 1 1/2 - 2 weeks now though cramps seem to be getting worse and the bleeding only started 2 days ago. I have searched the net and it came up with chlamydia and a misscarriage being the cause for this. Can you give me some advice? Many Thanks Danni
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After age of 45 , how to maintain Man's sexual health ?
even though desire exists maitaining erection at appropriate moment for appropriate time and also to avoid premature ejaculation what are the treatment alternatives existing.?
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i keep going though stages of having lots of energy for about two weeks seems to be the pattern and then i have no energy to do anything even getting out of bed is an effort when im feeling like this if i didn't have a job i just wouldn't get up sometimes when i have time off from work and i have lots to do i just can't and i can stay in my room for days and still feel tired its really starting to annoy me.i have tired looking at what i eat but food doesn't seem to have an effect because i can be eating the same food when im bouncing around making my friends tireed just watching me with all my energy so im startong to worry it might be something worst then just food affecting my mood.please help me.
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I have suffered from Irritable bowel for over 15 yrs, I have had tests for Bowel disorders, cancer, etc but all doctors keep doing is prescribing me with, various tablets, Sennacot, Lactulose, Buscapan, Mebeverine, etc and the list goes on. I have a bowel movement on average every 7 to 10 ten and occasionally up to 14 day or more, I get lethargic, hair loss, very bad skin due to I can only assume is a build up of toxins, extreme headaches and nausea, for several days have to limit my food intake as unable to eat, and when I do go the back log is extreme and very painful to pass. I have asked doctors about colonic irrigation, or any alternative therapies but they all poo poo the idea excse the punn, and just keep giving me more tablets which work for upto 3 months then seem to have less affect por none at all. My stomache often looks like I am several months pregnant and with two children I find I need as much energy as possible and find often am so tired all the time I want to sleep by 8pm or before not leaving any time for myself and my partner. If there is any information you can give me or advice or alternative herbal treatments I would be most grateful. 

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I wonder whether you have any suggestions for an alternative remedy for this complaint. I have just been diagnosed with this by my naturopathic/homeopathic doctor who prescribed 'vitalenzym n' and 'mucokehl' creme and capsules. I go to see him again this afternoon and am hoping against hope that he doesn't want me to check myself into a hospital here! This I am not keen to do!! Unfortunately, he doesn't speak english and I still don't speak portuguese well so it may be a case of going to the Algarve where I may find more english-speaking healthcare providers. Any suggestions? (Oddly enough, I only completed a full colon-cleanse treatment less than 2 weeks ago - I should be as fit as a fiddle!!)
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