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Therapist Questions - September 2010

metallic taste
what is the cause of a metallic taste on the tongue?
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pain, muscles or nerves?
I am 70, woman, for the last 2 years I have pain, similar to cramps but extremely painful, mostly in the lower part of the legs/feet, but sometimes in the arm. It comes anytime but mostly in bed. I wake up screaming and it can last for over 15 minutes, it doesn't go away with massage, I have to stay still until it passes. The leg can hurts for days. A year ago they checked my legs for veins/clot (was normal) a neurologist made some moving tests (normal) My blood test came also all right. The docors seems not to know what I have. I tested myself; alcohol drinking, medicine changes, new food, couldn't figure anything. I swim in a sea water canal every day for half an hours. I am over weight but not obese. Sometimes just stretching trigger the pain. I realise later I am urinating alot, I have to go several times. Could you please help me? PLEASE! Which doctor should I look for? Is there a blood exam or whatever, that could give a hint? I don't want to end up in chair and sometimes it is like I feel.
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running nose since early age
hello, i m susmita . my age is now 23 i am suffering from running nose since my early age. i don't have other problem expect of thick liquid in my nose. it is diffcult to breath from the nose. the nose is active all the time. i don't want to use medicine but any home made or excersise for my running nose.
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Maltese skin allergies
I have a tiny Maltese, that is about 5 years old that has skin problems. We've had him for about four years and he's always had issues. We only feed him hypoallergenic food and his baths are only at the vet with medicinal shampoo. Per the Vet's advice, we no longer give him puppy snacks (he's angry and lets us know by soiling my floor). I feel bad for the little dude because it drives him crazy to the point he has scratched his eyes a few times. Anyone help from folks with experience with Maltese would be greatly appreciated.
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Women's Health Problem..Pls HELP!
Well my breasts are extremely sore to the point I can't touch em and wear a bra.. that pain has never been so bad when I'd get my period. In my lower abdominal area by the uterus hurts here and there but that isn't nearly as bad as my breasts. On my left/right lower abdominal sides I get very sharp pains.. almost as bad as my breasts. I urinate more than I normally do. I'm much more tired and drained. I've also been sick for the past week.
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is my brain slowing me down?
I have a question.  I don't know where to start exactly or how to explain my problem simply so I'll just say what it is I feel and leave you with that.  I've been experiencing this now for at least a couple of years.  I can't remember when and where it started, I just know that it's getting worse and I'm not sure what it is.  The gyst of it is this, I feel like I'm almost intellectually capable of doing something that my physical brain won't allow me to follow through with.  Essentially I feel as though I'm ready to (and this is for lack of a better way of describing) start having multiple, simultaneous conversations with instant exchange of ideas and feelings.  I mean instant, like I think something and you automatically read that thought and respond appropriately in an instant.  The whole interaction would take place in just a splinter of the time it takes you to read even one sentence.  Because of this I'm finding it harder to pay attention to people when they speak.  It's as though it's not fast enough and I get distracted by my own thoughts, by jumping to the next thing which can be related to what's being discussed or be completely uninvolved in any way, shape or form.  It's as though I'm living in a world of constant frustration from being incapable of expressing myself in a manner that I feel would be fitting of how I'd like to be able to communicate with others (if that makes sense.)  I'm not having imaginary conversations with myself or talking to people that aren't there, it's just I feel I'm so close to being able to do something like this and this is something that I know should be a physical impossibility.  I think about this a lot, about my desire as well as my inability to communicate like this.  Am I imagining things?  Am I schizophrenic?  It's just bizarre.  The ideas and feelings seem so real, so genuine and it's as though I'm almost there but at the same time not even close.  I don't know.  I guess this is basically it and just need some advice...
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Chakra Balancing/Opening
I've spent this year struggling internally.  I've felt lost, ungrounded and swimming in a sea of uncertainty.  At first, I thought it was because I had been forced to leave Ireland to return to London because of the recession, and then I thought it was because the thought of finding another pointless secretarial office job too much to bear.  But now that I've made my way through most of a book on Chakras by Naomi Osiewicz, my intuition is telling me that it's to do with a blockage, a switch that needs to be turned on, an amazing discovery that needs to be made and some healing that needs to take place.  It really is balancing and opening.  I feel like if a switch is just turned on, I'll flood with something truly wondrous and this is what I'm looking for.  I know there are no quick fixes but that's not what I'm looking for.  You might please revert with a genuine therapist (I live in Beckenham, Kent) who can help me.  Thank you and kindest regards.  Shan
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Natural alternative to reductil
Hi my name is Allyson I have been using reductil for the past 3 months and have have great sucess with it. I have read you can only use it for a maximum of 1 year can you tell me why this is? Also I wondered if there is a natural alternative to this "appetite suppressant".
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I think i might have rocd?

Hello.I'm 20 and in my first serious relationship of around 6 months.I've noticed some things I think might mean I have rocd(relationship obsessive-compulsive disorder).1)I love my boyfriend and he's great,but I always catch myself thinking about cheating,just out of blue, from time to time. 2)when he's simply talking to me sometimes I feel very distant and irritated, and completely unable to pay attention.I catch myself having doubts about our relationship all the time. 3)When I came to visit him and he met me in the airport,first hour I felt like 'What the hell am i doing here I don't even care about him'.Luckily, it dissapeared with time. 4)We get along very well,but I keep on reminding myself we're going to break up anyway since we're from different countries and he'll have to go at some point, cause his studies finish sooner than mine. .

SOmetiems I get frustrated i fell in love just because I felt grateful that someone paid attention to me and fell in love with me because it never really happened to me before this.I get mad at myself for thinking bad about him and feel guilty cause I have no reason to dump him or cheat on him.

I also noticed that  everytime I fall in love/am in a relationship of some sort I start doing those ritualistic things like relying on fortuneteling, horoscopes, psychology articles and stupid stuff like that just to make myself feel like everything's going to be alright.You can't believe how much time I've wasted on this.Up to several hours a day when I'm bored.It's driving me nuts although by the end of the day I know I don't believe in this.it just makes me feel secure..

I also have those rituals like "if a phone calls the answer is yes" or "If he says something now I'll do it".I was always unable to make decisions.Once I couldn't decide if i wanted to go to a park for at least half an hour.I kept changing my mind every 5 minutes and driving everyone crazy.I'm afraid that I always need someone telling me what to do.


I'm sorry it's so long but my main question is could i have rocd or maybe i' just a little weird? :) thanks a lot.. 

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Will my teeth straighten out?
My teeth are straight but the front bottom and front teeth have gaps in between them...My molars haven't grown in yet....When my will molars grow in, will my it push my teeth together?
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What is up with my Scar?

Three years ago, when I had my son, a nurse gave me a DTAP shot. Everything went fine, until a year later when I noticed a boil like spot on my skin where the shot was given.

The area was filled with puss and after it was removed and healed there was a small circular scar where the needle was at. Then 2 years later, it happened all over again. I don't know if it was a scar getting infected or if it was a reaction to the shot. Any ideas would be helpful, just in case I ever need another DTAP shot.

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Weird stuff goin on with my throat
I lost my voice and got it back. This happens off and on now. I have this sharp pain under my glands. And where the pain is, my skin is discolored. Like its whiter than the rest of me. whats wrong with me? what should I do? please help!
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